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folder 17: Origin of Book of Mormon folder 18

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folder 17: Origin of Book of Mormon

folder 18: "The First Months of Mormonism: A Contemporary View by Rev. Diedrich Willers"

folder 19: Daniel P. Kidder, Mormonism and the Mormons (1842)

folder 20: James H. Kennedy, Early Days of Mormonism: Palmyra, Kirtland, and Nauvoo

folder 21: Charles E. Milliken, "The Beginnings of Mormonism" (1926)

folder 22: Joseph Smith, Jr's Activities (1805-1844)

folders 23-27: Dale L. Morgan, MS of History of the Mormon Church

folders 28-29: John Walker

folder 30: John Walker, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Joseph Smith and Magic"

box 155: Joseph Smith's Reputation (1823-1977)

folder 1: Stanley S. Ivins, Card Index on Book of Mormon

folder 2: James R. Clark, "Mormonism in the Eyes of the Press"

folder 3: Money Diggers

folders 4-5: Joseph Smith and Money Digging

folder 6: Notes and Footnotes to BYU Studies Vol. 24, No. 4

folder 7: Money Digging Agreement (1825)

folder 8: Frank S. Harvey, The Money Diggers, The True Story of Buried Treasure in Brisol, Vermont (1970)

folder 9: Georgius Agricola, De Re Metallic (1912)

folder 10: David J. Whittaker, "Almanacs in the New England Heritage of Mormonism"

folder 11: Almanacs of the United States compiled by Milton Drake (1823-1962)

folder 12: Western Almanack , ... 1831, Rochester [N.Y.]

folder 13: Stephen Greene, "Money Diggers" (1969)

folder 14: Hon. Judge Thompson, May Martin; or, The Money Diggers, A Green Mountain Tale (1841)

folder 15: Alan Taylor, "The Early Republic's Supernatural Economy" (1780-1830)

folder 16: Ronald Whittacker, "American Treasure Digging: A Persisting Idea," MHA (1985)

folder 17: Myths and Legends of Our Own Lord (1896)

folder 18: Washington Irving, Tales of A Traveller Part IV. The Money-Diggers (1825)

folder 19: Sarah J. Hale, Traits of American Life (1835)

folder 20: John Butler, "Magic, Astrology, and the Early American Religious Heritage" (1600-1979)

folder 21: Gerald T. Hurley, "Buried Treasure Tales in America" (1951)

folder 22: Dorothy Dengler, "Tales of Buried Treasure in Rochester" (1946)

folder 23: Wayland D. Hand, "The Quest for Buried Treasure" and article in Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought

folder 24: Herbert Leventhal, In the Shadow of the Enlightenment (1976)

folder 25: Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic (1971)

folder 26: George H. Harris, "Myths of Ononda" (ca. 1887)

folders 27-28: Byrd Howell Granger, A Motif Index for lost mines and treasures applied to redaction of Arizona legends, and to lost mine and treasure legends exterior to Arizona (1977)

folder 29: Clark Jillson, Green Leaves from Whitingham, Vermont, (Silas Hamilton) (1894)

folder 30: A History of the Divining Rod with the Adventures of an old Rodsman (1850)

folders 31-34: Material on Witching, Magic

box 156: Joseph Smith's Reputation (1947-1980)

folder 1: Address by Charles C. Richards (1947)

folder 2: Miner's Hill

folders 3-5: Rodmen & Money Diggers

folders 6-7: Cumorah

folder 8: Paul Thomas Smith, "Hill Cumorah Cave Story" (1980)

folders 9-11: Walters; Luman Walters

folders 12-14: Alvah Beman & Samuel Lawrence

folders 15-18: The Chase Seer Stone

folder 19: Ogden Kraut, "Seer Stones"

folders 20-22: Alvin Smith

box 157: Accounts of Joseph Smith and Documents of New York (1737-1988)

folders 1-3: Joel King Noble Letter and notes; article by W. P. Walters (1842)

folder 4: Oliver Harper

folder 5: Articles on early New York in Ensign

folder 6: Rose, Wayne Co., New York

folders 7-8: Chenango County, New York

folder 9: Isaac Bullard and the Vermont Pilgrims (1817)

folder 10: Binghamton, Broome Co., New York

folders 11-12: Salt Deposits in Penn. & New York

folder 13: Willard Bean, A.B.C. History of Palmyra (1938)

folders 14-17: Thomas L. Cook, Palmyra and Vicinity reprint (1930)

folders 18-20: Mary Cleora Dear, Two Hundred Thirty-Eight Years of the Whitmer Family (1737-1976)

folder 21: Rhamanthus M. Stocker, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania (1887)

folders 22-26: Transcript of Bills of Justices of the Peace and Constables for Bainbridge (1820-1988)

folders 27-28: Arrangement of Bills of Justices of the Peace and Constables for Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York (1820-1988)

box 158: Legal Documents of New York (1813-1988)

folder 1: Transcript of the Assessment Roll of the Town of Bainbridge, County of Chenango, State of New York (1826-1988)

folders 2-10: A New Conductor Generalis (1819)

folders 11-17: Thomas G. Waterman, The Justice's Manual (1825-1829)

folder 18: Trip to New York, H. Michael Marquardt (1988)

folder 19: Laws of New York

folders 20-22: Laws of the State of New York (1813-1830)

box 159: Legal Documents, Almanacs and Articles (1797-1982)

folders 1-4: Notes on New York Laws etc.

folder 5: Bills cut up for Arrangement (1820-1830)

folder 6: Record of Election Returns (1827-1833)

folder 7: David McClain, Copies of documents received from Office of History, County of Chenango (1982)

folder 8: Genealogy of the Bridgman Family (1894)

folder 9: Stowell Genealogy (1922)

folder 10: History and Genealogy of the Pearsall Family in England and America (1928)

folders 11-12: Farmer's Almanack (1814-1820); Year without a Summer (1814-1820)

folders 13-14: David M. Lundlum, The Vermont Weather Book; Farmer's Almanac - Boston (1813-1985)

folders 15-16: Norwich, Vt.; A Record of Strangers who are warned out of Town (1813-1817)

folder 17: Warning Out of Town - 1816 Joseph Smith Sr.

folders 18-21: John Henry Benton, Warning Out in New England (1911)

folder 22: Tunbridge, Vt.

folder 23: Royalton, Vt. (1809-1811)

folder 24: Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, Vt.) (1814-1820)

folder 25: New Hampshire Sentinel (1817-1819)

folder 26: Town of Lebanon, N.H., Assessor Records (1813-1815)

folder 27: Oath of Office, E. B. Grandin; Deeds, Ontario Co.; Farmington Town Minutes; Zachariah Seymour (1797-1819)

folders 28-29: Peter Bauder, The Kingdom and Gospel of Jesus Christ (1834)

box 160: Newspaper Articles (1811-1888)

folder 1:

folders 2-11: Newspaper articles (1811-1834)

folders 12-15: The Reflector Palmyra, New York (1829-1831)

folder 16: Henry O'Rielly

folders 17-18: A. B. Deming, Naked Truths About Mormonism (1888)

folder 19: James Gordon Bennett's 1831 Report on "The Mormonites"

folder 20: Republican Monitor , (Freemasonry), Cazenovia, N.Y. (1828)

folder 21: Evangelical Inquirer (1830-1831)

folder 22: Last Will and Testament of Mary S. Whitney

folders 23-24: E.D. Howe, Mormonism Unvailed; The Susquehanna and Northern Pennsylvanian Register; Baptist Register (1834)

folders 25-26: Statements in Mormonism Unvailed E.D. Howe (1834)

box 161: Reputation and Accounts of Joseph Smith (1832-1989)

folders 1-5: LaMar Petersen, "Controversies in Mormonism" (ca. 1950s)

folders 6-9: LaMar Petersen, Book Reviews and Letters

folder 10: LaMar Petersen, Word of Wisdom, Hearts Made Glad

folders 11-13: Church History in the Fulness of Times (1989)

folder 14: Accounts of Joseph Smith's Experiences

folder 15: Richard P. Howard, "An Analysis of Six Contemporary Accounts Touching Joseph Smith's First Vision" (1977)

folders 16-17: November Account (1832)

folders 18-19: Edward Stevenson (1834)

folder 20: Martha Cragun Cox

folder 21: Joseph Curtis (1834)

folder 22: Oliver Cowdery's Letters (1834-1835)

folder 23: Account(s) (1835)

folder 24: "History of Joseph Smith," Account (1838-1839)

folder 25: Biography and Journal of William I. Appleby (1839-1948)

box 162: The First Vision and Other Articles (1809-1988)

folder 1: Orson Pratt & Orson Hyde Accounts (1840-1842)

folder 2: The Wentworth Letter (1842)

folder 3: June Account (1843)

folder 4: New York Spectator (1843)

folder 5: Diary of Alexander Neibaur (1844)

folder 6: An Original History of the Religious Denominations At Present Existing in the United States ...(1844)

folder 7: Lucy Mack Smith

folder 8: Robert Chambers, History of the Mormons

folders 9-10: Accounts by William Smith

folder 11: William Smith on Mormonism (1883)

folder 12: James B. Allen, Articles

folders 13-15: Articles by Milton V. Backman Jr.

folder 16: Ian G. Barber, "Early Mormon Theophanies and the Quest for Religious Authority" (1986)

folder 17: Gregory L. Kofford, "The First Vision: Doctrinal Development and Analysis" (1988)

folders 18-20: Early Accounts of Visions (1821-1833)

folder 21: The Life, Conversion, Preaching, Travels, and Sufferings of Elias Smith (1816)

folder 22: Targum of the 1820 Vision (1820)

folders 23-25: Notes on Joseph Smith's First Vision

folders 26-28: Accounts of First Vision

box 163: Articles on the First Vision and Records of Other Denominations (1819-1848)

folders 1-2: Studies of First Vision

folders 3-7: First Vision Controversy

folder 8: Wesley P. Walters, Update on New Light etc. Revival and First Vision material

folder 9: Journal of Discourses on First Vision

folder 10: Booklets on the "1820 Revival" (1820)

folders 11-12: Church Records of Palmyra Area

folder 13: Methodist Church in Palmyra

folder 14: Rev. George Lane

folder 15: Methodist Minutes

folder 16: Methodist Episcopal Church in U.S.

folders 17-18: Minutes of the Ontario Baptist Association (1819-1830)

folders 19-20: History of the Purchase and Settlements of Western New York ... Presbyterian Church(1848)

box 164: Census and Other Records, Accounts and Maps (1809-1886)

folder 1: Henry Jessup

folder 2: Charles Buck, History of the Presbyterian Church in U.S.

folders 3-4: Palmyra Presbyterian Church notes

folder 5: Presbyterial Reports to the Synod of Geneva (1818-1828)

folder 6: Presbytery Reports (1819-1826)

folders 7-8: Palmyra Revival, Wesley P. Walters

folders 9-11: Revival Accounts from Periodicals of the day

folder 12: Horace Eaton

folder 13: M. P. Blakeslee, "Notes for a History of Methodism in Phelps" (1886)

folder 14: Schroeder Collection, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

folder 15: Miscellaneous Articles

folder 16: Randolph, Vermont Records

folder 17: Royalton Town Records, Royalton, Vermont (1809-1811)

folder 18: Tunbridge, Vermont Records

folder 19: Sharon, Vermont Records

folders 20-21: Mack Farm in Sharon, Vermont

folder 22: Moor's School Records, Darmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

folder 23: Phelps & Gorham Purchase

folder 24: Maps of Palmyra etc. with Locations of Lots & Names (1820)

folders 25-27: Census of Farmington, Palmyra, Lyons, Sodus, Rose, New York & Alphabetical Listing of Wayne Co. (1810-1830)

folders 28-29: Account Book of Lemuel Durfee (1825-1829)

box 165: Assessment Records and Account Books of New York (1809-1843)

folders 1-2: Account Book of Lemuel Durfee (1817-1829)

folder 3: Palmyra Presbyterian Church (1824-1825)

folder 4: Presbyterian Church in Palmyra, N.Y. Session Records Vol. 2 (1830)

folders 5-9: Book of Records For the first Baptized Church in Palmyra and Minutes (1809-1832)

folder 10: Nathan Pierce Docket Book, copies of pages and color photos

folders 11-16: Nathan Pierce Docket Book (1826-1830)

folder 17: Manchester, N.Y. Overseers of Highway Lists (1827-1836)

folder 18: Manchester Assessment Records (1830)

folder 19: Mis. Notes including Farmington/Manchester Assessment records

folders 20-22: Assessment Roll, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1813-1843)

folder 23: Zechariah Tarble Docket Book, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1822-1826)

folder 24: Bills, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1820)

box 166: Bills, Court Records, Writings and Articles (1796-1937)

folders 1-12: Bills, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1821-1830)

folder 13: Certified copy of Bills, Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N.Y. (1826-1839)

folder 14: Albert Neely, R.W. Juliand, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1826)

folder 15: Albert Neely Bill, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1826)

folder 16: Albert Neely, Philip M. De Zeng Bills (Color Photographs) (1826)

folder 17: Z. Tarble, Joseph P. Chamberlin, Arad Stowel, Philip De Zeng Bills, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1826)

folder 18: Philip M. De Zeng Bill, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1826)

folder 19: Joseph P. Chamberlin Bill, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1826)

folder 20: Z. Tarble Bill, Bainbridge, N.Y. (1826)

folder 21: Supervisor's Journal, Chenango County, N.Y. (1826)

folder 22: Joseph P. Chamberlin, Ebenezar Hatch Bills, Bainbridge, N.Y.; Supervisor's Journal, Chenango Co., N.Y., Minutes (1830)

folder 23: Letter of Asael Smith to Zaccheus Gould, 1788; Letter of Asael Smith to Jacob Town (1796)

This folder contains a photocopy.

folder 24: Copy of Don Carlos Smith's family record

folder 25: Commonwealth vs Jason Treadwell, Indict for Murdering Oliver Harper, in the Township of Harmony (1824)

folder 26: Court of Special Sessions, Wayne Co., N.Y. (circa 1827-1829)

folder 27: Card file on name "Joseph Smith" in Historical Society of Pennsylvania

folder 28: Accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision

folder 29: Account of Martin Harris' trip to Anthon

folder 30: Letter of John Sherer, Colesville (1830)

folder 31: Pages from Braden - Kelley Debate (1884)

folder 32: S. H. Goodwin, Additional Studies in Mormonism and Masonry (1927)

folder 33: Moyle Q. Rice, "The Language and Style of the Book of Mormon" (1937)

box 167: Oversized Materials (1988)

folder 1: Drawing of the City Plat of Zion

folder 2: Farmington Township, Macedon Township, Manchester Township, Palmyra Township

folder 3: Maps of Macedon, Palmyra, Farmington, and Manchester Townships

This folder contains several maps with names of owners from 1820 assessment records.

folder 4: Harry Anderson, "Modern Artistic Conception of the Conception of the Prophet Joseph Smith"

folder 5: Frank D. Miller, Painting of Brigham Young (1988)

folder 6: Dale Broadhurst, Palmyra, Wayne County, Manchester, Ontario County, Macedon, Wayne County, Farmington, New York Township Maps

box 168: H. Michael Marquardt, Articles and Publications (1978-1989)

folders 1-4: "An Appraisal of Manchester as the Church Organization Locale" (1989)

folder 5: "April 6, 1830: The Church Was Organized in Manchester, New York" (1989)

folder 6: "Early Nineteenth Century Events Reflected in the Book of Mormon"

folders 7-11: "Hyrum Smith and the Organization of the Mormon Church" (1987-1989)

folder 12: "A Tanner Bibliography, 1959-1983" (1984)

folder 13: "The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon" (1978)

folder 14: The World of the Lord , Table of Contents

box 169: H. Michael Marquardt and Wesley P. Walters, Publications (1982-1994)

folders 1-5: The Book of Mormon's Use of Biblical Texts , Manuscript and Notes (1982)

folders 6-8: Inventing Mormonism: Tradition and the Historical Record (1994)

folders 9-12: Mormon Origins (1991)

box 170: H. Michael Marquardt and Wesley P. Walters, Publications (1987-1993)

folders 1-4: Mormon Origins , Manuscript and Notes (1987-1993)

folders 5-8: Mormon Origins , Printout Draft

box 171: Articles, Papers, and Reviews (1967-1997)

folder 1: Steven G. Barnett (1974-1984)

folders 2-3: Lisle G. Brown (1997-1998)

folder 4: Donald Q. Cannon (1982)

folder 5: Lyndon W. Cook

folder 6: Andrew Ehat (1983)

folder 7: Robert Flanders (1971-1974)

folder 8: William G. Hartley, Ronald W. Walker, Ronald K. Esplin (1977-1989)

folder 9: Van Hale (1977-1984)

folder 10: Dean C. Jessee (1989)

folder 11: Bob Mesle (1979-1991)

folder 12: David Noeleon (1988-1994)

folders 13-14: Gregory A. Prince (1986)

folder 15: Harry C. Russell (1967-1991)

folders 16-17: William D. Russell (1971-1982)

folder 18: Geoffrey F. Spencer (1979-1997)

folders 19-21: John E. Thompson (1981-1984)

box 172: ARticles, Papers, and Reviews (1985-1997)

folders 1-2: John E. Thompson (1985-1986)

folders 3-4: Grant Underwood (1984-1986)

folder 5: O. Kendall White Jr. (1992-1996)

folders 6-10: Saints Herald , Articles (1985-1997)

box 173: Articles, Papers, and Reviews (1975-1992)

folder 1: "The Abominations" (1992)

folder 2: Raymond E. Brown, "The Gospel According to John"

folder 3: "A Compilation on Making Your Calling and Election Sure"

folder 4: Chad J. Flake, "The Newel K. Whitney Collection"

folders 5-9: Arthur Glenn Foster, Jr., The Plates of Jacob (1983-1987)

These folders also contain an excerpt from an untitled manuscript.

folder 10: C. Jess Groesbeck, "The Archetypal Image of the Wounded Healer" (1975)

folder 11: C. Jess Groesbeck, "Joseph Smith and His Nauvoo Dreams" (1990)

folder 12: C. Jess Groesbeck, "Joseph Smith and His New Conception of God" (1989)

folders 13-16: C. Jess Groesbeck, "Joseph Smith and the Shaman's Vision" (1985)

folders 17-18: "Joseph Smith and His Individuation" (1986)

box 174: Articles, Papers, and Reviews (1960-1994)

folder 1: C. Jess Groesbeck, "Pre-Mortal Calling and Mate Selection" (1989)

folders 2-4: C. Jess Groesbeck, "A Psycho-Historical Study of the First Mormon Family" (1987)

folder 5: David H. Hirsch, The Deconstruction of Literature (1991)

folder 6: Vernal Holley, "A Critique of Brodie on Spaulding" (1991)

folder 7: Massimo Introvigne, "Ordeal by Fire: The Tragedy of the Solar Temple" (1995)

folder 8: The Journal of Mathematical Theology , Excerpt (1994)

folder 9: Brian E. Keck, "Ezekiel 37, Sticks and Babylonian Writing Boards: A Critical Reappraisal" (1990)

folder 10: Stanley B. Kimball, "The Utah Gospel Mission" [Rev. John D. Nutting] (1900-1976)

folders 11-15: Charles M. Larson, The Kingdom (1982)

folder 16: Henry Lewis, The Valley of the Mississippi Illustrated

folder 17: Louis Midgley, "Some Challenges to the Foundations" (1984)

folder 18: George A. Njeim, "The Maturation of My Faith" (1968)

folder 19: R. Don Oscarson, "The Travelers' Guide" (1965)

folder 20: "Question Time" (1976-1990)

folder 21: "The Research Report" (1989)

box 175: Articles, Papers, and Reviews (1946-1994)

folders 1-2: "The Research Report" (1989)

folder 3: B. H. Roberts, The Truth, The Way, The Life , Reviews (1994)

folder 4: "Thenco Newsletter" (1988)

folder 5: "Thoughts about Heaven and How to Get There" (1946)

folder 6: Loftes Tryk, "The Jacob's Well Report" (1992-1994)

folder 7: Robert Wauchope, "Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents" (1962)

folders 8-14: William H. Whitsett, Sidney Rigdon: The Real Founder of Mormonism

folders 15-17: John A. Widstoe, Evidences and Reconciliations

boxes 176-177: Todd Compton, Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith Manuscript (1995)

box 178: Book of Mormon Materials (1834-1995)

box 179: Joseph Smith and Masonary Information (1844-1995)

folder 1: Joseph Smith, Accounts of Death (1844-1932)

folder 2: Corrections to Printout of Inventing Mormonism...

folder 3: Joseph Smith's Legal Problems in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Massachusetts (1970-1985)

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