Fort Sumter Research Paper By Alexander Davis

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Fort Sumter Research Paper

By Alexander Davis

The Civil War tore our nation apart and was the bloodiest war in American History. The Civil War started because of major differences between the North and South. For instance Southerners were accustomed to slavery and agriculture and the Northerners were accustomed to Industry and Immigrants. Heated arguments began over territories, slavery, states’ rights, and agriculture. After Lincoln’s election the Southerners were enraged and in 1860 South Carolina succeeded from the Union, followed by many other states. The two major sides in the war were the Union and the Confederacy. Three states remained neutral throughout the war. In the beginning of the war both sides thought they could win. After the battles of Fredricksburg, Shiloh, Bull Run, New Orleans, Seven Days, and Antietam, neither side was sure of victory. When the Union victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg took place the Union forces started to head toward victory. The very first battle of the Civil War was Fort Sumter which caused the last states to succeed from the Union.

The Battle of Fort Sumter took place in the Charleston Harbor on a warm spring day in 1861. The commander of all the union forces in the harbor was Major Anderson who was stationed at Fort Moultrie. When Lincoln promised to keep all Union property in the South the southerners were angry. Major Anderson feared a surprise attack on Fort Moultrie from the nearby hills around the harbor so he evacuated and went to Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter was built on a man-made island in the middle of the harbor. Confederate General P.T. Buearguard, angered by Lincoln’s promised decided to drive the union forces out of the harbor. General Bueargard planed on taking over the empty Fort Moultrie and building a series of batteries around Fort Sumter called “The Ring of Fire.” While the Southerners were building the “The Ring of Fire” the Union forces were stuck in Fort Sumter with little supplies. The harbor was dotted with islands and hills and was an important port to the southern economy. At 4:00am on the morning of April 12 three Confederate messengers came to Fort Sumter asking the Union forces to evacuate. Major Anderson refused to retreat and an hour later the first shot flew over the harbor. The Confederates heated their cannon balls until they were nearly glowing so when they landed in Fort Sumter fires started and smoke filled the interior of the fort. The only cannons the Union forces could use were the six protected cannons in the forts smoke filled interior of the fort. The battle raged on for the rest of the day. The union forces eventually surrendered because the smoke and damage inside the fort was huge

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