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And they was a--a real poor people. And a very attractive young girl come to the door, rather poorly dressed, and she--she said, "What did you want?"

And I said, "Would you try the water, to see if it's off?"

And she said, "Yes, sir." And she went, and she said, "No, the water is still on."

I said, "Thank you."

And her mother, laying on bed, her name was Mrs. Mary Der Ohanian, and they, she was Armenian. Her boy played fullback, I believe it was, on the New Albany football team. And she had her daughter was in High School, her name was Dorothy. And she said, Dorothy said to me, "Aren't you that man of God that had that healing here in the hospital the other day? My mother wishes to speak to you. And I went in. And she told me that... She was laying, crippled, and she had been crippled in the bed, seventeen years since this girl was born. And so the girl was seventeen. And so I told her that... She said, "Are you that man of God that healed that man?"

Foot Prints Book - Page 142

I said, "No, ma'am, I'm not a healer. I just--I just merely pray for the--the sick man, was showed by Something that told me." I didn't know what to call it, a vision or what. I didn't know what it was yet, I was just a boy and single and everything. And so there was just this lady, asked me for prayer for her. And I told her to let me pray first, and then if the Lord showed me to come back.

And then when I went out to pray, I got Brother George, and I said, "That's that woman that I--I was telling you that I prayed about. I know it's the same woman. Go with me."

And we went up there to--to offer prayer, and so this little seventeen-year-old girl, and of course, me just a young boy, and she had a brother about six, eight years old, something like that. And there was a Christmas tree, it was right after Christmas, standing in the house. And they got behind this Christmas tree to laugh at me... to make their mother well. I told her that the Lord was going to heal her. And I...

Brother George and I got down to pray, and when I started to pray, well, that Angel that I see, that you see in the picture, I seen it hanging over the bed. Well, I reached over and took a hold of her hand, and I said, "Mrs. Ohanian." Now, she lives in New Albany right now, her and her husband, family. And I said, "Mrs. Ohanian, the Lord Jesus has sent me, and told me before coming to pray for you and you was going to be made well. Rise up on your feet and be made well, in the Name of Jesus." Her legs was drawed up under her. She, with an Armenian Bible over her heart, started moving towards the side of the bed. And as she did, she...

Then Satan spoke to me, said, "You let her hit that floor, she will break her neck, off that high bed." I was scared for a moment.

And I had always knowed that what them visions (I didn't know what it was then) had told me, was always right. So I went ahead, anyhow, and let her come off the bed. And God being my witness, as soon as she started to jump from that bed, both legs come straight. Her daughter screamed, pulling her hair, and running out into the street, screaming as loud as she could. Neighbors come from everywhere. And there she was, for the first time for seventeen years, walking around in that room, praising God.

Visions, September 30, 1960

Foot Prints Book - Page 143


Not long after that, a few weeks, I was in my mother's house one evening, and I had been praying that day, and I--I just simply couldn't seem to break through to--to victory in my prayer. And I--I thought I'd just stay all... You know, go ahead to bed. I was staying at home at that time. And so I went into the--the room to--to pray, and it was about one o'clock in the morning, I guess. And I prayed. And, all at once, I looked. And Mama, she used to take her clothes, just pile them in a chair, you know, we were real poor people.

And I looked, something white coming to me, and I thought I was looking at that chair of clothes. But it was that Angel of the Lord, that--that cloud, you know, and it come over to where I was. And I--and I was standing in a room, a little what we call a shotgun house, little, straight house, two rooms in it. And it had red wainscoting up here for the side, you see. There was a little iron poster bed to my right side. There was a black-headed woman standing against the--the one room went out into the kitchen, she was standing against that kitchen door, a weeping. There was a father standing to me, that had brought me a baby, that something had been laying on its little chest. And one, its left leg, was wound around till it was laying up against its little body, and the right leg wind by it, vice versa. Both arms wound up, too, against its body, and its little body was twisted and wound up till it right here at his neck. And I wondered, "What does this mean?" And I looked, sitting down to my left, and there set an old woman, taking her glasses off, and wiping them, from tears or something on her glasses. To my right, on a red duofold, which was a match to the chair, set a young blond-headed boy with curly hair, looking out the window. And I looked, standing way over to my right, and there stood in... that Angel of the Lord, and He said to me, "Can this baby live?"

And I said, "Sir, I don't know."

He said, "Lay your hands across it, it shall live."

And I--I did. And the baby had jumped down off the... out of the arms of the father. And the little right leg untwisted, and the right side untwisted, right arm untwisted. It made another step, and the other side untwisted. Made another step, and the other side untwisted, the body, middle part untwisted. And he put his little hands in mine, and said, Brother Branham, "I'm perfectly whole." The little baby was wearing blue corduroy coveralls, or overalls, little bibed overalls, and he had brown hair and a little bitty tiny mouth.

And then the Angel of the Lord told me He was taking me somewhere else. And I was carried way away, and He sat me down by the side of an old graveyard, and showed me the numbers on a tombstone near a church, and he said, "This will be your directing place." He carried me into another place, and there was, looked like it had been, a little town with about two stores in it, and one had a yellow front, yellow bordering on the walls. And I walked up there, or stood there. And there was an old man coming out, with a blue corduroy jacket on, or blue jean jacket and blue overalls with a yellow corduroy cap, and he had a big white mustache. He said, "He will show you the way."

Foot Prints Book - Page 144

And the next time I come to, I saw I was walking into a room following a rather heavyset young woman. And as I entered the door, the figures and the paper on the wall, were red. Up over the door had a sign, "God bless our home." There was a big old brass poster bed laying to my right side and a chunk stove sitting at the left. And over in a corner laid a girl of about fifteen years old, and she had had polio or something that had drawed her right leg up, and her foot turned sideways and was drawed under. And she--and she looked like a boy, only she had hair like a girl. And she had heart-shaped lips like a girl. And He said to me, "Can that girl walk?"

And I said, "Sir, I do not know."

He said, "Go put your hands across her stomach."

Then I thought it was a boy, sure enough, because Him having me put my hands across her stomach. I did as He told me. And I heard somebody say, "Praise the Lord."

And I looked up, and when I did, this girl was raising up, and when she raised up, the pajamas she had on, her pajama leg come up and it showed a round knee like a girl's knee, and not knotty, you know, like the boy's knee, and I knew it was a girl. And she had on her pajamas, and she come walking to me, combing her hair, she was blond, combing her hair. The girl lives in Salem today, married and got three or four children, and her mother and father still there also.

And so I--I--I come to. And I could hear somebody saying, "Brother Branham," or "Brother Bill! Oh, Brother Bill!" And my mother was calling.

And I thought I'd hear one one way, coming out of that vision, you know, kind of droggy, and I said, "What do you want, Mom?"

And in the next room where she was sleeping, and she said, "There's somebody knocking at your door."

And I heard it, "Brother Bill?" And I opened the door, it was a man stepped in. His name was John Emil, he lives in Miami, Florida now. And he said, "Brother Bill, you don't remember me?

And I said, "No, I don't believe I do."

Foot Prints Book - Page 145

Said, "You baptized me and my family, but" said "I took a road that's wrong." He said, "I killed a man here sometime ago, hit him with my fist and broke his neck in a fight." Said, "I've lost one of my little boys, the oldest one." And said, "The youngest one is laying home, dying now." And said, "The doctor of the city here had just left, and said, 'The child has double pneumonia, and it just barely can get its breath.'" And said, "I--I--I--I just... You come on my heart, and wonder if you'd come and have prayer with it." And said, "Now, as you know, I'm a cousin to Graham Snelling." Which, Graham Snelling, the Reverend Graham Snelling now, had not become a minister at that time, a nice Christian boy. He said, "He's my cousin. I'm going down to get him, which lives about a half a mile from me, down in the city." And said, "I'm going down to get him. And will you go up?"

I said, "Yes, Mr. Emil, as soon as I put my clothes on."

And so he said, "I'll take my car, and take you up."

And I said, "All right."

Said, "Soon as I get Graham, and I want you all to pray for the baby."

And I said, "All right."

So then I went to getting ready. And mother said, "What was the matter?"

I said, "There's a little baby to be healed."

And so she said, "Healed?"

And I said, "Yes, mother." And so I said, "I'll tell you more about it when I come back." So, in a few moments, he knocked at the door, and Brother Graham was with him.

We were going up here by what we know as the boat-yard now, which was the old Howard Shipyard at the time. I said, "Mr. Emil, do you... where do you live at now?"

He said, "In above Utica."

I said, "You live in a little, what we call shotgun house, little two room."

"Yes, sir."

"Sets on a hill."

"Yes, sir," He said.

And I said, "Your--your baseboard here is made out of tongue and groove, and it's painted red."

He said, "That's right."

I said, "The little baby is laying in an iron poster bed, and he does have, in the house at least, a pair of blue corduroy overalls."

Said, "He has them on."

And I said, "And the baby is tiny fellow, about three years old, and he's also got a little tiny mouth, little bitty thin lips, and he's got light brown hair."

He said, "That's the truth."

I said, "Mrs. Emil is a black-headed woman, and in this room you have a red duofold, and a red chair."

He said, "Was you ever there, Brother Branham?"

And I said, "Just a while ago."

"A while ago?" he said.

I said, "Yes."

"Why," he said, "I never seen you."

I said, "No, it was spiritually." I said, "Mr. Emil, you heard me tell, if I baptized you, of things that happens to me. I see things before it happens."

He said, "Yes. Did something like that happen to you, Brother Branham?"

I said, "Yes, sir, Mr. Emil. Ever what It was that told me, has never told me a lie. Your baby's going to be healed when I get there."

Foot Prints Book - Page 146

And he stopped the car, fell over the wheel, said, "God, be merciful to me. Take me back, O Lord." See? "And I promise You, to live for You the rest of my days, if You're going to spare my baby's life." And there he gave his heart to Christ.

We moved into the house all excited about him, a soul being brought back to Christ. When we--when we went into the house, there laid everything just exactly the way it was, only the old woman wasn't there. Excitable, so excited, I said, "Bring me the baby." And the baby just barely living. See, that winding up, was the life going out of the baby. It was just wound to here, its little throat. And I said, "Bring me the baby," not waiting for the vision to fulfill. Brother Vayle, if this pad was supposed to be laying here, I can't say a word till that pad is laid there. See, it has to be just the way it's showed me. So I said, "Bring me the baby."

And the daddy brought the baby to me, and I prayed for it, and it got worse. So I thought, "Now, something." It really lost its breath, and they had to fight and shake and everything to get breath in it. I thought, "Now, there's something wrong." And I happened to think, "Where's the old woman?" That wasn't there yet. So they taken the baby and laid it down and they was putting stuff under its nose, and everything, and crying, and the mother screaming hysterically, and everything, but the baby was just--just barely breathing. I thought, "Well, through my--my stupidity, I have mis-used the vision of God, 'cause I never waited on it, being so over excited."

Foot Prints Book - Page 147

By this, you can see, Brother Vayle, why I wait. I don't care who tells me. I love you as my brother. But, brother, don't never try to tell me something to do when I--when I feel that I--I got the will of the Lord. See? No matter how well it looks the other way, I'll wait for Him. See? And--and so I--I learned a lesson right there, many, many, many years ago, and to do exactly what He says, and don't do it till He says it's ready to be done.

The baby was fighting for breath. Now, I couldn't tell them what I done, but I just had to wait. And I thought, "Maybe grace will override it, see, forgive me. Well, I went, set down. They fought for life of the baby till daylight. When day begin breaking, they thought the baby would just go at any minute.

Well, I set there, and they kept asking me, "Brother Branham, what must we do? Brother Bill," they called me, "what must I do?"

I said, "I don't know." See? I set there with my head down, saying, "Lord, please forgive me."

Well, and then it come daylight, Brother Graham Snelling had to go to work. So Mr. Emil had to take him, and I knowed I had to leave the house. And yet Brother Graham was supposed to be sitting there, 'cause he's got blond, curly hair, as you know. He was supposed to be sitting on this duofold. So I was sitting there where Brother Graham was supposed to be sitting, but the old woman wasn't there, there was no old woman at the place. So I set there. And so Mr. Emil got his coat on, then I knowed if Brother Graham left, hard telling when he'd ever be back. See? And then I knowed that even if the woman come, then Brother Graham wouldn't be there. So you see what kind of condition was in. And so Mr. Emil said, "Brother Branham, do you want to go? Or, Brother Bill, do you want to go home? Do you want me to take you down home?"

I said, "No, sir. I'll just wait, if you don't mind." I hated to say that, stay there in the house, just the baby and the mother and myself, 'cause they were young people. They... he was about twenty-five years old, I suppose, and I was about the same age. And I said, "No, I'll just-I'll just wait, if you don't mind."

He said, "It's all right, brother, Brother Bill."

And so the mother walking the floor, hysterically, and trying to... crying and everything, you know, and the baby was just worse. See? Just look like any minute... Just trying to catch its breath, like this, going, "Uh, uh." That's all the breath was in it. And nothing, they didn't have penicillin and things in them days, you see, so they just--they just put plasters on them and things like that. But the little baby had had it for several days, and it was gone, see, or going.

Foot Prints Book - Page 148

And then I--I set down there, I thought, "My, if Graham goes!"

Graham got his coat on, and he started to go out the door, and he said to his wife, he said, "Now, we'll be back just a minute."

And I thought, "O God, then I'll have to stay here all day, and maybe all night again, you see, waiting for that vision. What can I do?" And I looked out the window, and coming around the house come the baby's grandmother in there. I didn't learn later it was the grandmother. And she had on glasses. I thought, "This is it, Lord, if--if Graham just don't go out the door."

So she always come to the front door, but somehow, they don't even know to yet, but she went to the back door, come in the kitchen. And she walked in the kitchen, the little old house. And she got to the door, her daughter run over there and kissed her 'cause it was the daughter's mother, you know, and kissed her. And Brother Graham... And then she said, "Is the baby better?"

She said, "Mother, it's dying!" And she started screaming like that; and her mother, crying.

Then I thought, "If this will just work, now if Graham don't go out!" And I raised up, and I couldn't say nothing, you see, just wait. And Brother Graham walked around, and I got up so he could sit down. And he... and that was some of his relation, you see, so he just started crying, too, and set down on the duofold where they was supposed to be sitting.

I thought, "Now, if that old lady will just come around and sit down in this red chair." And I got back to the door where Mr. Emil was standing with his overcoat on, and ready to go out, real cold weather, blizzardy cold. And I thought... And the old lady set down in this chair, And Graham sat down, and ducked his head down. And the mother of the baby put her hand up over the door, and begin weeping. Just exactly the vision. And the old lady sat down, and instead of it being tears, altogether, on her glasses coming from the cold, it fogged them. And she reached in her little briefcase and got a little handkerchief out, and, or a little satchel, and started wiping these glasses. Brother, that was it!

I said to Mr. Emil, I said, "Mr. Emil, do you still have confidence in me as a servant of Christ?"

He said, "I sure do, Brother Branham."

I said, "I can tell you now. I spoke ahead of the vision, a while ago, that's why it didn't happen. If you still got confidence in me, go, bring me your baby." Oh, my! I seen it was right then, you see. "Go, bring me your baby."

He said, "I'll do anything you tell me to do, Brother Bill. I wouldn't be afraid to pick it up." Cause they'd picked it up, it just went, the breath altogether left it. Brought the little baby up to me, and reached and got it in his arms, brought it up to me and stood there.

Foot Prints Book - Page 149

I put my hand on it, said, "Lord, forgive the stupidity of Your servant." See. "I spoke ahead of Your vision. But now let it be known that You're God of heavens and earth."

No more than said that, the little baby throwed both arms around its daddy and begin screaming and crying, said "Daddy, I feel all right now." See?

I said, "Mr. Emil, let the little baby alone. It'll be three days before it leaves it, 'cause it made three steps, unwinding."

I went home and I told it in my church. And I said, "I'm going back." That was on Monday. I said, "Wednesday night before church I'm going up there." They was poor people, and we made them up a basket of groceries to take to them. So I said, "I want you all to go. And when I go there, and you get around the house, and when I come to that place to where that house is, you watch and see if that little baby don't come across the floor, with a little mustache made here where he's been drinking chocolate milk or something, see, and put his hands in mine, and say these words, 'Brother Bill, I'm perfectly whole,' this little three-year-old baby. Watch and see if it don't happen."

My wife now, Meda, way before we were married, though, she was in the bunch, and a truckload went and placed themselves around the house, see, to see me when I drove up in the old Public Service Company truck that I had at home that night. I didn't have any car of my own. Full of tar in the back, and things, you know, where I had been hauling it that day and fixing things. Drove up in front, stopped, and went up on the porch, knocked on the door. And they didn't have no rugs on the little old floor. And the mother come across the floor, said, "Why, it's Brother Bill," like that. And the people were looking in the windows at the time, to see what would happen. And in the corner, playing, was this little boy, the third day. I stopped, never said a word, and he come strolling across the floor, put his little hands up in mine, with the... been drinking chocolate milk, his little mustache-like across there, from the chocolate milk. Put his hands up in mine, Brother Bill, I'm perfectly whole."

That night at the church, I told it. I said, "There's a crippled girl somewhere that's needy." I said, "Church, I don't know what these things mean. I can't tell you."

And--and so I was working at the Public Service. And I remember, one day about a week after that, I started to leave the building, going out, and Mr. Herb Scott, lives here in the city right now, he was my boss. And he said... I started down, he said, Billy."

And I said, "Yes?"

Said, "Before you leave, I've got a letter here for you."

I said, "Okay, Herby, I'll pick it up in a minute."

Foot Prints Book - Page 150

And so I went over to get my other work I was checking up. So I went over to get my other work done, and when I--I did, I remembered that letter. And I went and got it, and I opened it up, it said, "Dear Mr. Branham," see, said, "my name is Nale, I'm Mrs. Harold Nale. We live at a place called South Boston." And said, "We are Methodists, by faith. And I happened to read a little book that you wrote, called, 'Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever,' a little pamphlet. And we were having prayer meeting in our house the other night, and we have heard of you having success, praying for the sick." And said, "I have an afflicted daughter, fifteen years old," said, "that's laying on the bed of affliction. And, somehow, I just can't get it off my mind," said, "I should have you to come pray for this girl. Would you please do it? Yours truly, Mrs. Harold Nale. South Boston, Indiana."

I said, "You know, that's the girl. That's her." I went home, told my mother. Told them about it, I said, "That--that's the girl."

And then, that night at church , I said to the church, I said, "Here's that-that-that-that place." I said, "Anybody know where South Boston is?"

And Brother George Wright, you all are acquainted with him, he said, "Brother Branham, it's, I think it's down in the south."

So the next day, two friends of mine, and my wife, which now is, and a man and his wife from Texas, their name was Brace, Ed Brace, he lives down here now, in below Milltown, farmer. He was a rancher out in the west and he had moved here to be close to the church, and I prayed for his wife, and she had been healed of the tubercular condition. And so he wanted to see this happen. I said, " You go with me, and see if it don't happen just this a way." So the lady had never seen a vision, Mrs.--Mrs. Brace. So my wife went with me, and Brother Jim Wisehart, the old elder, you remember the church there, the old deacon, he wanted to see it. And I just had a little old roadster then, and I piled them all in there, and we went down below New Albany. And I found this sign, and, I come to find out, it wasn't South Boston, it was New Boston. So then I didn't know where to go.

So I come back up to Jeffersonville, and asked somebody. And somebody went to the Post Office, they said, "South Boston is up above Henryville."

Foot Prints Book - Page 151

So I--I went up to Henryville and I asked there, and they said, "Turn off on this road, it's about fifteen miles, back where these knobs here, you find a little place. You'll be careful, you'll miss it," said, "because it's just one little store, and the store has got the post office and everything else in it. South Boston, over these knobs." There's seventeen thousand acres of them knobs in there, you see, and this was over behind, in the hills there.

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