Following In the Footsteps of Faith On the Mountain of Absolute Surrender Genesis 22: 1-14

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Fairview Baptist Church

May 3, 2009

Following In the Footsteps of Faith

On the Mountain of Absolute Surrender

Genesis 22:1-14

Intro: This is one of the great mountain top passages of the Bible. In it, we find one of the clearest pictures of the coming sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary. It seems as though God used the life of Abraham as a canvas to pain a portrait of His Own heart as He willingly gave His Own darling Son to die for the sin of man. This is usually how we approach this passage. However, there is another dimension to this text.

I would like to look at this passage from Abraham's perspective. As I read the Bible, I am confronted with the truth that no other man was called upon to give so much. Yet, as Abraham's sacrifice to the Lord is offered, we do not see the heart of a devastated broken man. Instead, we see the heart of a worshiper! I believe there are lessons that we can learn from Abraham today.

As you and I pass through this life, there will be demands made on our lives by God. Often, these demands will call for personal and profound sacrifices on our part. From a human perspective, we may not want to participate in what God calls us to do. However, God's demand from your life and mine is total, absolute and unquestioning obedience to His perfect will. Even though we know this, there is still a part of us that wants to rebel against the command of God for our lives. Today, I would like for us to join Abraham as he climbs the lonely Mountain Of Absolute Surrender. There are steps we must take if we will climb that mountain. Let's join this great man of God on this mountain and see what it would take for us to be On The Mountain Of Absolute Surrender as well.


We must be in a position to hear God.

A. This Demands A Relationship

  • Abraham came to know the Lord back in Genesis chapter 12.

    • He wasn't perfect, but he knew the Lord.

  • How about you?

    • Have you been saved?

    • If so, then no doubt your relationship has been rocky too.

    • Be that as it may, there is still a relationship.

    • If you have not been saved, you need to bow to His will and be saved!

B. This Demands A Readiness

  • As soon as God speaks, Abraham responds!

    • This implies that he had been listening for the voice of His Lord, and he was not disappointed.

  • God is on the lookout for people who want to be in a deep, close relationship with Himself - John 4:23.

    • If you ever get hungry for the Lord, you will not be disappointed!

C. This Demands A Revelation

  • God revealed His plan for Abraham's life.

  • This was a necessary part of the process, for no man can know the mind of God until it is revealed to man by God.

1. Notice How God Defines His Commands

  • "your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love."

    • Abraham's son Ishmael had already been sent away.

    • Now, the command comes that would take Isaac away as well.

    • God was asking for everything Abraham had!

    • All his hopes, his dreams and his plans were bound up in Isaac.

    • God says "give it all to me!"

  • God wants nothing less than everything.

2. Notice How God Details His Commands

  • God was very precise about what Abraham was to do.

  • When God speaks, He may not reveal every detail of His plan, but your next step will always be made clear.

3. Notice How God Darkens His Commands

  • God does not explain the "why?" to men!

  • Does the "why?" even matter?

    • It shouldn't!

    • Faith knows that the path of God always leads to good for us and to glory for Him - Rom. 8:28.


As we observe Abraham doing what the Lord commanded, we see a man who is thoroughly prepared. There are three areas in which Abraham made his preparations.

A. His Hands Were Prepared (v. 3)

  • Abraham wasted no time, but got himself up and gathered everything he would need to do what God had commanded.

    • He left nothing out, but he took nothing extra!

  • There is an urgency to the commands of God.

    • The moment He calls is the moment you should act.

  • Procrastination has caused the death on many profound spiritual experiences.

    • We miss them because we hesitate.

  • Carpe Diem should be the rallying cry of the church!

  • Just a thought: If anything is worth doing for the Lord, it is worth doing right!

    • We should always refuse to build with cheap materials! 1 Cor. 3:12

B. His Head Was Prepared (vv. 4-5a)

  • Abraham had three days and three nights to think about what was about to happen.

  • To him, it must have made no sense at all, yet he did it without question!

  • All he knew was:

1.) Isaac was the future

2.) God wanted Isaac back!

  • Even though he couldn't make it add up mentally, by faith he was willing to obey God.

  • This is the key to consistent spiritual victory!

    • We are called to walk by faith.

    • God help us to come to the place where, even when God's commands make absolutely no sense, we will still obey Him without question or reservation!

C. His Heart Was Prepared (v. 5b)

  • Abraham knew why he was there.

    • He was there to offer his beloved son to God.

    • He was there to give everything that was present in that day and all that was promised for tomorrow.

    • Yet, he looked at it as a service of worship!

    • Abraham viewed God as being worthy of receiving all he had without question or without reservation.

    • How could he do this?

    • Because Abraham knew that God ALWAYS honors His Word.

  • This is the place God would have us all to come to!

    • He wants you and me in a place in life where no one or no thing in our lives is more precious to us than He is!

  • Can you honestly say that God is more important to you than anything else in life?

    • Be careful before you answer!

    • Have you honestly come to the place of total and absolute surrender to God?

    • If you ever do, you will learn that you have no rights, no possessions, no positions, nothing but Him and His will for your life.

  • Where are you in regard to this matter of total surrender?

  • Have you come to the place where nothing is more precious to God.


A. This Participation Is Personal ( v. 6)

  • Abraham personally placed the wood on Isaac.

    • He personally took the fire and the knife and he personally lead the way.

    • For Abraham, this was an event of personal commitment and sacrifice.

  • God has determined that you and I are to be personally and intimately involved in His service and worship - Rom. 12:1.

  • This kind of life was modeled by Caleb - Josh. 14

  • Jesus Himself is the supreme example.

  • Are you personally, intimately involved with God and His work?

  • God has a perfect, precious plan for your life.

  • Only your involvement will result in its being accomplished.

B. This Participation Is Profound (vv. 7-10)

  • Abraham willingly and completely obeyed the command of God.

    • He held nothing back!

    • He gave up everything he had longed for, lived for and loved at the simple command of God!

    • What and act of love and worship!

  • Have you come to that place in your life?

    • Do you even want to?

  • How could Abraham do this?

    • Easy! Isaac was already dead!

    • He died in verse 2 when of God asked for him.

    • That was the level of this man's commitment to the Lord!

    • And, that is the secret to arriving at the summit of the mountain of absolute surrender.

    • It's not about the altitude of the body, but it's all about the altitude of the heart!

    • Isaac had already been offered in Abraham's heart, the rest was mere window dressing!

Closing So, is everything you have and are totally, absolutely and completely surrendered to God? God isn't really interested in your Isaac's, it's you He wants! Does He have all of you there is to have?

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