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Foreword: (this Foreword and Contents written July, 2000 by Daniel Winters;

This is the second real book ever authored by Ellen White. In 1851 "A Sketch of the Christian Experience and Views of Ellen G. White" was published. As the name suggests, this book is a supplement to that book, especiallly dealing with questions people had regarding it. There are several articles taken from the "Review", and several things written that will be found written similarly in the book she wrote next: "The Great Controversy Between Christ and His Angels and Satan and His Angels".
The slight differences between what is written here in 1854, and what was put in the 1858 Great Controversy are very interesting and worthy of study.
I typed up this particular book from a photo-copy of a photo-copy of a photo-copy.... and as such, the spellings were left as in the original. You will notice that there are two items listed as "5" in the SUPPLEMENT. That's the way the original has it. I did make 1 change tho, where it looked like it might make a difference regarding the interpretation: Closing quotes added after "too much and too often." If i am mistaken in this, someone please let me know.
Praise God for his great love to us, to give us detailed instruction to keep us from the multitude of errors that surround us in these last days! May we follow all the words of his prophets, and staying on the narrow path, press on to the prize before us.



To the Saints Scattered Abroad.

A: Review: Aug. 11th, 1853

B: Review: June 10, 1852

C: Review: Feb. 17th, 1853



To Those of Little Experience.

Self Denial.


False Shepherds.

The Love of God in Giving his Son.


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