Format: this format is the same format we use for word clues. Start with Roman numerals, then capital letters, then Arabic numerals and then lower-case letters

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Anthem essay guidelines:

  1. Outline

    1. Format:

      1. this format is the same format we use for word clues. Start with Roman numerals, then capital letters, then Arabic numerals and then lower-case letters.

      2. The Roman numerals should represent the different paragraphs of your essay. You should have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion, so IV Roman numerals.

      3. The capital letters should represent the main points in your paragraph

      4. The Arabic numerals should represent proof (quotes, specific examples) from the text to support your main points

      5. The lower-case letters should represent explanation or analysis of the quotes/examples

    2. Example outline:

  1. Introduction

    1. Ayn Rand’s grew up in Russia under the communist and because of this she has a more negative view of collectivism.

      1. Collectivism is the principle of centralized control; its general focus is on the group and not on the individual.

      2. Under this type of society the individual is expected to surrender certain rights and aspects of their individuality

    2. Ayn Rand’s novelette Anthem presents an anti-utopian society with a collectivist government that squelches all individual thought; therefore, creating a dreary, inhuman environment for the main character, Equality.

      1. Equality struggles with the society he lives in throughout the novelette and eventually recognizes the importance of his individuality and freedom.

    3. Thesis: Equality’s struggle to reach individuality represents Ayn Rand’s philosophy, objectivism. Three important realizations drive Equality’s struggle including his realization that his brothers should not be the center of his existence, his realization that he can only depend upon his own mind to make moral judgements, and his realization that his individuality was nothing to fear.

  2. Body Paragraph 1

    1. Topic Sentence: Equality’s struggle to reach an individual existence begins with his realization that his brothers should not be the center of his existence.

      1. “To be free, a man must be free of his brothers” (101).

        1. This quote exemplifies the concept that only other men can take away a man’s freedom and to ensure that a man is truly free he must recognize that he does not owe his brothers and live to serve himself first.

        2. Once Equality makes this realization he is able to break away from his old society’s ideals and beliefs concerning the meaning of one’s existence.

      2. Equality’s society emphasizes that a man’s existence is merely for the benefit of his brothers and this means that there is no reason to nurture the individual spirit.

        1. Equality’s ability to break free from this belief by fleeing to the woods and experiencing true freedom helps him to realize that this belief is false.

  3. Body Paragraph 2

  4. Body Paragraph 3

  5. Conclusion

    1. Restated Thesis:

    2. Summary of main points

    3. Relate to world at large: what can the average person learn from this novel about life? What is Ayn Rand suggesting about society and life?

Points to consider:

1. Do not include any quotations in your introduction. Quotes are to be used as support of main points only! They cannot be topic sentences or part of your thesis.

2. Stick to 3rd person point of view. Do not use I, we, you, etc.

3. You should have a direct thesis with several main points which should be addressed in the topic sentences of your body paragraphs.

4. You should have more support for each main point than simply a quote and an explanation of that quote.

5. Be sure to include the page numbers for the quotes you use. Yes, you even need to look up the page numbers for the quotes in prompt 3.

6. The main goal of this essay is to demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning of Anthem – focus on doing just that. Do not focus so much on just the details of the novel. Remember, the novel is philosophic in nature therefore most characters, events, settings, etc, are symbolic of the ideas associated with Ayn Rand’s beliefs.

7. Quotes should not be more than a sentence or two tops. Also, you should have no more than 3 quotes in your essay. I do not want your essay to be a regurgitation of text – it should mostly be analysis and development of ideas.

8. You should put Anthem in italics as it is the title of a novelette and not a short story.

9. Be sure to use the literary present tense when discussing events in the story!!

10. All work is due at the beginning of the period. DO NOT EXPECT TO BE ALLOWED TO PRINT IN THE CLASS PERIOD. You must print before class starts in order to receive full credit.

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