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Foreword: (this Foreword and Contents written December, 2010 by Daniel Winters; (earlysda
This book was printed in 1872, and some of this Testimony was compiled into books in later years, and some was not.

Some interesting quotes are:

"A Saviour should be presented before the people, while the heart of the speaker should be subdued and imbued with his spirit. The very tones of the voice, the look, the words, should possess an irresistible power to move the hearts and control the minds. Jesus should be found in the heart of the minister."

"you do not realize your true state. I saw you enveloped in darkness."

"if she rids herself of this unholy slime of Satan,"

"Bro. ——'s daughter has an education to gain, as she is no more competent for the duties and difficulties of life as a wife, than a school girl of ten years old."

This Testimony seems to be the first public written place where Ellen White called for missionaries to go to foreign lands. Perhaps this appeal worked on J. N. Andrews' heart, as he became the first Seventh-day Adventist missionary to go overseas just two years later.

Her husband's case, with the Brethren in the Publishing House throwing the burden of the work on him, and charging him more than necessary for his order of books is interesting, but even more interesting, is how much time is spent showing her own husband that he must freely forgive them, and let it go.

This particular book was taken from a photo-copy of a photo-copy of a photo-copy.... and as such, the original spellings were left as in the original. There are several spelling/typesetting mistakes, listed at the end. There are many instances of what i deem to be "spelling variations", so did not list them. If there are other spelling/typesetting mistakes in this book, please email me.

As i personally scanned/typed this in, there are no copyright violations, and i make this Testimony available to be copied or printed with no copyright restrictions. It is freely available for reading or downloading at

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