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Street Rod Nationals Plus


Kentucky Expo Center



July 31, Aug 1, 2, 3


THU: 8:00AM – 5PM

FRI: 8:00AM – 6PM

SAT: 7:00AM – 7PM

SUN: 8:00AM – 3PM


ADULT: $15

CHILD: 6 TO 12 - $6

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Louisville, Kentucky; - Once again, the National Street Rod Association’s annual Street Rod Nationals Plus will be held in Louisville at the beautiful Kentucky Exposition Center. This will be the 20th time the show, which annually attracts between 10,000 and 15,000 vintage automobiles, will be staged in Louisville.

The National Street Rod Association® (NSRA), is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee with members worldwide. Vehicles will be driven from all parts of the United States to make this a truly unique gathering of vintage automobiles featuring nearly every make, model and style. Once again, the NSRA will include vehicles from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s in this event.

New records in attendance are anticipated and everything is being done to insure a top-notch event that will be enjoyable for all that attend. The giant outdoor car show will run from Thursday, July 31st through Sunday, August 3rd and every day will be packed with things to do for both spectators and car owners.

There will be displays and demonstrations to look at and over $300 million worth of vintage automobiles to see up close and enjoy from every angle. Each day offers something different, whether one comes to watch or participate. There will be several special ladies activities, which are non-automotive related. Several of the games have been designed just for the kids. The event is a family activity with something of interest for everyone.

The N.S.R.A. Street Rod Nationals Plus has been called a “street rod fair” and as such, many manufacturers of specialty automobile equipment will annually participate by displaying their products. In addition, several technical seminars will be offered free of charge.

This year’s event will, once again, include a special area called “Builder’s Showcase” in the Grand Lobby and South Wing lobbies A, B, and C. See cars built by the top professional rod shops in the country. It’s the first time all of these cars have ever been seen under one roof at the same time! Be sure and make time to go by, look at these fine works of art and meet the builders.

There will also be a giant swap meet on the grounds featuring original vintage automotive parts and cars for sale or trade. There will be finished cars for sale as well, so anyone interested in buying or building a vintage vehicle should be able to find what they are looking for. The NSRA Street Rod Nationals Plus is the premier event of the sport each year, and is a must see event for everyone interested in the old car hobby.

Among the feature attractions will be the selection of the New Street Rod Products of the Year.

Awards are also given to the winners of a full schedule of games and contests. Special recognition awards include Long Distance – Continental United States and Long Distance – Outside Continental United States as well as Club and Association participation honors.

The Street Rod Nationals Plus is four days of action packed fun and it is an event that the automobile owners plan for all year. Many use their annual vacations to make the trip, driving the whole way, visiting attractions and sight seeing along the way. This is one of the largest street rod participation event held anywhere in the world and it will be coming to Louisville. Mark your calendar and plan to attend July 31, August 1, 2, 3, 2014. It will be a super show you won’t soon forget!

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