Forest Renewal bc prince George Forest Region: Resource Management Plan Enhancing Environmental Values Component

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Forest Renewal BC
Prince George Forest Region:
Resource Management Plan
Enhancing Environmental Values Component

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Prince George Forest Region

Ministry of Forests

Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks
September 1999
Enhancing Environmental Values Component of Prince George Forest Region Resource Management Plan

Table of Contents
Executive Summary.
Regional Benchmark.
Recommendations of Critical Watersheds for Restoration by 2005.
Transition Funding.
Watersheds with Insufficient Information to Make a Priority Recommendation.
Consultation Summary.
Limitations and Further Recommendations the of EEV RMP.
Appendix 1. Summary of 1999 Enhanced Environmental Values Resource Management Plan for Prince George Forest Region.
Appendix 2. Detailed Consultation Summary for Enhancing Environmental Values Steering Committee.

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