Forsberg, Olly

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government ownership over land he and Teddy got into

a shouting match. Forsberg yelled so loud that a

rockslide happened and trapped Forsberg for a year

underground. Forsberg and Roosevelt never spoke

again after that, and Forsberg refused to walk into any

of the so-called "National Parks".
So strike two: Forsberg hated national parks, which is weird. Honestly, for much of this it sort of just seems like Hedgegrove was making a grab-bag of thing she thought were issues at the time, because come on: A weirdo mountain-man who could breath underwater and smell gold? Who owned a pet falcon and a fire-breathign salamander? Who first appeared to Zebulon-freaking Pike? That guy would be ALL OVER land preservation. Weirdly enough, Hedgegrove says nothing about banks, which I sort of feel like be Hedgegrove's sticking point. Not National Parks. Anyways, there are a lot of other stories. Um, Forsberg tried to dig underground and save miners in the ludlow Massacre, He was there when Buffalo Bill died (Oh, and he and Buffalo Bill rode through the old west for like, three years. They were like buddy cops), he spoke with Douglas Fairbanks and told him to get into "Them movin' pictures. Like the train ones", he survived blizzards and floods (in one flood he survived by riding on the backs of one thousand and eighteen trout), and he mostly wandered around a lot of the swiftly modernizing cities of Colorado.
The last known adventure of Olly Forsberg was at the

Royal Gorge bridge. He chopped down trees and cleared

rocks and bent steel for the bridge to be completed. The

last thing anyone had heard him say was "I hope this bridge

works. If'n not, I'm not gonna be 'round no more. Adios".

With that Forsberg walked. He walked for hundreds of miles,

through all of Wyoming and part of Montana to Glacier

national Park. It was here that he waited for months before

being eaten by a glacier. Olly Forsberg, over 124 years old,

born of rock and mountains died by ice and snow.

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