Folder 1: Adam-God folder 2: Adam-God Doctrine and lds edowment folder 3

folder 7: Barry Fell and Utah folder 8

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folder 7: Barry Fell and Utah

folder 8: The Gold Plate Characters, deciphered by James O. Muir

folder 9: Circular Object on Joseph Smith Transcript

folder 10: Comparison of Characters on Joseph Smith Transcript

folder 11: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Book of Mormon "Caractors" Found

folder 12: Article on Joseph Smith Transcript

folder 13: Joseph Smith Transcript

box 106: Book of Mormon

folder 1: Typed Material on Origin of Book of Mormon

folders 2-4: The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon

folders 5-10: Comments on Article on Book of Mormon

folder 11: Wesley P. Walters, Comments on Article on Book of Mormon

box 107: Book of Mormon (1979-1985)

folders 1-7: "The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon" (1979)

folder 8: Articles Reprinted as a Booklet, by Personal Freedom Outreach (1981)

folder 9: Lecture- The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon (1979)

folder 10: Mormon History Association (1985)

box 108: Mormon Associations (1979-1988)

folders 1-2: Mormon History Association (1986-1988)

folders 3-4: John Whitmer Historical Association (1984-1988)

folders 5-11: Sunstone Theological Symposium (1979-1985)

box 109: Sunstone, Book of Mormon (1986-1988)

folders 1-3: Sunstone Theological Symposium (1986-1988)

folders 4-16: Photocopy of the Printer's Manuscript of the Book of Mormon (1829)

Copied in 1829, Owned by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

box 110: Book of Mormon Manuscript (1829-1983)

folders 1-3: Photocopy of the Printer's Manuscript Continued

Contains LDS 3 Ne. 17:3 - Moroni 10:34; RLDS 3 Ne. 8:2 - Moroni 10:31; Testimony of Witnesses

folder 4: Handwritten Transcript of Printer's Manuscript

folder 5: Transcript of the Printer's Manuscript of the Book of Mormon (1983)

folder 6: Printer's Emended Manuscript, Used by the Printer (1829-1830)

folder 7: Manuscripts of Book of Mormon

folders 8-10: Original Dictated Manuscript by Joseph Smith, Jr. to Several Scribes (1829)

folders 11-15: Original Dictated Manuscript, Typescript and Copies

folder 16: Scribes for Book of Mormon Text

folder 17: Typographical Errors in the 1830 Edition of the Book of Mormon

folder 18: Egbert B. Grandin

box 111: Book of Mormon (1830-1981)

folders 1-3: Changes in Book of Mormon

folders 4-5: Editions of Book of Mormon

folder 6: Marquardt, "Differences between Printer's Manuscript and Palmyra Edition" (1830)

folder 7: Book of Mormon Committee Report, RLDS Church (1844)

folders 8-10: James D. Wardle, Book of Mormon Cross Reference Index

folder 11: RLDS Edition of Book of Mormon (1966)

folders 12-15: Marked RLDS Book of Mormon (1966)

folders 16-18: LDS Edition of Book of Mormon Textual Changes Approved (1981)

box 112: Book of Mormon

folders 1-24: Book of Mormon Critical Text , Vol. I - Vol. 3

box 113: Book of Mormon (1983)

folders 1-4: Book of Mormon Critical Text , Vol. 3

folder 5: Gold Plates

folders 6-7: Translation of Book of Mormon #1, #2

folder 8: B. H. Roberts, Translation of Book of Mormon

folder 9: Dan Vogel, Statements on Translation of Book of Mormon

folder 10: Robert F. Smith's Coments on Dan Vogel's "Is the BOM a Translation?" (1983)

folder 11: Robert F. Smith, "Translation of Languages"

folder 12: Translation of Book of Mormon Testimonies of David Whitmer

folder 13: Interpreters, Directors, Seer Stone, Urim and Thummim

folder 14: James E. Lancaster, "'By the Gift and Power of God' The Method of Translation of the Book of Mormon"

folder 15: Eldon L. Haag, "By the Gift and Power of God"

box 114: Book of Mormon

folder 1: Clair E. Weldon, "Two Transparent Stones, the Story of the Urim and Thummim"

folder 2: Richard L. Anderson, "By the Gift and Power of God"

folders 3: G. St. John Stott, "The Seer Stone Controversy: Writing the Book of Mormon"

folders 4-8: Book of Mormon Witnesses

folders 9-13: Revivals in the Book of Mormon

folders 14-27: The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon

folders 28-29: List of New Testament part-verse in the Book of Mormon

folder 30: Question Period after Lecture on The Use of the Bible in the Book of Mormon

folder 31: Outline of Influence of Joseph Smith on the Book of Mormon

box 115: Book of Mormon (1822-1963)

folders 1-5: Biblical Names in the Book of Mormon

folders 6-7: B. H. Roberts, "Bible Quotations in the Book of Mormon"

folder 8: Palmyra Herald (1822)

folders 9-11: Wesley M. Jones, Works

folders 12-13: Isaiah 29

folder 14: Isaiah 48:1

folders 15-18: Joseph Smith's "Translation" of the Text of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

folders 19-23: Robert N. Hullinger, "Ezekiel Thirty-Seven and Mormon Theology" (1963)

folders 24-30: M. T. Lamb, The Golden Bible

folder 31: Christian Teaching in Old Testament of Book of Mormon

folder 32: Authority and Baptism in the Book of Mormon

box 116: Book of Mormon (1970)

folders 1-6: The Teaching of God in the Book of Mormon

folders 7-8: Copyright of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith Jr.

folders 9-10: The Book of Mormon as History

folder 11: Wayne Ham, "Problems in Interpreting the Book of Mormon as History" (1970)

folder 12: Mark Thomas, "Three Stylistic Elements in the Book of Mormon"

folder 13: Mark Thomas, "Myth and History in Early Mormonism"

folder 14: Mark Thomas, "Lehi's Dream: An American Apocalypse"

folder 15: Mark Thomas, "Listening to the Voice from the Dust: Moroni 8 as Rhetoric"

folders 16-19: Mark Thomas, "The Use of Revival Language in the Book of Mormon"

folder 20: Mark Thomas, "Scholarship and the Future of the Book of Mormon"

folder 21: Mark Thomas, "Revelation in the Book of Mormon"

folder 22: Mark Thomas, "Revelation as the Creative Edge"

folder 23: "Lehi's Plan of Salvation Discourse in its Nineteenth Century Theological Setting"

folders 24-27: Suggested Book of Mormon Sources

folders 28-29: Susan Curtis Mernitz, "Palmyra Revisited"

folder 30: William D. Russell, "The Historicity of the Book of Mormon"

folder 31: Larry W. Conrad, "The Book of Mormon: An Inquiry into Its Historicity"

folder 32: William D. Russell, "Further Inquiry into the Historicity of the BOM"

folder 33: Articles by William D. Russell on the Book of Mormon

box 117: Book of Mormon (1844-1987)

folders 1-3: Wayne A. Larsen and Alvin C. Rencher, The Multiple Authorship of BOM

folder 4: Modern Phrases in the Book of Mormon

folder 5: Contemporary Influence on Book of Mormon

folder 6: Thomas O'Dea, "The Book of Mormon," The Mormons

folder 7: Anthony Hutchinson, The Word of God Is Enough: The Book of Mormon as 19th Century Fiction (1987)

folders 8-10: Edwin Firmage Jr., "A Preliminary Study in Book of Mormon Origins"

folders 11-12: Articles on the Book of Mormon

folder 13: Curse of the Dark Skin on the "Lamanites"

folder 14: A. Bruce Lindgren, "Sign or Scripture: Approaches to the Book of Mormon"

folder 15: David P. Wright, "Historicity and Faith"

folder 16: Vernal Holley, Book of Mormon Authorship: A Closer Look

folder 17: Vernal Holley Material

folders 18-19: Material on Book of Mormon

folder 20: Hebrew Idioms in the Book of Mormon

folder 21: Blake T. Ostler, "The BOM as a Modern Expansion of an Ancient Sources"

folder 22: Omer C. Stewart, "The Book of Mormon and Modern Science"

folder 23: Scott C. Dunn, "Spirit Writing: Another Look at the Book of Mormon"

folder 24: Faith, History, and the Book of Mormon

folder 25: John L. Sorenson Letter (1982)

folder 26: G. J. Adams, A Lecture on the Authenticity and Scriptural Character of the Book of Mormon(1844)

folder 27: Timothy L. Smith, "The Book of Mormon in a Biblical Culture"

folder 28: Walter Franklin Prince

box 118: Book of Mormon (1930)

folders 1-7: Gary W. Lea, Articles

folder 8: Ferguson's Manuscript Unveiled

folders 9-10: Dale Broadhurst, Wars

folder 11: E. Cecil McGavin, An Apology for the Book of Mormon (1930)

folder 12: Grant Underwood, "Book of Mormon Usage in Early LDS Theology"

folder 13: Beth Higdon, "The Search for the Philosopher's Stone"

folder 14: Paul Johnson, A Criticism of the Book of Mormon

folders 15-16: The Book of Mormon- True or False?

folder 17: Pray about the Book of Mormon

folder 18: Leslie Rumble, The Book of Mormon

folder 19: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, The Book of Mormon Ancient or Modern?

folder 20: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, The Case Against Mormonism, The BOM

box 119: Book of Mormon (1811-1973)

folder 1: The Portfolio (1816)

folder 2: Religion and Ceremonies of the North American Indians from A View of All Religions (1824)

folder 3: Clarijero, The History of Mexico (1817)

folder 4: Humbolt, Political Essay on the Kingdom of New Spain (1811)

folder 5: Researches on America (1817)

folder 6: Dewitt Clinton, Discovers (1812)

folder 7: Archaeologia American (1820)

folder 8: The Wonders of Nature and Providence Displayed (1825)

folder 9: James D. Bales, The Book of Mormon? (1958)

folder 10: Indians or Jews? Introduction to the Hope of Israel (1973)

folder 11: James D. Bales, Notes on American Antiquities (1835 ed.)

folders 12-16: Elias Boudinot, A Star in the West ... (1816)

folders 17-19: View of the Hebrews (1823 ed.)

folders 20-24: View of the Hebrews (1825 ed.)

folder 25: An Examination of B. H. Roberts' Secret Manuscript

folders 26-31: B. H. Roberts, "A Book of Mormon Study"

box 120: Book of Mormon

folders 1-4: B. H. Roberts, "Internal Evidence that the BOM is of Human Origin"

folders 5-7: B. H. Roberts, "A Parallel"

folder 8: "A Book of Mormon Study" - part 1 Additional copy, corrections on pages

folder 9: Roberts' Manuscripts Revealed

folder 10: B. H. Roberts, Manuscripts Written

folders 11-12: B. H. Roberts, Notes on "A Book of Mormon Study"

folders 13-14: B. H. Roberts Collection, University of Utah, Francis Smeath

box 121: Book of Mormon

folders 1-13: B. H. Roberts, A Book of Mormon Study

folders 14-22: View of the Hebrews

folder 23: "'Is There Any Way to Escape These Difficulties?': The Book of Mormon Studies of B. H. Roberts"

box 122: Book of Mormon (1987)

folders 1-16: Dan Vogel, "Religious Seekers and the Advent of Mormonism"

folders 17-23: "Listening to a Voice from the Dust" (1987)

box 123: Book of Mormon (1986)

folders 1-4: Mark D. Thomas "Listening to a Voice from the Dust" (1986)

folder 5: Dan Vogel and Fredrick G. Williams III, "Lehi's Landing in Chile"

folders 6-28: Kenneth D. Jenkins, "Common Phrases between the KJV and BOM"

box 124: Book of Mormon (1828-1981)

folders 1-5: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS)

folders 6-11: Various Reports Published by FARMS

folder 12: Kent R. Garner, "Insight into the Old Testament from the Small Plates of Nephi"

folder 13: Robert L. Millet, "The Brass Plates"

folder 14: Background -Joseph Smith Transcript handwriting

folder 15: A. C. Lambert, "Studying the Contributions of the BOM to Modern Cultures" (1962)

folders 16-17: Book of Commandments Revelations Compared to BOM Text (1828-1829)

folder 18: William H. Whitsitt, Teachings of Book of Mormon

folder 19: Alma Burton, "The Natural Man ... An Enemy to God?"

folder 20: Book of Mormon Special References

folder 21: Ads of Church of Christ (Wilcox) on the Book of Mormon

folder 22: Vernal Holley, Bible Names (1981)

box 125: Book of Mormon (1924-1988)

folders 1-6: Wesley P. Walters, Drafts of the Origins of the Book of Mormon

folders 7-10: George D. Smith Jr., Looking at the Book of Mormon

folders 11-12: George D. Smith Jr., "Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon"

folders 13-16: Gary L. Bishop, "The Tradition of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon" (1974)

folder 17: Thomas W. Brookbank, Concerning the Brass Plates (1924)

folders 18-19: Glade L. Burgon, "A Study of New Testament Textual Parallels in the Book of Mormon" (1965)

folders 20-21: Dan Vogel, "The Book of Mormon in Jacksonian America" (1988)

folder 22: Byron Marchant, Mormon Exaggerations

box 126: Historical Dept. of the Church; D&C (1835-1989)

folders 1-10: Church Historian's Office; Historical Department of the Church

folder 11: Dallin H. Oaks, "Reading Church History"

folder 12: Museum of Church History and Art

folders 13-16: Excerpts Pertaining to Councils of Seventy (1835-1989)

folders 17-22: Robert J. Woodford, "The Historical Development of the D&C" (1974)

box 127: Doctrine and Covenants

folders 1-45: Historical Development continued (LDS D&C sections 1-50)

box 128: Doctrine and Covenants

folders 1-40: Historical Development continued (LDS D&C sections 51-90)

box 129: Doctrine and Covenants and Temple Records, Nauvoo Sealings (1870)

folders 1-43: Historical Development continued (LDS D&C sections 91-136)

folder 44: Historical Development continued, The Manifesto

folder 45: Historical Development continued, Article on Marriage

folder 46: Nauvoo Sealings & Adoptions, Excerpts or Nauvoo Temple Record (1870)

box 130: Nauvoo Sealings and Adoptions; Religion in General; Apostasy (1846-1857)

folders 1-6: Salt Lake Temple Records - Nauvoo Sealings & Adoptions (1846-1857)

folder 7: Histomap of Religion

folders 8-19: Religion in General

folder 20: "Mormon Medical Ethical Guidelines," Edited by Lester E. Bush Jr.

folders 21-28: Complete Apostasy? - The Missionary System

box 131: Godhead; Dead Prophets and Living Oracles

folder 1: Signs of the True Church

folder 2: Dr. Otis Gatewood, Truth about the Bible

folders 3-7: The Biblical Doctrine of God

folders 8-12: References on Godhead in Mormonism

folders 13-15: Boyd Kirkland Papers on Jehovah

folder 16: "Of Gods, Mortals, and Devils: Eternal Progression and the Second Death in the Theology of Brigham Young"

folders 17-22: Godhead

folder 23: Holy Ghost

folder 24: Van Hale, "Trinitarianism and the Earliest Mormon Concept of God"

folder 25: Booklets on Godhead - Mormonism

folders 26-30: LDS Doctrine of the Priesthood, Dead Prophets & Living Oracles

box 132: Gospel Problems to Nauvoo Items (1832-1844)

folder 1: Heber Bennion Sr., Gospel Problems

folder 2: "Aunty-Mormon I Ain't Nor Ante-Mormon Neither" and "Notes on the Administration of the Sacrament"

folder 3: Account of Joseph Smith's Early Life (1832)

folders 4-5: Joseph Smith Letterbook 1

folder 6: Joseph Smith Letterbook 2

folder 7: Account of Joseph Smith's Early Life (1835)

folder 8: Signatures and Handwriting (1835-1844)

Contains signatures and handwriting of Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Hyrum Smith, Robert B. Thompson, Emma Smith, James Mulholland, and Benjamin F. Johnson.

folder 9: Letter to Hon. R. M. Young from Joseph Smith 1843 by William Clayton

folder 10: Meetings in Nauvoo (1842-1844)

folder 11: Nauvoo Expositor (1844)

folders 12-31: Dallin H. Oaks, Suppression of the Nauvoo Expositor

folder 14: Inventory of Goods, Chattels and Furniture of Joseph Smith (1844)

folders 15-19: Nauvoo, Illinois

box 133: Nauvoo Items; "History of Joseph Smith" (1834-1846)

folders 1-5: Nauvoo Restoration

folder 6: Red Brick Store at Nauvoo, Illinois

folder 7: Don Carlos Smith

folder 8: Civil Marriages Performed in Nauvoo, Illinois (1842-1846)

folder 9: LDS Millennial Star , 1853; Index - "History of Joseph Smith"

folder 10: Millennial Star Supplement, and Special Conference (1952-1853)

folders 11-22: "History of Joseph Smith" (1834-1853)

box 134: "History of Joseph Smith"; Nauvoo Diaries (1836-1853)

folder 1: "History of Joseph Smith" (1836-1853)

folder 2: James Mulholland Journals (1838-1839)

folder 3: Diaries of Joseph Smith (1836-1839)

folder 4: Joseph Smith in Nauvoo (1842)

folder 5: Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Diary Vol. 1, Kept by Willard Richards; Vol. 1, 21 (1842)

folders 6-23: Vol. 1 through Three (1843-1844)

box 135: Diaries of Joseph Smith and Lucy Smith Manuscript (1836-1844)

folders 1-4: Diary of Joseph Smith (1842-1844)

folders 5-17: Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Diaries (1843-1844)

folders 18-20: Joseph Smith's Four Nauvoo Journals (1842-1844)

folder 21: Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Diary (after his death), Kept by Willard Richards (1844)

folders 22-24: The Journals of Joseph Smith (1836-1844)

folders 25-27: Transcription of Preliminary Manuscript of "The History of Lucy Smith ..."

box 136: Temple Ordinances (1845-1846)

folder 1: Nauvoo Temple Endowments

folders 2-7: Excerpts from the Journal of Heber C. Kimball (1845-1846)

folder 8: Lisle G. Brown, "The Sacred Departments for Temple Work in Nauvoo"

folders 9-10: Lisle G. Brown, "Second Anointings"

folder 11: Lisle G. Brown, "The Holy Order in Nauvoo"

folders 12-14: Endowment Ceremony in Nauvoo Temple

folder 15: A Second Anointing Compilation

folder 16: D. Michael Quinn, "Latter-day Saint Prayer Circles"

box 137: Temple Ordinances (1855-1974)

folders 1-2: David J. Buerger, "The Evolution of the Mormon Temple Endowment"

folders 3-7: LDS Temple Oaths and Notes on Endowment

folder 8: The LDS Endowment

folders 9-11: Bojamah Azkin, "Elohim at the Altar" (1986)

folder 12: James Dwight Tingen, "The Endowment House" (1855-1889)

folder 13: Clarence F. Packard, "The Mystery Religions of Paganism, Freemasonry and Mormonism" (1965)

folder 14: Ensign (1974)

folder 16: Tom Catherall, "Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna: What's All the Shouting About?"

box 138: Temple Ordinances; Miscellaneous Items (1846-1990)

folders 1-2: Chuck and Dolley Sackett, Material on LDS Temple Endowment

folders 3-4: Ed Decker, Bill Schnobelen on Lucifer in the LDS Temple Endowment

folders 5-6: Changes in Temple Endowment (1990)

folder 7: Hancock Eagle (1846)

folders 8-9: James Colin Brewster

folder 10: Interview with LeGrand Richards (1978)

folder 11: "Names of Persons To be Held in Remembrance before the Lord..." (1880)

folder 12: Revelation on Celestial Marriage, to John Taylor (1882)

folder 13: Charles L. Woodward, The First Half Century of Mormons

folder 14: Papers by Harry C. Russell

folders 15-17: Articles on Mormonism (1979-1990)

folder 18: Seventh East Press

box 139: Church Courts; MHA; JWHA (1911-1990)

folders 1-4: LDS Church Courts

folders 5-7: CES Personnel Directory (1986-1987)

folder 8: Church Educational Resource

folder 9: Mormon History Association Newsletter (1989-1990)

folder 10: John Whitmer Historical Association Newsletter (1989-1990)

folder 11: John W. Taylor and Mathaias F. Cowley (1911)

folder 12: Lester E. Bush Jr., "Excommunication and Church Courts"

folders 13-16: General Handbook of Instructions (1976)

folders 17-20: Folders relating to Church Courts

Contains records for Richard D. Baer, Dennis Michael Bingham, Culley K. Christensen, and Ron Dirlam.

box 140: Church Courts; Articles of Faith; Letters of First Presidency (1891-1990)

folder 1: John W. Fitzgerald, Conflict

folder 2: Clyde B. Freeman

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