Forsberg, Olly

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Kearny for the march and capture of Santa Fe.

Forsberg was instrumental in the capture of it, as he

was in charge of a platoon of coyotes who swarmed the

Santa Fe Plaza and ran after people howling and

foaming at the mouth. While others were concerned

about the 40-odd coyotes roaming the streets (as they

should have been), Kearny was able to successfully

capture the capital.
Forsberg could also apparently smell gold and could shove his hands into the ground and pull out a golden ignot. You would think this would make him the wealthiest person in Colorado at the time, but apparently he threw most of his gold into the sulfur pits of Wyoming during a hunt for Alfred Packer (who is, of course, the only person to be sentenced for life imprisonment because of cannibalism. You can read all about it in the Prison Museum in Canon City, Colorado). Forsberg apparently met Packer before the whole cannibalism incident and told him- in a voice that could crack rocks- "You better not go into those mountains, kid. Bad things a'coming". Oh, and Forsberg met Abraham Lincoln. Shook his hand and said it was "Like sticky wood". He was present for the incorporation of Denver in 1862 where his pet Peregrine Falcon, Rufus, flew around the city thirty-two times squawking "Where the Columbines Grow" all the way. Oh yeah, Forsberg had a pet falcon named Rufus. He used him to hunt down outlaws in the old west.

But before the west was won, Forsberg had to get through the Indian Wars and the Civil War.

Forsberg would continue with his somewhat chaotic

streak throughout the Civil War, mostly attempting to

avoid conflict between the Union and Confederacy.

However, during the Battle of Glorieta Pass he joined

the Colorado Legion against the confederates and fought

for the entire battle without rest and was there when

Chivington led an assault on a supply train. During this

assault Forsberg made friends with the local Apaches and

Utes who he would later offer to help during the Colorado

Indian Wars.
Forsberg is described as both a friend and a foe of the railroads, helping out Chinese and Irish workers finish stretches (apparently he built 13 miles of railroad with his bare hands, and even had a night on the town with John Henry). However, Forsberg would also commit several train robberies, appearing on the back of a horse named tumbleweed who may or may not have been an actual tumbleweed that could turn into a horse). Forsberg settled his differences with the railroad companies in 1882, when he attended the opening of Denver's Union Station and commemorated it by dancing for 32 hours all along the floors ("You can still see his bootprints!", remarks Hedgegrove). Although the commemoration of Union Station is said to have angered the same mountain spirits that turned his mother into a magpie, which reportedly caused the most intense earthquake in Colorado history in 1882.

For a long time after that there is no mention of Olly Forsberg, and it's widely assumed that he was swallowed by the earthquake and had to go fight some kind of mountain ghost. About fourteen years later, Forsberg returned to Denver, riding on the back of a giant Tiger Salamander who could breathe fire. Forsberg rode into the Denver Zoo and offered to give the Salamander to them, as well as Rufus his beloved falcon and Tumbleweed his trust horse. The Zoo said "no", and Forsberg uttered some pretty racist things (Forsberg apparently never got over the Mexican-American war. I guess having a folk hero who was a hero of women's, chinese, african-american, and native american rights was too much. He had to have at least one flaw). By the turn of the 20th century, Forsberg (who should have been around 118 years old by now) had met Nikola Tesla in his Colorado Spring laboratory. Tesla reports that Forsberg was a nuisance who would constantly break his fence and dig up his yard.

Forsberg met with Teddy Roosevelt on multiple occasions, helping him navigate forests and streams in his preservation efforts, however:
Once Forsberg found out that Roosevelt was claiming

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