Forest hills lacrosse club 1st – 8th grade ~ boys and girls spring 2008 registration

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Welcome to the Forest Hills Lacrosse Club’s 2008 Season!

Today you will find:

  • Forest Hills Lacrosse Club Spirit Wear for sale!

  • Vendors offering package deals on equipment

  • Information on Indoor League Play at Woodland Sportsplex

  • Games, Drills and other Fun Stuff on the Fields

  • Coffee Available for sale in the Snack Bar

To REGISTER for the Season:

  1. Registration Forms” - Please visit the table and pick up a packet – one for each player in your family.

  1. Uniforms” - Stop by the station and pick out the size of jersey and shorts that should be ordered for your player. Please be sure to mark these sizes on the registration form.

  1. Paperwork” - Fill out all paperwork in the packet. Please remember to include your email address. This is imperative for communication purposes.

  1. Check-Out Station” – Hit the “Check-out Station” on your way out. Please make checks payable to “Forest Hills Lacrosse Club”. If you have both a boy and a girl playing in the club, please write separate checks for each player. This helps us out in the accounting area tremendously!

NOTE: Registrations received after November 30th (Youth deadline – March 1, 2008) will be put on a waiting list and placed on a team on a first-come first-served basis. Thank-you for your understanding in this matter!!


BOYS 5th-8th FEES: $175 GIRLS 5th-8th FEES: $175 YOUTH 1st-4th FEES: $75

  • These fees include: shorts for boys, jerseys for all, games, tournament registration, ref fees, team equipment, and US Lacrosse fee.

  • US LACROSSE Membership: The FH Lacrosse Club requires that all 5th-8th graders have a US Lacrosse membership for insurance purposes. To streamline this process, US Lax membership has been included in your registration fee. Information regarding this group is included in this packet. Info can also be obtained by going on-line to

Want to mail in your registration forms/fee?

Please mail to the following address:

  • Cynthia Callaghan - 4549 Canterwood Drive NE, Ada, Michigan 49301 – 942.2704


Last Name: First Name:

Date of Birth: Lax Experience: Beginner – 1yr – 2yr – 3yr – 4yr

School: Grade: Positions Played:
If Goodwillie, please circle your elementary attendance: Northern Eastern Central

PRIMARY Parent Contact Information
Name: Home Phone:

Address: City & Zip Code:

Email: Work or Cell Phone:

(Important! Stay informed! All communications primarily conducted via email. )
Secondary Parent Contact (if applicable):

Name: Home Phone:

Address: City & Zip Code:

Email: Work or Cell Phone:

TOP & SKIRT SIZE SELECTION – (included in registration fee)
Please determine the size top and skirt to be ordered for your player and circle below.


Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large

Adult Adult Adult Adult Adult

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large


Registration Fee: $175.00 Check #: Cash: Registrar:

Please make checks payable to: Forest Hills Lacrosse Club

Registration forms may be mailed to: Cynthia Callaghan, 4549 Canterwood Drive NE, Ada, MI 49301
Players submitting forms after the deadline will be on a waiting list and placed on a team if space permits. Thank-you!


I understand that photography and/or video of participants may be procured during activities and used in promotional materials, including publication on the FHLC website. I consent to the use of images or likenesses of my child(ren)/ward for promotional purposes by the Forest Hills Lacrosse Club.

Parent/Guardian Permission Signature ______________________________ Date__________________


My child/ward is in good health and has my full permission to participate in the FHLC program. My child/ward has no existing or prior sickness, illness, disease or bodily injury that is contradictory to participation. I fully understand that lacrosse is a contact sport and that physical injury may occur during the course of participation. I certify that my child/ward has my permission and consent to participate in the Forest Hill Lacrosse Club program during the coming season. I fully release and hold harmless the Forest Hill Lacrosse Club, its teams, coaches, field directors, managers, referees, sponsors, Board of Directors, officers, Forest Hills Public Schools or any others connected to the club for injuries sustained by my child in practice, game play or while being transported to or from FHLC activities. Furthermore, I agree that I will not hold any doctor, nurse, team, coach or league official responsible for the consequences of any voluntary medical or first-aid treatment administered to my child as a result of any injury sustained in connection with FHLC activities.

Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________ Date_____/_____/______
Relationship to participant_________________________________________

Known Medical Conditions:

Current Medications:

Primary Care Physician: Primary Care Phone:
Insurance Company: Insurance Co. Phone:
Policy & Group #:
Local Hospital Preference:
We (I) hereby authorize any member of the Forest Hills Lacrosse Club Board of Directors, the Team Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team Manager to obtain medical treatment for the above named student athlete in our absence.

Signature of Parent/Guardian Date

US Lacrosse Membership:

US Lacrosse membership includes comprehensive secondary lacrosse insurance. Insurance information, including claim forms, can be found on the US Lacrosse website:

Signature Required for Acceptance of Membership
In consideration of my membership in US Lacrosse, and my participant in US Lacrosse sanction, recognized, or sponsored events ("Covered Events"), I agree to the following:
1. Waiver and Release:

I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risks of catastrophic injury, paralysis and even death, as well as other damages and losses, associated with participation in a lacrosse event. I agree on behalf of myself, my heirs and personal representatives, that US Lacrosse, the host organization and the sponsor or sponsors with respect to a Covered Event, together with coaches, officials, volunteers, employees, agents, officers and directors of the host organization and any such sponsors shall not be held liable for any injury, loss of life or other loss or damage as a result of my participation in a Covered Event. This Waiver & Release shall also be for the benefit of and run in favor of any youth organization that requires participants to become members of US Lacrosse as a condition to their participation in such organization's youth lacrosse events, which shall constitute Covered Events for purposes of this Waiver & Release, and any such youth lacrosse league shall constitute the host organization for such Covered Events.

2. Medical Attention:

I herby give my consent to US Lacrosse and the host organization of any Covered Event to provide, through a medical staff of its choice, customary medical/athletic training attention, transportation and emergency services as warranted in the course of my participation in Covered Events.

3. Readiness to Compete:

I will only participate in those Covered Events in which I believe I am physically and psychologically prepared to compete.

4. Information Certification:

I certify that all information provided by me in this application, including without limitation my membership category, is true, accurate and complete and I understand that any untrue, inaccurate or incomplete statement or information will automatically invalidate my membership and all of the benefits of membership in US Lacrosse.

5. Code of Conduct:

I agree to all terms on the attached US Lacrosse Code of Conduct form. (Refers to accepted US

Lacrosse/Positive Coaching Alliance Code of Conduct).
As parent or legal guardian of this participant, I hereby verify by my signature below that I fully understand and accept each of the above conditions.
Parent/Guardian signature: _____________________________________________________
Printed name of Parent/Guardian: ________________________________________________
Date: _________________
Relationship to participant: __________________________


Calling ALL parents!! We need your help!!
The sport of lacrosse is growing in popularity nationwide. Our Club is a prime example of this explosion – growing from 6 teams in 2003 to 27 teams in the 2007 season!
In order to manage this growth, the Club has restructured into 5 separate Divisions: Northern, Eastern, Central, Girls and Youth, with each Division chaired by a Board member. Each Division will be responsible for their own seasonal operations. Please review the following list of needs and sign up for the area that’s of interest to you!

Player’s Name:

Mom’s Name: Phone:
Dad’s Name: Phone:

  • Uniform Coordinator/Assistant – determine needs of your Division, work with other Divisions’ coordinators to procure uniforms within budget, coordinate distribution of uniforms to your Division’s teams.

  • Spirit Wear Coordinator/Assistant – organize Spirit Wear sales for your Division.

  • Field Scheduling Coordinator – determine needs of your Division, work with other Divisions’ coordinators and the Board Field Representative to share field assignments within our district.

  • Equipment Coordinator/Assistant – equipment storage, inventory, distribution, end of season collection and determine procurement needs.

  • Registration/Secretary/US Lacrosse Liaison – responsible for recording all players’ info into main club database, work with Division rep on correspondence/communication and other TBD needs.

  • Team Manager Coordinator – teach new team managers “the ropes”, ie: scheduling, securing referees, ref payment, email communication, end of season party planning, etc. Girls division is in specific need of a “Referee Coordinator”.

  • Tournament Coordinator – responsible for identifying tournaments, informing coaches/team managers of options to ensure that each team has opportunity to attend desired events, registering teams in desired tournaments. Girls Division is in specific need of a “Spring Tournament Volunteer”.

  • Yearbook/Photography Coordinator – work alongside the Yearbook Coordinator in gathering Divisional pictures, soliciting ads, and distribution of final product.

  • Coaches Committee – recruitment, selection and evaluation of past and future coaches.

  • Great Lakes Lacrosse Classic Committee member – U of M/MSU end of season Varsity game. Help coordinate this April 19th tournament hosted by the Forest Hills Lacrosse Club.

  • Head Coach or Assistant Coach – All grades need Coaches! Coaching clinic offered March 1st.

  • Team Manager - Assist coaching staff with email updates, scheduling games, handouts, coordinating volunteers, snacks, end of season party and other TBD needs.

  • Team Involvement –clock, score/stats, plan end of season celebration, take photos. (circle areas of interest)

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