For gold, silver, bronze, cavity

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Pieces of detector 3

control buttons and explanations 4

A hand search system with laser scanner-15

Digital laser detector 5 years

Determination of the destination path 6

Targets at long distances 7

Objectives that include minerals 8

Large objects buried 8

Other explanations on 9

Objective detect line 9

Power line 9

Signal selection 9

Notification Sound on / off 9

Battery indicator 9

Search system with dual antenna 10

Determination of destination by means of "getting in the" 12

Determining the depth of a buried object 13

Determination of voids 14 goals

Determination of the depth of cavity 15

Specifications 16

16 Aftercare

Transporting the detector 17


Before the invention of the metal detector, the people have nothing more than simple metal rods to find reserves of gold and silver. Although these rods were not very reliable, Spanish in America, have been used to find many mines of precious metals.

Nowadays, with the development in electronics, detectors can find mines of precious metals and treasures from long distances can be made. Finding places precious metals from long range will not be difficult with a detector that is made with electronic circuits and highly developed technology, combined with the talent of a qualified and experienced. GPZ 5500 long-range detectors have been developed for the detection of gold, silver, bronze, cavity. In its electronic circuit, a brand new micro-processor American and many other integrated circuits, transistors, etc. are used.

From this, you can create the proper frequencies for gold, silver, bronze, cavity.


A lot of time is needed to search large areas with regular coil detectors, because the whole area to be searched every inch due to the nature of these detectors, which have only a signal as they pass over the target. GPZ 5500 Detectors long haul, you will be able to search a large area in a very short time, which will decrease your time looking at a significant point.

Download 1.94 Mb.

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