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Forage Management Unit
This compact disc contains six lesson plans, six PowerPoint Presentations, university extension and industry guides in PDF and HTML formats. This material is designed to assist in the instruction of forage management using Microsoft Word software for lesson plans and Internet Explorer browser for reading university extension and industry guides in HTML format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary for reading PDF formatted files and may be installed by opening the main Forage Management CD and double-clicking on the Adobe Acrobat 4.05 Setup icon for PC installation or double-clicking on the Adobe Mac Setup icon for Macintosh installation.
The contents of this compact disc are intended for use strictly in not-for-profit, educational settings. Each lesson is a self-contained instructional package and includes material for the classroom session and the instructional activity. The lessons are written using the Missouri format for adult instruction as outlined in the Administrative Guidelines for Farm Business Management Analysis. Specific suggestions for using the material in preparing to teach the lessons are also included in this publication.
This instructional material is provided “as is” and without any express or implied warranties as to performance or merchantability. Although other applications of this material may be appropriate, the intended audience includes agricultural education instructors, extension educators, and their clientele. Any modifications necessary for other audiences are the responsibility of the instructor. It is suggested that all material be reviewed before attempting to teach the complete unit.
Instructional assistance for the Forage Management Unit (as it relates to the six lesson plans, six presentations, and university extension and industry guides) will be provided to high school and adult education instructors as well as extension educators. Any technical assistance needed specific to the operation of PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer browser, or Adobe Acrobat Reader should be secured from the Help Menu, or from support staff of those individually registered and licensed programs.
The activity was supported in whole or in part by funds from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Division of Vocational and Adult Education. However, the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the position or policies of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education or the Division of Vocational and Adult Education, and no official endorsement should be inferred.
Jim Riley

Agricultural Education

University of Missouri-Columbia

Columbia, Missouri

Terry W. Heiman, Director

Agricultural Education

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Jefferson City, Missouri

System Requirements

Everything needed for utilization of this unit is self-contained on the Forage Management Compact Disc (CD). This allows the unit to be transportable to different computers and makes Internet access unnecessary. To view the extension and industry guides, an Internet browser (i.e. Explorer) is necessary to view HTML files and Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view PDF files. If not available, the extension and industry guides will not be viewable. Adobe Acrobat Reader Setup program is located on the Forage Management CD for ease of installation.

To install Adobe Acrobat Reader, double-click on either the Adobe Reader 4.05 Setup icon (for PC installation) or the Adobe Mac Setup icon (for Mac installation). Follow the instructions for installation as prompted by the installation version. If properly installed, the ability to open and view all PDF files in the curriculum unit should be available. Before printing PDF documents it is suggested these steps be followed: File Print Print as image. Printing the document as an image will prevent distortion.

To the Instructor – Suggestions for Use

Microsoft Word 2000 lesson plans and, PowerPoint presentations may be opened using standard procedures for opening an existing file in the respective programs. Clicking on hyper-linked text located throughout the lesson plans and Forage Crop Guides List will view university extension guides and other resources. Browsing for Unit components may be accomplished by viewing CD-ROM drive (usually D:/ or E:/), and double-clicking on folders until the desired file is observed, double-clicking on file icon will open the file.

The lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations are designed to be a supplement to, rather than a substitute for individualized lesson development. The Forage Management CD is designed to be a compilation of many resources into one easy-to-use source. It is intended to aid instructors in retrieving information for individual lesson development by organizing university extension and industry guides and other resources by their content, providing links to web sites, and providing worksheets and handouts. Lesson plans from the IML Advanced Crop Science and Forage Unit curriculums are included as supplements and for more specific topic coverage.


Many individuals contributed to the development of the Forage Management Unit information. The advisory committee for the project that provided most of the original input included:

Jeff Case

Lee Longan

Bob McNary

Joe Pace

Charles Parkes

Tom Primmer

John Sponaugle

Leon Watson

Weston Walker, Sandra Kaiser, Jim Riley, and Jackie Campbell produced the written materials contained on this compact disc following the recommendations of the advisory committee.

Table of Contents

Introduction Folder

Introduction Introduction

Forage Crop Guides List Guide Listings

Extension Reference List University Extension Guides

Bookmarks Forage bookmarks

Lesson 1:

Orientation to Forage Management Unit

Lesson 1-PowerPoint

Lesson 2:

Establishing Forages

Lesson 2-PowerPoint

Lesson 3

Renovation and Maintenance of Forages

Lesson 3-PowerPoint

Lesson 4

. Making, Harvesting, and Storing Quality Forage and Seed

Lesson 4-PowerPoint

Lesson 5

. Management of Grazing Systems

Lesson 5-PowerPoint

Lesson 6

. Cost and Returns for Forages

Lesson 6-PowerPoint

References (also accessible through Lesson Plan documents)

IML Adv. Crop Sci. Folder select lesson plans

IML Forages Folder select lesson plans (out of print)

Guides Folder extension guides/references by lesson relevance

Forages Folder extension guides by type of forage and species

Grassland Evaluation Contest Guide Contest Study Guide

NRCSpublications Folder Natural Resource Conservation Service material

Supplemental PowerPoints™ additional PowerPoint™ presentations
Adobe Reader Programs

Adobe AcrobatTM 4.05 Setup installation-PC compatible machines

AdobeTM Mac Setup installation-Macintosh machines

Adult Ag Ed Brochure requires Microsoft Publisher™ to view


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