Food Losses and Waste in the context of sustainable food systems

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Our partners
In 2010, within the “Torino spirtualità” festival, a conversation on food waste between Carlo Petrini, Slow Food president and founder, and Tristram Stuart, has been organised. At the end, followed a leftovers dinner for thousand people in Torino. Currently, Slow Food is among the organisers of a “Feeding the 5000” lunch in Brussels together with Tristram Stuart.
Slow Food collaborates with Last Minute Market Ltd. to address large-scale retailers in Italy. Last Minute Market Ltd. is a spin-off of the University of Bologna that enhances the recovery of unsold goods in favour of charities, offers services to enterprises and institutions in order to prevent and reduce waste production at its origin.
Currently, Slow Food has been involved in the stakeholders dialogue launched in the frame of the EU FUSIONS project (Food Use for Social Innovation by Optimising Waste Prevention Strategies).
Good practice by ‘Mundraub’ and ‘Marmelade für alle’ (Jam for all’) Slow Food Partners in Germany: young people collecting fruit, nuts, berries and herbs from trees along roadsides, from neglected orchards and making cider, jam and other products from it; there is a number of small businesses, mainly start-ups by young people using ‘culinary misfits’ or fruit and veg that isn’t ‘fit for the market’ because of its looks and size, but perfect in terms of food, nutritional value; also many volunteers’ activities, e.g. ‘garden associations’, working with children, schools using surplus of fruit & veg for preserving and selling it within schools or local food systems.

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