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The Roswell Incident Then and Now

Dennis Balthaser

MJ 12 & Other Excuses

The Roswell Incident was pretty much laid to rest with the issuance of General Ramey's statement that the military people assigned to Roswell Army Airfield had simply misidentified what the rancher found. Again because people back then respected the government, they pretty well accepted this excuse and not much was said or done about the Roswell Incident until 1978 (30 years later). There were other reports of sightings around the world during those years, but Roswell was pretty dormant until a nuclear physicist named Stanton Friedman, interested in propulsion and ufology, was told about a retired Major Jesse Marcel, living in Louisiana. Friedman interviewed Marcel and the investigation of the Roswell Incident began again. Other researchers got involved like Berlitz, Moore, and several others. Jesse Marcel definitely was involved and over the ensuing years, hundreds of other witnesses have been interviewed. 50 years later new names are still being found and interviewed when possible, so the Roswell Incident will just not go away. There is overwhelming information already documented that something very strange happened near Roswell in 1947.

When Friedman began doing his research into libraries and archives, he eventually came upon some documents which are referred to as "Majestic 12", or "MJ 12", that showed without a doubt, that a written policy was in force to cover up anything related to UFOs. Several military projects, such as "Project Sign", "Project Grudge", and I suppose the most popular to the public, "Project Blue Book", were done to explain the phenomena of all the sighting reports being received. "Project Blue Book" however, most of us believe was nothing more than a way to pacify the public and assure them there was no threat to our country from UFOs. Several hundred of the thousands of reports investigated under "Project Blue Book" however, remain to this day as unexplainable.

It was originally believed that Majestic 12 was set up by President Truman as a means of controlling all the information coming in about flying discs, aliens, etc., in a special classified presidential order, on September 24, 1947.

The list of members belonging to the original group of Majestic 12 is a pretty impressive list. Some of us believe it still exists today, perhaps under a different title, and surely with different participants, since the last original member of Majestic 12 died in 1984.

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It’s interesting to note that three of the original members of Majestic 12, were also eventually the first three directors of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), which along with the Defense Department, NSA (National Security Administration), all came into existence about the same time in 1947.

Of all the original members of Majestic 12, I find the information about James Forrstal to be some of the most interesting, particularly his death. He had been the Secretary of the Navy, and in September, 1947, President Truman named him the first Secretary of Defense. He resigned in March 1949, was soon hospitalized, having been mentally unbalanced for months, prior to committing suicide. There are many questions about his death, still unanswered today.

I won't go into details of the Majestic 12 documents in this presentation as it is rather lengthy, but I will share some of the topics mentioned in the document.

  • The security classification is 2 points above that of Top Secret.

  • The current situation is that several dead entities have been recovered along with a substantial amount of wreckage and devices from downed craft, all of which are now under study at various locations.

  • A description of the various shaped crafts.

  • EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) is given.

  • A Description of the Extraterrestrial Technology is listed.

  • Details about security, including Press Blackout, Security of the Area, and Removal and Transport are mentioned.

  • There is a section on living organisms and non-living organisms

And the list of guide lines and instructions goes on and on.

Additional Majestic 12 documents have surfaced during the past year and those are currently being analyzed to determine if they are factual or a hoax. The original Majestic 12 documents were received at the home of Jaime Shandera, a Los Angeles TV producer and writer in December, 1984, on a roll of unprocessed 35 mm film, which when printed produced what appeared to be photographs of alleged secret government documents describing the recovery of a crashed extraterrestrial craft in the New Mexico desert in 1947. Today the original documents are also being questioned as a possible hoax, since code names are normally only used one time, and the word "Magic" referred to the cover name used to decipher the Japanese diplomatic code machine in 1940.

Now if you have any trouble believing that things such as UFOs involving thousands of people in the cover up can be kept secret for years, keep in mind that the Manhattan Project involved more than 50,000 people between 1942 and 1945, at a cost of $20 billion in today's dollars.

Breaking the enemy codes involved at least 10,000 people, and no word of that got in the public view until 25 years after the war was over.

Area 51 in Nevada has been in existence as a secret underground base 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada since the 1950's, and the government didn't admit to anything being there until 1995, when an additional 5 to 8000 acres were acquired for National Security reasons.

The F 117 Stealth fighter we found out about during the Gulf War in 1991, but that technology and planning and testing, goes back 20 or 30 years on that aircraft. When we lost one of these aircraft in the Yugoslavia conflict, we didn't try to recover it. Do we already have something newer and better to replace it?

If you will recall I stated earlier that the Newspaper headlines of July 8 and 9, 1947 were the first two excuses given by the Air Force for what took place near Roswell.

The third excuse came out September 8, 1994, when the United States Air Force released a 2 1/2 inch thick report entitled, "The Roswell Report: Truth Versus Fiction in the New Mexico Desert".

In this voluminous document, author Colonel Weaver stated that what the Air Force concludes is, "that what was recovered near Roswell wasn't a flying saucer with alien bodies, nor was it a weather balloon and radar reflectors as General Ramey stated in 1947, instead the wreckage probably consisted of balloons, radar reflectors, sonobuoys, and miscellaneous junk from a highly classified Project Mogul balloon assembly".

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