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And, about that time, the door closed outside, and here come me and the two man.

I tell you, oh, my, I feel good! Brother, you'll never know how it feels till you know just where you're standing. Then all devils out of hell can't stop it! There's nothing can! You know where you're at then.

And walked up to the porch, I never... It seemed to me like that I felt myself come out of my body, and seen my body open that door and go in. And there was that little girl was laying there. And her mother just keeled over on the floor and fainted.

And I walked up to the bed where she was at. I said, "Sister Georgie, even the Lord Jesus Who you love and trusted all this time, has met me in the woods and said that I must come and you would be made well. Therefore, in obedience to the commission that was just given me some few moments ago in the woods, I take you by the hand and say, in the Name of Jesus Christ, stand to your feet and be made well."

And that poor little girl, weighing not over thirty-six or thirty-seven pounds, just a bunch of bones, (why, she couldn't have stood if she had to), not only stood, but she jumped to her feet, screaming to the top of her voice. And there the people begin to scream. Perfectly normal and well! And her mother fainted.

Her sister come running next, and she didn't know what to do, she begin screaming, her hair... running down the road, pulling her hair like that, said, "Something's happened!"

Foot Prints Book - Page 161

Her father was coming across from the farm, with some milk in--in a little container like this, and he heard the piano playing, and he run into the house, to find what it was. And there was his daughter, that had never moved from that bed for nine years and eight months, sitting at the piano, playing "Jesus, keep me near the Cross, there is a precious fountain; free to all, a healing stream that flows from Calvary's mountain."

Perfectly normal and well! My, here come the Marengo, the Baptist preacher, and all them coming in there. And she run into the yard, she blessed the leaves, she blessed the grass. She was so happy! Brother, sister, that's been about six years ago.

Tonight, Georgie Carter's playing the piano at the Milltown Baptist Church where I'm still the pastor. Write to her. Miss. Georgie, G-e-o-r-g-i-e C-a-r-t-e-r, Milltown, Indiana. Get her own personal testimony. That same Jesus Christ that healed Georgie that night is right here tonight to do the same thing for every individual that's standing here in Divine order. Do you believe that?

Life Of Demons, July 22, 1951


One time I was preaching down in Kentucky. And if there's some of the newcomers, and Catholic and different ones, who may not understand how these deep rich things of the Scripture, I'd been preaching on Divine healing. A little bare-footed girl brought... she wasn't but fifteen years old, had a little baby and it had the palsy. And I said, "What's the matter, sister, with your baby.

Said, "It's got the jerks." She didn't know what to say, palsy, she didn't know what to call it.

Little thing probably never had a pair of shoes on, in her life. Some man's darling, long hair hanging down. And I said, "Do you believe?". '

And those little, steel-gray eyes looked at me, she said, "Yeah, sir, I sure believe."

I took the little baby. And while I was praying for it, it quit jerking, Uh-huh, and it went out-went out.

Next day, I was squirrel hunting, over in the side of a mountain. And I heard some man setting there talking, old saw buzzing. And I slipped down, I'd been squirrel hunting. They was talking about me, had, setting there a-chewing tobacco, and spitting, the leaves a-flying like that. And they were talking about, now, about the meeting the night before. And one of them said, I seen that baby, I went there this morning. It isn't jerking, yet this morning." See? Said, "That was real." And he was spitting the...

Foot Prints Book - Page 162

And they had rifles leaning against the tree, so I thought I'd better make myself known. You know, they had feuds down there, too. So I walked up, I said, "Good morning, brethren."

And that great big fellow, seemed to be speaking, he had a chew of tobacco in his mouth like that, way out on the side like that, and big, long neck. And he had a great big old hat on, pulled down over his face. He looked around and he seen me, he reached up and got that hat, jerked it off, went... [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] swallowed that chewing tobacco, said, "Good morning, parson." See? Yes, sir. Respect! And that's right. How he ever lived over it, I don't know. But, he did.

So, the next night, coming back, there was a man there who wanted to argue with me a little bit. He went to a church that didn't believe in Divine healing. So, this was a Methodist Church, White Hill, Kentucky. So he--he went to... He was standing outside. He had a lantern in his hand, and he said, "I want to say something, preacher. I just can't accept That, 'cause I can't see It."

I said, "You can't see It?"

He said, "No!" Said, "I'm a sick man, myself, but" said "I just can't see It."

I said, "Where do you live?"

He said, "Back over on Big Renox."

I said, "Well, now, how you going to get home?"

He said, "Well, I'm going to walk home."

I said, "Can you see your home?"

He said, "No, sir."

I said, "Awful dark tonight, it's cloudy."

He said, "Yes."

I said, "How you going home?"

He said, "By this lantern."

I said, "The lantern doesn't show light all the way to the house." I said, "How do you go?"

He said, "I'll walk by the lantern."

I said, "That's it. You've got the light of the lantern now, and every time you step this a-way, the light will keep showing on ahead of you. If you just keep walking, the light will keep going with you."

And you do that this morning, you want Christ the great High Priest, the Intercessor for your sickness, or your diseases, or your soul. You might not understand It, we don't, but we're commanded to "walk in the Light as He is in the Light." You make one step in the Light. And when you got the Light with you, the Light will shine unto the perfect day, It'll keep the path before you.

Hebrews, Chapter Six, September 15, 1957

Foot Prints Book - Page 163


Got a little story to say about my precious wife setting back there. I gave her a rough time before we was married, I've tried to make up for it after we was married. And I didn't know whether I wanted to be married again or not, and so she got all broke up. And I thought she was too good a girl just to leave go, let some good man marry her that'd take care of her. And I thought I even wasn't worthy of it; and I am not, of her kindness, anyhow. So she was all tore up and didn't know what to do. This has been years ago, about twenty years ago. She got so tore up, she started crying day and night. And I was trying to break away from her, not because I didn't love her, because I didn't want to take her time; 'cause, let her find somebody, some good person, 'cause she's too good a girl just to let go like that, and me take... to just go with her and things like that. And I--I thought she loved me, and I knowed I loved her. So then I thought, "Well, I'll just try to... I'll get a date with some other girl and go out, and make her feel bad about me." I liked to a-killed her, I hated it awful bad afterwards; she got all broke up. I told her, I said," You're too good a girl, I--I don't want to take your time like that."

And she said, "But I--I just love you, Bill, and that's the only one I can love." Said, I--I've always loved you."

I said, "I--I appreciate that. But," I said, "you know," I said, "I'm a hermit." I said, "I'm--I'm just going to live like a hermit. See, I--I ain't going to get married at all."

And she was so set on it, you know, poor little fellow. And she went out to the shed. And she got out there, she got down on her knees, and she said, "Lord, I don't know what to do. I--I don't want to disobey You, and yet I love Bill, and I don't know what to do. Lord, will You just give me a little bit of consolation? Will You just help me a little bit? I never did ask You this before in my life, Lord, and I hope I never have to ask You again," she said, "but if You'll just help me, and let me open up this Bible, and You give me a Scripture. I've heard people say You did that." And when she opened it up, it was Malachi 4, "Behold, I give unto... or send unto you Elijah the prophet before the... that terrible day of the Lord." She said, "I got up from there just as well satisfied that we was going to get married as anything." See?

"For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven. And all the proud, yea, all they that do wicked, shall be stubbles; and the day cometh that shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, and it shall leave them neither root nor branch. But unto you that fear My Name, the Sun, S-u-n, Sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in His wings."

The Patmos Vision, December 4, 1960

Foot Prints Book - Page 164


I got one time where I thought that I was kind of a good woodsman, you know, hunted so much. I thought, "I'm just foolproof, nobody's going to... You couldn't lose me. My mom was a half Indian, and I loved that. Oh, my! You can't lose me in the woods, I know where I'm at."

And, oh, for my honeymoon, I kind of cheated a little bit on the wife, I told her, "You know, honey, it'd be a good thing for us to get married on October the twenty-third." Course, that's when the Lord told me to do it.

And I thought, "Now, for a little honeymoon! I saved up my money, and I'll take her over by Niagara Falls, and go over on the Adirondack and do a little hunting." See? So I took her and Billy, he was just a little bitty thing. And so I had to take her on a honeymoon, and it was on a hunting trip, too, you know. So--so I thought that'd be a good thing to do. And so I took her up, and the...

I wrote to Mr. Denton, the ranger. And we was going up on Hurricane Mountain. And I said, "Mr. Denton, I'm coming up, I want to hunt some bear with you this fall."

And he said, "Okay, Billy, come on up." So he said, "I'll be up there on a certain--certain date." Well, wife and I got there a day early, and Billy, and so the cabin was locked up, and there was a little lean-to back up in the woods.

Where, Brother Fred Sothmann and I went not long ago and stood there. The Holy Spirit, I seen Him standing there, that yellow Light moving around in the bush, and Fred standing right there. He said, "Come aside, I want to speak to you. Tomorrow," said, "be careful, they set a trap for you." Said, "Be alert!" Is that right, Brother Fred? And I went and told hundreds of people that night, over in Vermont, I said "There's a trap set for me; I'm going to see it. I don't know where it's at." And the very next night, there it come, there it was. Said, "Here is the trap that's set." Yes, sir. But the Holy Spirit led me in what to do. And, oh, my, that was just right! Oh, many of you know what it was. I haven't time to ten it.

But standing there at that place that time, it just begin to turn cold that day. Mr. Denton was coming up the next day, I said, "You know, honey, it'd be nice if I got a--a big buck to take home." I said, "We can. I had to save these pennies, and we just got married." And I said, "We'd get our winter's meat if I'd get a little hunt today."

And she said, "Well, go ahead, Billy." Said, "Now, you remember, I never was in these woods." She said she was about twenty-five miles up in the mountains, you know, and she said, "I don't know nothing about this."

Foot Prints Book - Page 165

And she said, so I... And I said, "Well, now, you remember, it was two years ago I killed those three bear. That was right back over the top of the mountain over there." And I said, "Now, I'll get a big buck and we'll get some bear," and I said, "we'll have our winter's meat in." Well, that sounded pretty good, you know. (And we picked blackberries, and got our coal for that--for that winter; and so then Billy sold them, and Meda and I picked them of an evening after I got off of my patrol.) So then I--I said, "Well, I'm going to pick up my rifle, I'm going down here." I said, "There's a lot of deer in here, I'll find one." And I said, "You know," I said, "then I'll get him." And I said, "We'll... I'll be back in a little while."

She said, "Okay."

So, when I started off, it was kind of low, And any of you New Hampshire people, and up in there in the New England, knows what it means when that fog comes down, or anywhere else in the mountains, you don't know where you're at. That's all. You can't see your hand before you. So then I started down through a--a little chopping, like, come down, and went over across the ridge and come up. And I noticed a panther, you'd call it here in this part of the country. We call it, in the West, a cougar. They call it, up there, a mountain lion. It's all the same animal. It's a puma, really what it is. Same cat, about nine-foot long, weight about a hundred fifty, two hundred pounds. He crossed the road, and I slipped the gun real quick, not fast enough to get the shot at him.

Well, I slipped on up over the hill, chasing this cougar, watching the leaves where he had moved, you know. I could hear him. He had four feet. I knowed he wasn't a two-footed animal, his four feet. And I knowed he wasn't a deer, 'cause a deer stomps, And he would slip real easy, the cat, you know, like that. And a bear rolls his feet when he walks. And so I knew it must be a cougar. And he was behind a log and I didn't see him, till just got a glimpse of him, he was gone.

And I watched the way he disturbed the leaves, you know, up over the top of the mountain, and down like this, and I wasn't watching that cloud coming all the time, you know, coming down the fog. I slipped down, went down through a great valley and went down into the giants, following this cougar. I thought, "I'll catch him after a while." I'd see a place, and I'd run up on a high place, and look all around like that, and peep around, see if I could see him; listen real close, and get down, slip down again. You could hear the brush go crashing, way ahead of him as he going out. See, he was hitting the trees then so I couldn't trail him, See, he got smart, got up in the trees and jumping from tree to tree. Then he knowed I couldn't trail him there. Oh, I thought, "Oh, anyhow!"

And I started back up the canyon, and I whiffed a bear, an old male bear. I thought, "I'll get him now, boy, that's good!" I whiffed again, and I went a little farther, and I watched for all kinds of signs and everything. I couldn't see a thing; turned back down, and went back down the other side of the mountain. And then I begin to notice, getting a little foggy. And I'd whiff again, he was in the air somewhere. I said, "No. Now, what happened, the wind was coming this a-way, and I caught the bear whiff come from this down that way, and I've crossed around now and the wind's coming from this other direction. So I have to go back to where I smelled the bear the first time, and take it from there."

Foot Prints Book - Page 166

And on my road back, I looked across the canyon, I seen the bushes move. And when I did, something black moved. I thought, "There he is." I throwed a shell up in the gun, real quick, and stood still. And, when it did, it was a great big buck, great big one. I thought, "That's just what I was wanting, anyhow." Shot the buck.

I thought, "Well!" I never noticed it was kind of... Time I got him fixed up, looked... I cleaned off my hands and fixed my knife, put it back. And I thought, "Praise God! Thank you, Lord Jesus, You've give me my winter's meat. Praise be to God!" And I got my gun. I thought, "I'll go right back up the canyon here now." I said, "Look at here, boy, storm's coming. I better get out of here and get back over to Meda and them." I said, "I have to hurry."

Up the canyon I went, unbuttoned my big red coat, and I was running up the canyon like this, around. The first thing you know, I thought, "My, where did I turn off at?" Wind was already down, the trees lapping together. I thought, "Where did I turn off at?" I went around. I--I knowed I was going right straight to Hurricane Mountain. But I happened to stop, and I was sweating, I thought, "What's the matter here? I've been gone a half hour, or three quarters, and I can't find that place I turned off." I looked up, and there hung my deer. I was right at the same place. I thought, "Well, what did I do?"

Well, I took off again. I thought, "I'll make it this time, I just wasn't noticing." I watched every little move everywhere, watching. I kept searching, searching, searching. Them clouds coming, I know a snowstorm was on the road, fog hanging low, and then I begin to notice. I thought, "I'll go a little further," went on, on, on, on, on, on, on. And I thought, "Well, this is strange, look like I've seen this place before." And I looked, and there hung my deer. See?

You know what I was on? The Indians call it the "death walk." See, you're walking in a circle, round and around. Well, I thought I was too good a guide to ever be lost. See, nothing had to tell me the woods, I knowed my way around. See?

And I started off again. I said, "I can't make this mistake." And I come back again.

Foot Prints Book - Page 167

I moved up the canyon a little piece, then it had done started blowing. Oh, my, snow everywhere! Almost towards dark. And I knew that Meda would die that night in the wilderness, she didn't know how to take care of herself. And Billy was just about four years old, three years old, just a little bitty thing. And I thought, "What will they do?" Well, I got up this far and I hit some moss bed, I thought, "I'm in a flat somewhere, and I can't see nothing, it's all foggy." I was going around now.

Ordinarily, I'd have found me a place and hold up, if I had somebody with me. I'd hold up and wait till the storm was over, a day or two, and come on out. Cut my piece of deer... over my back, and went in, eat, and forgot about it. But you can't do that, and your wife and baby laying up there in the woods, perishing. See?

So I begin to think, "What can I do?" So I went a little farther. And I thought, "Now, wait. When I crossed over that first valley, the wind was in my face, so I must have come this a-way. I've got to come this way." And I had wandered way down in the giants, but I didn't know where I was at. I said, "Oh! I begin to get nervous. And I thought, "Wait a minute, Bill, you're not lost," trying to bluff myself. You can't bluff it. No, no. That inner conscience tells you you're wrong.

Oh, you--you try to say, "Oh, I'm saved, I go to church." Don't you worry, you wait till that deathbed comes, and you'll know it's different. Your conscience tells you. Something inside of you tells you you're wrong. See? You know if you'd die you couldn't meet a holy God. As we seen Him last night, even the holy Angels have to veil their face to stand before Him. How are you going to stand outside the Blood of Jesus Christ to veil you?

I thought, "Oh, I'll make it." I started on. And I found out I kept hearing Something. Then I got nervous. And I thought, "Now, if I do that, I'm going to go to pieces." That's usually what a lose man does, he goes to pieces in the woods. Then he will take his gun, shoot himself; or fall over a ditch and break his leg, and there he lays, he will die there. So I thought, "What am I going to do?" So I started walking on.

And I kept hearing Something saying, "I'm a very present Help in a time of trouble." And I just kept walking on.

I thought, "Now, I know I'm getting...?... off now, I can hear the voice talk to me." I kept going on. And it, "whew, whew, whew," whistling, you know. I thought, "Now, I'm not lost. You know where you're at, boy! What's the matter with you? You can't get lost. You're--you're too good a hunter, you can't get lost." Self-bragging, you know, making myself bluff myself through.

Foot Prints Book - Page 168

You can't bluff it. Way down here there's a little wheel turning, saying, "Boy, you're lost and you know you are. See, you're lost."

I kept moving on. "Oh, I'm not lost! I'll be all right. I'll find my way out." Things begin to look funny, winds close. Snow begin to flying, the little hominy snow, we call it "spitting down." And I thought of wife and baby. I'm not... I thought, "Oh, my!"

Directly I heard That again, said "I'm a very present Help in a time of trouble." I was a minister of the Gospel then, preaching right here at the Tabernacle.

So I thought, "Well, what can I do?" I stopped, looked everywhere, and there was fog already down now. I... That was it. Nothing could be done then. I thought, "Oh, what can I do?" I thought, "Sir, I'm not fit to live, I've had too much self-confidence. I thought I was a hunter, but I'm not."

And, brother, I've always trusted Him. Shooting, I've got records up there, And a fisherman, I'm a poor one, but I've always trusted Him. Shots, I'm a poor shot, but He's let me make world records on it. See? Shoot deer, seven, eight hundred yard. Got a gun up there killed thirty-five head of game without missing a shot with it. Just read that anywhere. if you can. See? Not me, it's Him. I've trusted Him.

There I was, I thought, "What can I do? What can I do?"

I Kept... That getting closer, closer, "I'm a very present help in a time of trouble, a very present Help."

I thought, "Is that God talking to me?" I took off my hat. I had my patrol hat, red handkerchief wrapped around it. I laid it down. Took off my coat, it was moist. And I laid my coat down, set my gun up against the side of a tree. I said, "Heavenly Father, now I'm getting beyond myself, I'm hearing a voice speaking to me. Is that you?" I said, "Lord, I'm going to admit to You that I ain't no hunter. I ain't, I--I can't find my way around. You have to help me. I'm not fit to live, and doing the things that I've done, coming in here and thinking I knowed too much about it to ever get lost. I need You, Lord. My wife is a good woman. My baby, my little boy, his mother's gone on, and she's trying to be mother to him, and I've just married her. And here she is, a kid, there in the woods, they'll both die tonight. That wind, it'll turn down about ten below zero, and they won't know how to live. They'll die tonight. Don't let them die, God. Take me to them, so that I can see that they don't die. I'm lost! I'm lost, God! I--I can't find my way around. Won't you please help me? And forgive me for my own self-centered way! I can't do nothing without You, You're my Guide. You help me, Lord."

Foot Prints Book - Page 169

I got up, and I Said, "Amen." Picked up my handkerchief; my coat, picked it up; put my hat back on; picked up my gun. I said, "Now I'll fix myself in the very best way that I know how to go, the very best of my understanding; and I'll go straight one way, 'cause I'm walking around a circle somewhere, I don't know where. But I'll go the way You tell me, Lord God, my Guide."

I started walking this way. I said, "This is it, and I have to make myself believe it. I'm going this a-way. I'm going straight this a-way. I'm not going to vary, I'm going this a-way. I know I'm right. I'm going this a-way." If I'd have went that way, I'd a-headed off over in Canada. See?

Just then I felt Something touch me on the shoulder, a hand, it felt like a man's hand, so quick that I turned around to look. There was nobody standing there. I thought, "What was that?" Here's the Bible laying before me, God, my Guide and Judge is standing here. I just looked up. And right back this a-way, that fog just cleared back till I could see the tower on top of Hurricane Mountain. Going right straight away from it, the best of my hunting ability, I was going away from it, getting real late in the evening then. I turned real quick, directing myself like this. I took hold of my hat and raised up my hands, I said, "Guide me over, God, You're my Guide."

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