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Forest Service Manual

R9 – Eastern Region, mark twain nf
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chapteR 2431 – RATES
Supplement No.: R9 Mark Twain 2431-2001-3
Effective Date: October 30, 2001
Duration: Effective until superseded or removed


Forest Supervisor

Date Approved: 10/30/2001

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New Document(s):

R9 Mark Twain 2431-2001-3

4 Pages

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MT #97-5

2 Pages

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Updates minimum rates

Updates directions for disposal of firewood

2431.3 – Rates
2431.31 – Minimum and Standard Rates.

  1. Standard Rates. Standard Rates are established by the current Base Period Prices developed by the R9-Transaction Evidence Program and updated quarterly. Refer to Timber Appraisal Handbook, FSH 2409.22, Current Appraisal Schedule.

  1. Minimum Rates. Minimum Rates have been established for the Mark Twain National Forest. Refer to Timber Appraisal Handbook, FSH 2409.22, MTNF Supplement, Chapter 600.

  1. Minimum Charge for Small Sales. Minimum charge for any one transaction will be as follows:

(1) Firewood sales for commercial use $50.00

(2) Charge firewood permits for personal use $20.00

(3) Sale of other forest products $20.00

(4) Christmas trees for personal use, each $ 5.00

For sales up to and including $300.00 add: “This sale is final and not subject to refund.”

2431.6 – Disposal of Firewood. Firewood material intended for personal use by an individual, or individual’s immediate family, shall normally be made available by unadvertised sales. District Rangers shall make existing firewood available to all potential users consistent with other resource management protection policies, and budget constraints.

The sales intended for personal use shall normally be sold through negotiation. In cases of limited supply, competitive bidding, or a lottery system may be used for granting sale permits. Where supplies are adequate, more than one personal use firewood permit may be issued to any individual in one (maximum of two personal use firewood permits/individual /year).
See FSM 2462 (Mark Twain Supplement) for conditions when free use may be granted for personal use firewood.
In addition to dead and down material, or any material that might be otherwise wasted, live green trees in timber stands needing thinning, release, site preparation, wildlife habitat improvement, etc., may be sold on a Charge Firewood Permit for personal use or on a commercial firewood sale.
The firewood program must be managed to insure that the use is consistent with other management goals and that the personal use public demand is satisfied. The frequency of inspections of firewood activities is at the discretion of the Contracting Officer. To insure that all resources are protected, inspections may have to be conducted on weekends, holidays, and after duty hours. Many firewood activities may be inspected while on other duties in the vicinity, to better utilize time and travel.
All temporary roads providing access to firewood areas shall be closed in accordance with guidelines in the Mark Twain Land and Resource Management Plan.
All firewood area boundaries shall be well marked on the ground to clearly establish the cutting area and a map of the area will be provided with the permit.
Firewood Permits will not be issued on active timber sales until the payment unit has been accepted as completed and eliminated from the timber sale contract. The timber purchaser should be informed when firewood use is granted on closed units. The firewood cutting shall not materially interfere with the purchaser’s operations on the remainder of the sale area.
The following guidelines are provided to insure uniform management of the Charge Firewood Permits across the Forest.

  1. Personal use firewood sales should be made using form FS 2400-1, Forest Products Removal Permit and Cash Receipt.

  1. Permits limited to 7.9 CCF (ten standard cords) of firewood or less.

  1. Minimum charge for the permit is $20.00.

  1. Standard rates will be used to establish value/CCF. (See Timber Appraisal Handbook, FSH 2409.22, Chapter 200).

  1. Issued for personal use only.

  1. May be issued any time during the year, will be sold for a 6 month duration or less, and must terminate at the end of a quarter.

  1. May be awarded by negotiation, competitive bidding or by lottery.

The following guidelines are provided to insure uniformity in the managing of Commercial Firewood Sales.

  1. Commercial firewood sales should be made using the 2400-4, Contract. Larger sales may utilize the FS 2400-3 Contract, if deemed necessary.

  1. Treated as regular sales, volume will be sold by the CCF.

  1. Current base period price developed for the Timber Appraisal Handbook, FSH 2409.22, Chapter 200, will be used to establish value.

  1. Minimum charge for firewood for commercial use is $50.00 per sale.

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