For my second argument paper I was also observing Ms. Alberta’s class. This was her other 3

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Argument Paper 2

Taylor Benavidez
EDUC 3510
Argument Paper 2
For my second argument paper I was also observing Ms. Alberta’s class. This was her other 3rd grade class and there were three girls and three boys. All these students are of a Hispanic background. The students in this class are in need of extra help in reading and spelling and that is why they are placed in Mrs. Alberta’s reading intervention class. During this lesson, I observed the teacher following and excelling in InTASC Standard #6. This standard states that “The teacher understands and uses multiple methods of assessment to engage learners in their own growth, to monitor learner progress, and to guide the teacher’s and learner’s decision making”. All of these aspects are accomplished utilizing an assessment chart for vocabulary. Mrs. Alberta ensures there is a variety of assessments being used, engages her students in their own progress utilizing incentives, and modifies lessons based on student progress.
The first goal of this standard is to engage students in their own growth. Mrs. Alberta accomplishes this with her vocabulary chart. This chart is used to keep track of how many vocabulary words the students have mastered. Every time a student reaches a benchmark on their chart, they get to pick something from the prize room. This encourages students to monitor their progress on the chart and reach for a new goal. Secondly, Mrs. Alberta uses this chart as a guide for her to make decisions on her lessons. For example, more than half of the class did not advance on their vocabulary chart one week. This showed her that the students had a hard time with plural words such as “galaxies” and “couches” because that is what they worked on that week. She was able to modify her lesson plan for the next week to go over this subject one more time for the students that struggled.
Finally, the beginning of this standard requires teachers to use multiple ways of assessing their students. Mrs. Alberta accomplishes this by requiring students to pass more than one assessment for each vocabulary word that they reach mastery on. Before students can move their sticks up, they have to pass at least two assessments with each word. Mrs. Alberta gives the students multiple assessments to have the opportunity to pass at least twice for each word. This avoids biases for students that have different learning styles.
All in all, Mrs. Alberta uses multiple mediums of assessment and the vocabulary chart stood out to me. This one assessment method shows that Mrs. Alberta can use a variety of assessments to engage students in their own learning and monitor learner progress in order to guide the teacher’s decision making for future lesson plans. This is a great way to not only keep track of the students learning but encourage students to keep track of their learning as well. Another great advantage to these charts is that they can be shown to parents to keep them involved and they can see their child’s progress.
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