Forestry Internship in Wood Products Manufacturing Summer or Fall, 2015

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Forestry Internship in Wood Products Manufacturing

Summer or Fall, 2015

Cowley’s Moulded Products in Griffith, Indiana, is seeking a MSU Forestry student intern to help in the process control activities for its moulded products. Cowley’s is a division of Hardwood Solutions, Inc. located in Chelsea, Michigan.

The intern will be assisting the plant manager in the evaluation of systems that guide processing of material through 3 moulding work cells and a variety of supplemental mill work equipment. This would include performing hardwood material quality / process audits on manufactured components, analysis of productivity data including productivity and downtime, and assistance to the planning manager in refining overall production planning processes. Quality audits include examination of characteristics of incoming wood (e.g., for moisture content) and conducting process audits to help determine if moulder processes are meeting quality specifications, including assessments of process yields, analysis of process scrap (e.g., characteristics of discarded or “wasted” wood), and suggestion for corrective action, where required.

This position will be a “hands on” position on the plant floor, reporting directly to the plant manager (Mike Myers). Interns will be trained to perform all tasks, but preferred background would include courses in statistics, data analysis and wood science.

The job will pay up to 40 hours per week at a pay rate of ranging from $12.00 to $14.00 per hour, with a start date in Late May or if fall semester early September. Full time employment opportunities exist for interns who are successful and can contribution to improved performance of the company!

Cowley’s Moulded Products Inc.

1609 E. Main St.
Griffith, Indiana 46319
P: 219-922-1233
F: 219-924-4729

Mike Myers:

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