Food Losses and Waste in the context of sustainable food systems

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Slow Food Italia
On May 25, 2013 more than 300 Italian Slow Food convivia hosted free events in piazzas across the country such as markets, tastings, meetings with producers and educational workshops to celebrate the Slow Food Day. This third national Slow Food Day was focused on raising awareness of food waste – and associated waste of energy, water, health and resources.
Slow Food Italia has published, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Environment, the booklet “Il nostro spreco quotidiano” ( addressed to consumers and the document “Towards a qualitative definition of waste” (Verso una definizione qualitativa dello spreco) stressing the difference between the qualitative definition based on the distinction between food losses and waste and the qualitative definition based on the assumption of food as a common good. See document attached (annex 3).
In collaboration with NextdoorHelp, SF Italy launched the first Italian food-sharing platform to fight against food waste while at the same time socialising with the neighbours.
In addition to various ad-hoc conferences and Disco salad events (the Italian version of the disco soup), it has developed a new Master of Taste on “leftovers cooking” and has recently been invited by the Italian Ministry of Environment to join the task force on food waste to work on the National Plan for food waste prevention.

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