Format –Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Paragraph The Political Spectrum

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The Government Unit - Review Guide

Counterpoints, Chapters 9 and 10

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Format –Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Paragraph
The Political Spectrum

Ideology Left Wing Right Wing

Centre Communism Socialism

Liberalism Conservative Fascism

1. Where do each of the major federal and provincial parties fall on the political spectrum?

2. What are some of the basic political positions of people on the right? the centre? the left?

3. Where do each of the major political philosophies (communism, socialism, liberalism,

conservatism and fascism) fall on the political spectrum?

The Structure of Government

Know the various terms on the Structure of Government Handout, including:

Federal Government Provincial Government

Municipal/Local Government Constitutional Monarchy Public Service

Parliament Executive Branch Prime Minister

Governor General The Cabinet Portfolio

Legislative Branch House of Commons Speaker of the House

Leader of the Opposition Backbenchers Members of Parliament

The Senate "Triple E Senate" Patronage

Party Whip Cabinet Solidarity(Party Solidarity)

Caucus Amending Formula(for making changes to the Constitution pg 199)
Progressive Conservative Party (PC)

The Reform Party The Canadian Alliance Party

New Democratic Party Liberal Party Conservative Party

Bloc Quebecois Green Party

1. Describe the structure of the various levels of government in Canada.

2. What are the responsibilities of the different levels of government in Canada?

3. Who are our current leaders and representatives at each level of government in Canada?(Federal, Provincial, Municipal)

4. What role does the Cabinet play in government?

5. For what reasons do some Canadians want to reform or abolish the Senate? What are the benefits and drawbacks of their proposals?

6. What is the role of the Official Opposition?

How a Bill Becomes a Law

bill law First Reading

Second Reading Parliamentary Committee Committee Stage

Third Reading Royal Assent Order-in-Council

private members’ bill
1. Describe the law making process in detail.

2 Who can introduce a bill to the government?

4. Who introduces most bills to the government? Why?

Elections and Electoral Reform

Dissolution Chief Electoral Officer Nomination

Campaigning Balloting Tabulation

Candidate Voter Apathy Public Opinion Polls

Majority Government Minority Government Coalition

Popular Vote Regional Representation First-Past-The-Post

Proportional Representation Preferential Balloting Gerrymandering

Party Platform By-election Independent Mixed Member

Amending Formula Candidate Electoral District / Constituency / Riding
1. Who is eligible to vote in Canada today?

2. What determines the size of an electoral district in Canada?

3. Under what circumstances must an election be called?

4. What are the six steps in the elections process?

5. What are the differences between a majority and minority government? Why is a majority victory preferable for a political party?

6. Under what circumstances might a coalition government be formed?

7. For what reasons do some Canadians want to reform or abolish the first-past-the-post electoral system in Canada? What are the alternatives to this system? What are the benefits and drawbacks of these alternatives?
Influencing Government

Civil Disobedience Media Campaigns Lobbyists

NGO Mass Media Media Concentration

Petitions/Protests Pressure Group

1. What are some ways that citizens can influence their government? In your opinion, which methods are most effective?

2. List some examples of the different types of organizations that try to influence government (e.g. Canadian Cancer Society, Greenpeace, The Young Liberals).

3. List some examples of actions various groups have undertaken to influence government decisions (e.g. Clayquot Sound protests).

4. What are some of the concerns people have about the ways some people put pressure on government (e.g. opinion polls, lobby groups)?

5. How does the media influence government? Why is media concentration a concern?

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