For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them

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Cathedral Catholic High School

Student Exchange Program

Buenos Aires, Argentina


For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

~ Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

Cathedral Catholic High School is excited to offer the wonderful opportunity to travel to beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina. The trip is open to current sophomores and juniors that will have successfully completed Spanish 2 by June 8, 2014.
Students will be completely immersed in the Spanish culture by living with an Argentinian host family, attending classes at Nuestra Senora de Las Nieves, and exploring all the beautiful culture and history that Buenos Aires has to offer.
Minimum Requirements

Successful completion of Spanish 2 or higher

Be able to obtain a passport prior to departure – June 8th

Possess a clean disciplinary record


$1,700 (flight) + additional expenses while traveling around Buenos Aires

An additional opportunity to visit Uruguay may become available at an additional cost.

Reciprocity fee for US citizens - $160

Ideal Candidate for the Trip

A student that is open to new experiences and adventures.

A student that is flexible and adaptable.

A student that is culturally sensitive and respectful.

A student that is responsible and dependable that makes good decisions and demonstrates good behavior.

Travel Dates
Depart San Diego International Airport Sunday, June 8th ~ Time TBD

Depart Buenos Aires, Argentina Saturday, June 21st ~ Time TBD

Application Deadlines
Completed application must be submitted to Mr. Hill by April 7, 2016

Students will be notified of acceptance to the program by April 14, 2016

Applicant’s Name:

Date of Birth: Gender:

Student Email:

Current Spanish Teacher:

Current Spanish Level: Current Grade in Spanish class:

Country of Citizenship:

I do ____ I do not_____ have a passport valid through the summer of 2016.

Passport Number:

Parent/Guardian Name:

Parent/Guardian Name:

Parent Email:

Do you have any health concerns we should be aware of (e.g., allergies, asthma)?

If yes, please describe in detail:

Do you follow any specific dietary practices (e.g., vegetarianism, lactose intolerant)?

If yes, please describe in detail and explain how flexible you can you be during the program:

Important Reminders

You are highly encouraged to visit the CDC website to stay abreast of any immunization requirements or recommendations related to the trip. Safety and security are our top priority.

Financial assistance is not available. There are limited spaces available and spots will fill up quickly.

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