For Philippe, The little prince asked: “ a sheep. If it eats bushes, does it eat flowers too?”

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Dear Jill,

Please will you convey my condolences to Philippe’s family and close friends. It was a terrible shock to hear the tragic news of his death. As you know, I worked in the lab with Philippe for four years (1990-1994), so knew him very well. He was a very special person who brightened and enriched all our lives. He was so full of fun and life. His talent for arousing even the most quiescent of people and for being completely frank was unique, yet was combined with a sensitivity that was not always obvious! He very rapidly became a central figure in the lab, and leaves a gap that will not be filled. We will all miss him, and be unable to forget him.

Dr. Jill Saffrey, PhD

Dear Annie,

Sorry for the delay in a reply but I have been thinking what to write for Philippe’s book. I cannot tell you how sad it makes me every time I think about it.
I have thought about it a lot and finally decided that I could not relay what I felt, adequately. So instead, I have written a quote from a French book that is very special to me.
For Philippe,

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