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folder 3: Rocky Frie

folder 4: Norman L. Hancock

folder 5: Grant S. Heward

folder 6: Sonia Johnson

folder 7: Larry R. Johnston

folder 8: George P. Lee

folder 9: Byron Marchant

folder 10: Nelson Marques

folder 11: Dee Jay Nelson

folder 12: Helen Olmstead

folder 13: David L. Rowland

folder 14: Bruce Sloan

folder 15: Kent L. Walgren

folder 16: Louis Wilkins

folder 17: Lee Williams

folder 18: Robert C. Witte

folder 19: The Pearl of Great Price

folder 20: Leland H. Gentry, "What of the Lectures on Faith?"

folders 21-23: Articles of Faith

folder 24: David J. Whittaker, "Articles of Faith in Early Mormon Literature"

folder 25: Edwin B. Firmage, "Restoring the Church"

folders 26-31: Letters of the First Presidency, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1891-1990)

box 141: Joseph Smith's Ancestors and their Culture (1929-1986)

folders 1-7: Dean D. McBrien, "The Influence of the Frontier on Joseph Smith" (1929)

folders 8-9: George Shepherd Tanner, "The Religious Environment in which Mormonism Arose" (1931)

folders 1-12: Fawn M. Brodie and Reviews of No Man Knows My History

folders 13-14: Marvin S. Hill, "Critical Examination of No Man Knows My History" (1959)

folder 15: Whitney R. Cross, "Mormonism in the 'Burned-Over District" (1944)

folder 16: Gustive O. Larson, "New England Leadership in the Rise and Progress of the Church"

folder 17: "Some Demographic Aspects of One Hundred Early Mormon Converts, 1830-1837" (1974)

folders 18-19: John E. Thompson, "Mormonism and the Puritan Tradition" (1980)

folder 20: Nathan O. Hatch, The Christian Movement and the Demand for a Theology of the People (1980)

folder 21: Archibald F. Bennett, "Solomon Mack and His Family"

folder 22: Genealogy of the Mack Family

folder 23: Lydia Gates Mack

folder 24: John Lothropp

folder 25: Thomas S. Catherall, "Joseph Smith's Progenitors and the Salem Witchcraft Trials" (1986)

box 142: Articles of Joseph Smith and Doctrine (1808-1987)

folders 1-2: Earnest M. Skinner, "Joseph Smith Sr., First Patriarch to the Church" (1958)

folder 3: Seth and Hannah Austin

folder 4: The Westminster Confession of Faith

folder 5: The Wesleyan Student; or, Memoirs of Aaron Haynes Hurd (1841)

folder 6: Ethan Smith, A Sermon Delivered at the Ordination of Rev. Harvey Smith (1825)

folder 7: The Christian Economy (1808)

folder 8: Robert Matthews (Matthias)

folder 9: David Millard, The True Messiah Exalted, or Jesus Christ Really the Son of God Vindicated (1818)

folder 10: David Millard, Gospel Luminary

folders 11-13: The Gospel Luminary (1825-1827)

folder 14: The Life of David Marks (1831)

folder 15: Essenus, A New Version of the First Three Chapters of Genesis , John Jones (1819)

folder 16: Alexander Campbell, The Christian Baptist

folder 17: The Writings of a Pretended Prophet (1816)

folder 18: Anabaptism Disapproved

folders 19-20: Rev. J. Sellon, A Series of Sermons, on the Doctrine of Everlasting Punishment (1828)

folder 21: Bolivar Ellis, A History of Universalism in Victor and Vicinity (1907)

folder 22: A Letter to the Rev. Ansel D. Eddy on the Narrative of the Late Revivals of Religion (1832)

folders 23-24: Richard L. Anderson, Articles about Joseph Smith Jr.

folder 25: Richard L. Anderson, Joseph Smith's New England Heritage

folder 26: Richard L. Anderson, "The Alvin Smith Story: Fact and Fiction"

folder 27: Richard L. Anderson, "The Credibility of the Book of Mormon Translators"

folder 28: Articles by Richard L. Anderson in Improvement Era (1968-1970)

folders 29-30: Richard L. Bushman, Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism

folder 31: D. Michael Quinn, Early Mormonism and the Magic World View (1987)

box 143: Articles and Notes on the Smith Family (1928-1987)

folder 1: D. Michael Quinn, Early Mormonism and the Magic World View (1987)

folders 2-3: Notes on Lucy Mack Smith's Preliminary Manuscript

folders 4-6: Lucy Mack Smith, "History of Joseph Smith"

folder 7: Jan Shipps, Mormonism: The Story of a New Religious Tradition (1985)

folders 8-11: Joseph Smith, Jr.

folders 12-13: Signatures of Joseph Smith, Sr. and other Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith Names

folder 14: George Njeim, "Joseph Smith, Prophet and Theologian"

folder 15: Donna Hill, Joseph Smith the First Mormon

folder 16: Davis Bitton, "Joseph Smith in the Mormon Folk Memory"

folder 17: "Joseph Smith, Popularizer or Restorer? & Joseph Smith's Distinct Contributions to Understanding the Nature and Mission of Christ"

folder 18: Robert N. Hullinger

folder 19: Robert N. Hullinger, "Joseph Smith, Defender of the Faith"

folders 20-21: A Look at Joseph Smith

folder 22: Tomb of Joseph

folder 23: Howard J. Booth, "An Image of Joseph Smith Jr.: A Personality Study"

folder 24: Emma Smith

folder 25: Reburial of Joseph, Emma and Hyrum Smith (1928)

box 144: Maps

folders 1-2: Maps of New York

folder 3: A History of Wayne County Highways

folder 4: Maps of Farmington, N.Y.

folder 5: Maps of Macedon, N.Y.

folder 6: Maps of Manchester, N.Y.

folder 7: Maps of Palmyra, N.Y.

folder 8: New York, Palmyra Area USGS Topo Maps

folder 9: Material on Palmyra, Manchester distance between towns etc.

folders 10-11: Palmyra, Wayne County; Manchester, Ontario County Maps

folders 12-13: New York State Maps and Central/West N.Y. Surveys

folder 14: New York, Northern Area Wayne/Ontario Counties

folders 15-16: Southern New York, Maps etc.

folder 17: New York Gazetteer and Township

folder 18: New York/Pennsylvania Area (Susquehanna etc.) Maps

folders 19-20: New York, Southern Area (Broome/Chenango Counties) Maps

folder 21: Miscellaneous Maps

box 145: Joseph Smith's Family, Childhood, and Portraits

folders 1-3: Smith Family

folder 4: Joseph Smith Sr.

folder 5: Joseph Smith Sr.'s Visions c. 1811-1819; Also Lucy Mack Smith

folder 6: Lehi Tree-of-Life Stone

folder 7: Agreement of 1830 by Joseph Smith Sr.

folders 8-10: Hyrum Smith

folders 11-13: Drawings of Joseph Smith

folder 14: Joseph Smith's Birthplace and Leg Operation

folders 15-20: Dale R. Braodhurst and H. Michael Marquardt, "Joseph Smith's Early Years: An Oral History"

box 146: Articles and Notes on the Claims of Joseph Smith (1823-1830)

folders 1-5: Notes on Joseph Smith's Early Years

folder 6: Joseph Smith A Restorer among the "Restorationists"

folder 7: Early Documents

folder 8: "'By the Gift and Power of God': The Remarkable Story of the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon"

folder 9: Joseph Smith Jr.'s Education

folder 10: Joseph Smith and His Early Religious Experiences

folders 11-12: Notes on the Origin of the Book of Mormon

folder 13: Background to Early Experiences of Joseph Smith, Jr.

folders 14-15: Joseph Smith's Activities (1823-1830)

folders 16-18: Early Story of the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon

folders 19-20: Notes on Early Story; Hazel Stick; Rod

folder 21: Conversation with Spirit/Angel

folder 22: New Version of Story; Joseph Smith's Religious Activities

folder 23: Background on Money Digging

box 147: Money Digging and Joseph Smith's Reputation (1785-1989)

folder 1: Background on Money Digging

folder 2: Targum of the 1823 Vision (1823)

folder 3: Phillip L. Barlow, "Before Mormonism: Joseph Smith's Use of the Bible, 1820-1829" (1989)

folder 4: Emer Harris on Hiding Plates (1856)

folder 5: Book of Mormon to Make Money

folder 6: Joseph Smith Jr. "Obtains" the Plates

folder 7: Word List

folder 8: Joseph Smith to Show Plates to Others

folder 9: Joseph Smith Jr. to Give Up Money Digging; Deceived

folder 10: Bloody Clothing

folder 11: Young Child to Translate

folder 12: Treasure Near Top of Ground

folder 13: Do Not Lay Treasure Down

folder 14: Joseph Smith to Marry to Get Plates

folder 15: Black Clothes

folder 16: Black Horse

folder 17: Joseph Smith Took Plates from Box

folder 18: "Gold Bible Company"

folder 19: Description of Spirit

folder 20: Found by Stone

folder 21: Angel Story

folder 22: Enchantment

folder 23: Joseph Smith, the Stone and His Way to Make a Living, Hired "Seer" (1822-1827)

folder 24: Take Characters to Philadelphia

folder 25: "Familiar spirit" and Book of Mormon

folder 26: Book of Mormon and Treasures

folder 27: Guardian of the Treasure

folder 28: Martin Harris telling story (1827)

folder 29: Divining Rod

folder 30: Articles Dealing with Money Digging

folder 31: Looking in a Stone

folder 32: Violent Spirit

folder 33: Bring Another Person (Alvin Smith, Samuel Lawrence, Emma Hale Smith)

folder 34: Joseph Smith claimed the Power to see Underground; Finding the Plates; Stone, Spectacles

folder 35: Testimonies concerning Joseph Smith Jr. (1833-1834)

folder 36: Brigham Young, Money Digging & Plates

folder 37: Milton W. Hamilton, The Country Printer New York State (1785-1830)

folders 38-40: Wesley P. Walters Articles

folders 41-42: Wesley P. Walters, "The Abduction of Emily (Coburn) Austin"

folders 43-45: Rodger I. Anderson, "Joseph Smith's Early Reputation Revisited"

folder 46: "The Colesville, New York, 'Exodus' Seen from Two Documentary Perspectives"

box 148: Statements and Court Trials of Joseph Smith (1826-1877)

folders 1-2: Orsamus Turner (1851)

folder 3: Pomeroy Tucker (1867)

folder 4: O. Turner & P. Tucker

folder 5: W. D. Purple's Account (1877)

folder 6: William D. Purple

folders 7-8: Albert Neely

folders 9-11: Court Trial (1826)

folders 12-13: Court Trial Accounts (1826)

folder 14: Comparison of Printed Accounts of the 1826 Trial (1826)

folder 15: Notes collected by Stanley S. Ivins on 1826 Trial

folder 16: Wesley P. Walters, "Joseph Smith's Bainbridge, N.Y. Court Trials" (1973)

folder 17: Court Trial (1830)

folders 18-19: Paul Hedengren, In Defense of Faith

folders 20-21: Working for Josiah Stowell

box 149: History and Statements on Joseph Smith (1823-1899)

folders 1-2: Nephi-Moroni Problem, Visitation of 1823 (1823)

folders 3-4: Joseph Smith Sr. Home, Manchester, N.Y. (1825-1829)

folder 5: Joseph Smith in Pennsylvania

folders 6-8: Joseph Smith Joined the Methodist Class (ca. 1828)

folder 9: Mrs. S. F. Anderick (1887)

folder 10: Danford Booth (1881)

folder 11: Isaac Booth (ca. 1887)

folder 12: Joseph Capron (1833)

folder 13: Abel D. Chase (1879)

folder 14: Durfey Chase (1833)

folder 15: Parley Chase (1833-1879)

folder 16: Sallie Chase

folder 17: Willard Chase (1833)

folder 18: John A. Clark (1840-1841)

folder 19: J. S. Colt (1833)

folder 20: John H. Gilbert (1877-1892)

folder 21: Stephen S. Harding (1847-1882)

folder 22: Abigail Harris (1833)

folder 23: Henry Harris (1833)

folder 24: Lucy Harris (1833)

folder 25: Daniel Hendrix (1893-1899)

folder 26: William Hyde (1888)

folder 27: Peter Ingersoll (1833)

folder 28: Fayette Lapham (1870)

folder 29: W. W. Miner, Palmyra, N.Y.

folder 30: Roswell Nichols (1833)

folder 31: Samantha Payne (1881)

folder 32: Orin and Amanda Reed (1881)

folder 33: Joseph Rogers (1887)

folder 34: The Ontario County Times (1881)

folder 35: Benjamin Saunders (ca. 1884)

box 150: Statements on Joseph Smith (1826-1887)

folders 1-5: Lorenzo Saunders (1884-1985)

folder 6: William H. Kelley Notes iin The Saints' Herald (1881)

folders 7-9: W. H. Kelley Notebook, New York interviews (1881)

folder 10: Mrs. Caroline Rockwell Smith (1885)

folder 11: Barton Stafford (1833)

folder 12: Christopher M. Stafford (1885)

folder 13: Cornelius R. Stafford (1885)

folder 14: David Stafford (1833)

folder 15: Joshua Stafford (1833)

folder 16: William Stafford (1833)

folder 17: G. W. Stodard (1833)

folder 18: Ezra Thayre (1862)

folder 19: Jesse Townsend (1833-1834)

folder 20: Mrs. Sylvia Walker (1885)

folder 21: Emily M. Austin, Mormonism; or, Life among the Mormons (1882)

folder 22: A. W. Benton (1831)

folder 23: William R. Hine (ca. 1887)

folder 24: McMaster (1826)

folder 25: William D. Purple (1877)

folder 26: John S. Reed, 1844; Letter to Brigham Young (1861)

folder 27: Arad Stowell (1826)

folder 28: Horace Stowell (1826)

folder 29: Josiah Stowell

folder 30: Jonathan Thompson (1826)

folder 31: Emily C. Blackman (1873)

folder 32: J. B. Buck (ca. 1870)

folder 33: Alva Hale (1834)

folder 34: Isaac Hale (1834)

folder 35: Nathaniel Lewis (1834)

folder 36: Joseph Lewis; Hiel Lewis (1879)

folder 37: Levi Lewis (1834)

folder 38: Sophia Lewis (1834)

folder 39: Hezekiah M'Kune (1834)

folder 40: Joshua M'Kune (1834)

folder 41: George Peck (1843)

folder 42: Henry A. Sayer (1885)

box 151: Friends and Relatives on Joseph Smith's Early History (1788-1970)

folder 1: Facer-Shinsel Correspondence, 1962; Wayne County Historical Society, Lyons, N.Y.

folder 2: Charles Anthon (1834-1841)

folder 3: A Sketch of the Experience of Solomon Chamberlain ; Solomon Chamberlain (1788-1862)

folder 4: James Cobb

folder 5: Lyman Cowdery

folder 6: Joseph Knight Sr.'s Account of Early History of Joseph Smith

folder 7: Joseph Knight Sr. Family

folder 8: Joseph Knight Jr.

folder 9: Newel Knight's Journal

folder 10: Joseph B. Noble

folder 11: Mary A. Beman Noble

folder 12: Catherine Smith

folder 13: Hyrum Smith

folder 14: Jesse Smith

folder 15: Joseph Smith, Sr.

folder 16: Lucy Mack Smith

folder 17: Samuel Harrison Smith

folder 18: Calvin Stoddard and Sophronia Smith (1827)

folder 19: Calvin Stoddard Bible

folder 20: E. D. Howe

folder 21: D. P. Hurlbut

folder 22: William W. Phelps (1831)

folder 23: Statement, Palmyra (1831)

folder 24: Thurlow Weed

folder 25: Evangelical Inquirer (1831)

folder 26: Historical Collections of the State of New York (1841)

folder 27: A. W. Cowles, Articles on "The Mormons" (1871)

folder 28: Guest Editor's Prologue - Truman G. Madsen BYU Studies (1969-1970)

folder 29: James B. Allen and Leonard J. Arrington, "Mormon Origins in New York"

folder 30: Dean C. Jessee, "The Early Accounts of Joseph Smith's First Vision"

folder 31: Richard L. Anderson, "Circumstantial Confirmation of the First Vision"

folder 32: Milton V. Backman, Jr., "Awakenings in the Burned-over District"

folder 33: Larry C. Porter, "Reverend George Lane - Good 'Gifts,' Much 'Grace,' and Marked 'Usefulness'"

folder 34: T. Edgar Lyon, "How Authentic Are Mormon Historic Sites"

folder 35: Russell C. Rich, "Where Were the Moroni Visits?"

folder 36: Richard L. Anderson, "Joseph Smith's New York Reputation Reappraised"

folder 37: Larry C. Porter, "Colesville Branch and the Coming Forth of the BOM"

folder 38: Marvin S. Hill, "The Shaping of the Mormon Mind in New England"

folders 39-40: Richard F. Palmer, The "Old Line Mail" Stagecoach Days in Upstate New York

folder 41: Don Enders

folder 42: Mention of Joseph Smith Sr., Palmyra Town Records

folders 43-44: Articles (1816-1830)

box 152: Joseph Smith in New York (1797-1989)

folders 1-3: Wesley P. Walters, "The Joseph Smith Family's Move to Manchester" (1989)

folders 4-9: Wesley P. Walters, The Smiths Move to Palmyra

folders 10-15: Wesley P. Walters, Joseph Smith's Move to Palmyra and Manchester, N.Y.

folders 16-17: Dale J. Berge, "Joseph Smith Sr. Log Dwelling, Palmyra, N.Y."

folder 18: Donald L. Enders, "A Snug Log House"

folder 19: Notes on Manchester/Palmyra

folder 20: References to Smiths as Coopers

folder 21: Joseph Smith Sr.Hyrum Smith Log house, Manchester, N.Y. and Joseph S. Black, Andrew Jensen, Edward Stevenson (1822-1888)

folder 22: Wheat Prices

folder 23: Farmington Town Minutes (1797-1819)

folders 24-26: Palmyra Highway Tax Record (1817-1831)

folders 27-28: Palmyra Highway Record

folder 29: Palmyra Road Districts

folder 30: Palmyra Town Minutes; Record of Roads (1819-1820)

folders 31-32: Highway Record Book; Town Record (Palmyra, N.Y.)

box 153: Joseph Smith in New York (1820-1987)

folder 1: Material on village of Palmyra, N.Y.

folders 2-3: Tax Assessments (Palmyra, N.Y.)

folders 4-5: Assessment Notes 1820 Palmyra and Manchester

folders 6-8: Printouts - Palmyra and Manchester (1820)

folder 9: Assessment Roll (tax records) Manchester, N.Y., Ontario County Historical Society, Canandaigua, New York (1830)

folder 10: Rochester, New York

folder 11: Name Index Palmyra/Manchester area

folder 12: Census Palmyra, New York (1820)

folders 13-14: Census Farmington, New York (1820)

folders 15-16: Census Manchester, New York (1830)

folder 17: Deeds, Ontario County (Evertson, Seymour, Eddy)

folder 18: John Greenwood

folder 19: Zachariah Seymour

folder 20: Land Records

folder 21: Alphabetical List for 1820 Complied (1986)

folders 22-23: David Lowes Watson, The Early Methodist Class Meeting (1987)

folder 24: Alva/Alvin Smith (1828)

folder 25: Elisha Averill (1821)

folder 26: Clark Chase Genealogy; Dr. Durfee Chase

folder 27: Levi Dagget (Sr. and Jr.)

folder 28: Lemuel Durfee (Sr. & Jr.)

folder 29: Jonathan S. Eggleston

folder 30: Abraham Fish (Sr. & Jr.); Zuriel Fish

folder 31: Dr. John R. Pratt

folder 32: Gain Robinson

folders 33-34: Gain C. Robinson Invoice Books & Notes

folder 35: Orrin Porter Rockwell & Family

folder 36: Parshall Terry Family (Jacob Terry)

folder 37: Orrin Warner (Sr. & Jr.)

box 154: Joseph Smith and Church History (1822-1970)

folder 1: Estate of Seth Harris (1822)

folder 2: List of Articles belonging to Martin Harris (1831)

folder 3: Palmyra, Wayne, New York - microfilms

folder 4: Archibald F. Bennett, "The Ancestry of Joseph Smith the Prophet"

folder 5: Seth Barden

folders 6-7: Copy of a letter, Jany 1832 to Ancil Beach

folder 8: Ancil Beach

folder 9: Henry Wells married Sarah Daggett

folders 10-11: Records of Early Church Families, Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine

folders 12-13: Binghampton Daily Republican (1880)

folder 14: Lippincott's Magazine (1880)

folders 15-16: Jerome Stoffel, "Joseph Smith and the Mormon Dilemma" (1970)

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