Forsberg, Olly

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Forsberg, Olly
Olly Forsberg was found in the mountains by Zebulon Pike. No one knows where he came from, some say he was born from the Rocky Mountains themselves but from 1806 for the next 124 years Forsberg would roam the Mountains and take part in numerous pieces of Colorado history, including Zebulon Pike himself. Zebulon (true name, great name) is the guy who Pike's Peak is named after, even though he never actually scaled Pike's Peak (which, according to Hedgegrove, is because of Olly Forsberg). In fact, the ones to actually successfully scale Pike's Peak (again, with the help of Forsberg. The guy stuck around Pike's Peak a lot) was Edwin James and Stephen Long (Stephen Long of Long's Peak fame, Edwin James of James Peak fame.
Forsberg had a great beard like a squirrel's nest and skin

as hard as a rock. Deep canyons crested his forehead,

though he never aged. He stood tall, at 6 foot 5, and could

take down a puma with his bare hands. Aside from his

great beard Forsberg would always have a magpie feather

in his hat (said to have come from his mother, who was

turned into a magpie because she was too beautiful as a

human), and a columbine that grow from his chest pocket.
So, for a lot of the Early parts of the recorded history of Olly Forsberg he was skipping around mountains (literally), guiding the early mountaineers to scale the massive 14,000+ peaks of the rockies. People would also see him wading through rivers, climbing down trees, etc. One story from the 1820's on the William Bucknell expedition (which was basically forging the Santa Fe Trail), states:

Bucknell and his company were outside of the area where

Cripple Creek would be founded, when the Purgatoire

overflowed from its banks and onto the only path they

could take. Bucknell and his company were distraught

when, from out of the river, rose Olly Forsberg, carrying

two trout in his hands. Forsberg gave Bucknell the trout,

and then lifted a giant boulder onto the river bank so the

expedition could continue. He then gave the traders a

thumbs-up, clicked his tongue, and walked back into the

river. Bucknell never included this in reports, but other

members of the company did.
A fun fact about William Bucknell, he would later marry Emma Eliza Ward who would become a Titanic survivor. This is also of note because apparently another Titanic Survivor, Molly Brown, would have a torrid affair with Olly Forsberg later (who, despite being over 100 at the time, still looked the exact same as he did when Pike found him wandering around the mountains). Hedgegrove even has a note that asks if Brown survived because she was holding a rock said to be given to her by Forsberg. Any Coloradoan worth their salt knows this would be false, though. Molly Brown survived because she was a bad-ass. And for the record, yeah I'm a Coloradoan. From Niwot, which if you've never heard of it I wouldn't blame you. The main thing it's famous for is being the birthplace of a guy on NCIS.

Anyways, through the 1830's then Forsberg would work to try and keep tensions between the Mexicans, the Americans, and the Texians at bay before a dispute over territory and the independence of the Republic of Texas. Sooner or later this bubbled over into the Mexican-American war, which is among the first instances of Olly Forsberg going to war.
Forsberg would join forces with General Stephen

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