Folder 1: Adam-God folder 2: Adam-God Doctrine and lds edowment folder 3

folder 1: Dan Vogel "Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon" folder 2

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folder 1: Dan Vogel "Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon"

folder 2: Mexican Pyramids

folder 3: Hugh Nibley "Mixed Voices: Study of the Book of Mormon Criticism"

folder 4: Monte Alban

folder 5: Samuel W. Traum, Mormonism against Itself

folder 6: Notes on America's Past

folder 7: Nephite "Coin"/Monetary System

folder 8: Brigham H. Roberts, A Parallel

folder 9: James D. Wardle, Parallels

folder 10: Riley, "Isaiah in View of the Hebrews and BOM"

folder 11: Skeleton of "Zelph"

folder 12: John L. Sorenson

folder 13: Temples in the Book of Mormon

folder 14: Paul R. Cheesman, These Early Americans

folder 15: Title Pages of Four Books on Indians

folder 16: Charles Davies, "Views of the Hebrews and the Book of Mormon"

folder 17: Wars in the Book of Mormon

folder 18: Robert F. Marx, "Who Really Discovered America?"

folder 19: David Leon Pratt, The Prehistoric Hebrews of New England

folder 20: Ethan Smith, View of the Hebrews

box 51: Published Information on Mormonism

folder 1: "An Open Book"

folder 2: The Book of Mormon Foundation

folder 3: Christ Revealed, Inc.

box 52: Published Information on Mormonism

folder 1: Christian Answers and Information

folder 2: Eleazar Bible Missions, Inc.

folder 3: Ex-Mormons for Jesus, Bob White

folder 4: Ex-Mormons for Jesus, Dick Baer

folder 5: Ex-Mormons for Jesus, Ed Decker

folder 6: Ex-Mormons for Jesus, Jim and Sheila Garrigus

folder 7: Ex-Mormons for Jesus, Seal Beach, Garden Beach, CA

folder 8: Harry L. Ropp, Mission to Mormons

folder 9: Restoration Foundation

box 53: Various Published Information on Mormonism

folder 1: "Ingathering News"

folder 2: The Inner Circle

folders 3-4: LDS and RLDS Church Pamphlets on Succession in the First Presidency

box 54: Various Published Information on Mormonism

folders 1-2: Miscellaneous Publications

folder 3: Mormon Research Ministry

folder 4: David Leon Pratt

folders 5-6: Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City

box 55: Various Published Information on Mormonism (1953-1982)

folder 1: Saints Alive in Jesus--Newsletters

folder 2: Saints Herald (1982)

folder 3: Salt Lake Alliance Church, Newsletters

folder 4: Society for the Study of Mormon Theology

folders 5-6: Samuel Wood, TM : An Independent Jornal of Fundamental Religious and Social Reform (1953-1964)

folder 7: Arthur Budvarson Utah Christian Tract Society

folder 8: Watchman Expositor

folder 9: Zion's Trumpet

box 56: RLDS Published Materials (1968-1986)

folders 1-4: World Conference (1968-1986)

box 57: Miscellaneous Subjects (1982-1986)

folder 1: Aaronic Order Publications

folder 2: James D. Bales

folder 3: Blood Atonement

folder 4: Blood Flows in Utah

folders 5-9: Capstone Conference (1982-1986)

folder 10: Church of Jesus Christ, Independence, Missouri

folder 11: Church Hymns

folder 12: Description of B. H. Roberts paper in possession of Brigham E. Roberts

box 58: Miscellaneous Subjects

folder 1: God Makers

folder 2: Cyrus H. Gordon

folder 3: Heaven

folders 4-5: James D. Bales, "Latter Day Saints?"

folder 6: Miscellaneous

folder 7: Mountain Meadows Massacre

folder 8: Revelations of Art Bulla

folder 9: Speculation, Illegal Banking, and Counterfeiting

box 59: Religious Literature (1985)

folder 1: R. C. Crossfield, Book of Onias

folder 2: James J. Strang, The Book of the Law of the Lord

folders 3-4: David Leon Pratt, The Fall of the Mormon Empire

folder 5: Priesthood (1985)

folder 6: Noel B. Pratt, Satan's Finest Hour

folder 7: The Word of the Lord

box 60: The Book of Abraham

folders 1-3: Alex Joseph, Dry Bones

folder 4: Robert and Rosemary Brown, They Lie in Wait to Deceive

folder 5: The Book of Abraham and Jewish Writings

folder 6: Miscellaneous Items

folder 7: Antonio Lebolo

folder 8: Book of Abraham, Ms #4

folder 9: Old Mormon Egyptiana

folder 10: Joseph Smith Egyptian Papers

box 61: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Book of Abraham Papyrus Found

folder 2: Book of Abraham Revisited

folder 3: Suggested Corrections to Article

folder 4: Book of Abraham Revisited

folder 5: Hyman Huritz, Hebrew Tales

folder 6: Review of They Lie in Wait to Deceive

folder 7: The Final Straw

folder 8: The Joseph Smith Papyri

folder 9: The Joseph Smith Papyri, Part 2

folder 10: Joseph Smith's "Eye of Ra"

folder 11: Facsimile No. 3

folder 12: Pyramid Science Experimenter

folder 13: Life Force in the Great Pyramids

folder 14: Dee Jay Nelson

box 62: The Book of Abraham (1974-1976)

folders 1-4: Discrimination (1974-1976)

folder 5: Book of Abraham Papyrus

folders 6: Joseph Smith Egyptian Papers

box 63: The Book of Abraham

folders 1-2: Joseph Smith Egyptian Papers

folder 3: Joseph Smith's Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar

folder 4: Notes on Egyptian Alphabet

folder 5: Notes--Grant Heward

folder 6: A Concordance to the Egyptian Alphabet

box 64: The Book of Abraham (1975)

folder 1: Book of Breathing

folder 2: The Book of Abraham Papyrus Found

folders 3-5: Papyrus Found

folder 6: The Book of Abraham Papyrus Found (1975)

folder 7: Book of Abraham

folder 8: Joseph Smith among the Egyptians

folder 9: Brent Jensen, "Book of Abraham Papyrus Lost"

box 65: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Question of Credentials

folder 2: Photos by Dee Jay Nelson

folder 3: Drawings by Dee Jay Nelson

folder 4: Misc., Dee Jay Nelson

folders 5-6: The Mormon Funeral Papyri by Dee Jay Nelson

folder 7: Why Egyptologists Reject the Book of Abraham

folders 8-9: Facsimile No. 1

folders 10: Joseph's Explanations

box 66: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Robert F. Smith, A Documentary Analysis of the Book of Abraham

folder 2: Facsimile No. 2

folder 3: Facsimile No. 3

folder 4: Klaus Baer, The Breathing Permit of Hor

folder 5: References

folder 6: William I. Appleby

folder 7: Book of Abraham Scripture

folder 8: Joseph Smith and the Egyptians

folder 9: Hugh Nibley

folder 10: Joseph Smith Papyri

box 67: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Nibley, Joseph Smith Papyri

folder 2: Hugh Nibley Articles

folder 3: It Takes All Kinds

folder 4: Hugh Nibley

folder 5: The Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri

folder 6: Reviews of The Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri

folder 7: More Papyri?

folder 8: An Egyptian Endowment

folder 9: Kirtland Egyptian Papers

folder 10: Fall of the Book of Abraham

folder 11: Michael H. Chandler

folder 12: Astronomy

folder 13: Sources of the Book of Abraham

folder 14: Genesis and the Book of Abraham

box 68: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Book of Abraham and the Bible

folder 2: Hebrew and the Book of Abraham

folder 3: Abraham of the Bible

folder 4: Life of Abraham

folder 5: Book of Jasher

folder 6: Philosophy of a Future State

folder 7: Edward T. Jones, "The Theology of Thomas Dick"

folder 8: Josephus

folder 9: Chiasmus

folder 10: Genesis Apocryphon

folder 11: Internal Examination of the Book of Abraham

folder 12: T. Edgar Lyon, The Sketches on the Papyri Backings

folder 13: LDS Temple Ceremony

folder 14: Curse of Ham by Noah

folder 15: Negro

folders 16-17: Copies of Papyri

folder 18: Articles on the Book of Abraham

box 69: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Joseph Smith Papyrus

folder 2: W. W. Phelps

folder 3: Photos of Manuscript #1

folder 4: Salt Lake City Messenger

folder 5: Dee Jay Nelson

folder 6: The Mormon Papyri Question

folder 7: Is the Book of Abraham True?

folder 8: Book of Abraham

folder 9: Rolls of Papyri

box 70: The Book of Abraham (1818-1967)

folder 1: Mormonism's Negro Doctrine

folder 2: Arch S. Reynolds, The Book of Abraham Brought Forth by Divine Means

folder 3: George Reynolds, Book of Abraham

folder 4: Copies of Papyri

folders 5-6: Joseph Smith Papyri

folder 7: Book of Abraham

folders 8-9: Book of Abraham (1818-1967)

box 71: The Book of Abraham

folder 1: Book of Abraham Controversy

folder 2: Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar

box 72: The Book of Abraham

folders 1-23: Letters of Dee Jay Nelson; Translations of the Book of Abraham Papyrus

folder 24: RLDS and the Book of Mormon

folder 25: A Concordance of the Pearl of Great Price

box 73: The Book of Abraham and Articles on Mormonism

folder 1: Joseph Smith Papyri

folder 2: Jack Anderson

folder 3: Robert L. Brown

folder 4: Indian Placement Service

folder 5: Ads from Reader's Digest

folder 6: Lavina Fielding, The Expanding Church

folder 7: Mormon Art

folder 8: Albert L. Zobell Jr.

folder 9: Miscellaneous Articles

folder 10: Mormon Migration

folder 11: T. Edgar Lyon

folder 12: Stanley B. Kimball

folder 13: M. B. Hipwell, Return of the Word

folder 14: Sonia Johnson

folder 15: Bruce R. McConkie

folder 16: Freeman Institute

folder 17: Mark E. Petersen

folder 18: Kerry Ross Boren

box 74: Joseph Smith Diaries (1832-1852)

folder 1: Jerome L. Clark, The Strange Saga of Joseph Smith

folders 2-3: Wilbur Lingle

folder 4: General Conference (1852)

folders 5-14: Joseph Smith Diary (1832-1836)

box 75: Jospeh Smith Diaries (1835-1839)

folders 1-4: Joseph Smith Diary (1835-1836)

folder 5: Comparison with Personal Writings

folders 6-9: Scriptory Book of Joseph Smith, Manuscript (1838)

folder 10: Joseph Smith Diaries (1838-1839)

box 76: Diaries and Council Minutes (1832-1839)

folders 1-2: Joseph Smith Diaries (1838-1839)

folders 3-9: Kirtland Council Minutes (1832-1837)

folders 10-13: Nauvoo High Council Minutes

box 77: L.D.S. Historical Department; Thomas S. Ferguson; Kinderhook Plates

folders 1-12: L.D.S. Historical Department

folder 13: Thomas S. Ferguson Material

folder 14: Book of Mormon Geography-Ferguson

folder 15: Kinderhook Plates, Fugate

folder 16: Kinderhook Plates, Barry Fell

folder 17: Kinderhook Plates

box 78: Egyptologists; Wesley P. Walters, Letter Book 1 (1961-1967)

folder 1: Klaus Baer

folders 2-4: Grant S. Heward

folder 5: Wesley P. Walters

folder 6: James D. Wardle

folder 7: Wilson, Parker, etc.

folder 8: W.P. Walters to J.D. Wardle

folders 9-14: W.P. Walters to J. Tanner (1965-1977)

folder 15: W.P. Walters to Fawn M. Brodie (1967-1979)

folders 16-20: Letter Book 1 (1961-1967)

box 79: Letter Book Two through Four (1968-1971)

box 80: Letter Book Five through Seven (1972-1975)

box 81: Letter Book Eight through Ten (1976-1978)

box 82: Letter Book Eleven through Twelve (1979-1981)

box 83: Letter Book Thirteen through Fifteen (1982-1984)

box 84: Letter Book Sixteen through Seventeen (1985-1988)

box 85: Inspired Version of the Bible

This box contains a photocopy of the Bible published by the RLDS Church.

box 86: Inspired Version of the Bible

folder 1: Inspired Version of the Bible

folder 2: Harvey E. Seibel, "An Analysis of the Inspired Translation"

folder 3: Arch S. Reynolds, A Study of Joseph Smith's Bible Revision

folder 4: Reed C. Durham, "A Study of Joseph Smith's Revision of the Bible"

folder 5: "The Social Psychological Basis of Mormon New-Orthodoxy"

box 87: The Bible

folder 1: The Bible and Mormon Doctrine

folder 2: Mormon Scriptures and the Bible

folder 3: The Bible in the LDS Church

folder 4: Nag Hammadi Writings and Mormonism

folder 5: Bob Witte

folder 6: An Open Letter, by J.A.C. and LeAnn Redford

box 88: Walter Martin (1984-1988)

folder 1: Wally Tope

folder 2: Personal Freedom Outreach Newsletters

folder 3: Walter Martin, Christian Research Institute

folder 4: Forward (1984-1986)

folder 5: Christian Research Journal (1987-1988)

box 89: Evolution

folder 1: International Council on Biblical Inerrancy

folder 2: The Utah Evangel

folder 3: The Inner Circle

folder 4: Watchman Expositor

folder 5: Jerald Tanner, Views on Creation, Evolution, and Fossil Man

folder 6: Evolution

box 90: Masonry and B. H. Roberts (1836-1839)

folder 1: Masonic Controversy

folder 2: Mormonism and Freemasonry

folder 3: John E. Thompson, "Joseph Smith and the Illuminati"

folder 4: Table of Jupiter

folder 5: B. H. Roberts

folder 6: B. H. Roberts' Letter on the Seventies

folder 7: Minutes of the Seventies (1836-1839)

folder 8: Life Story of B.H. Roberts

box 91: Mormon Schisms (1986-1988)

folder 1: Uniform System for Teaching Families

folder 2: Seminar for Regional Representatives

folder 3: N. Eldon Tanner, Administration of the LDS Church

folder 4: Schisms of the Restoration

folder 5: Richard Price

folder 6: Zion's Trumpet (1986-1988)

folder 7: Otto Fetting and Wilhelm A. Draves, The Word of the Lord

folder 8: Restoration Foundation

box 92: Relief Society and Brigham Young

folder 1: Relief Society

folder 2: Eliza R. Snow

folder 3: Women and the Priesthood

folder 4: Brigham Young

folder 5: Newell G. Bringhurst, Brigham Young and the Expanding American Frontier

folder 6: Brigham Young's Doctrinal Teachings

folder 7: Dean C. Jessee, "The Writings of Brigham Young"

box 93: Brigham Young and the Counsil of Fifty (1857)

folder 1: Diaries of Brigham Young

folder 2: Leonard J. Arrington Brigham Young: American Moses

folder 3: Brigham Young, Beehive House

folder 4: Brigham Young at Nauvoo, Illinois

folder 5: Proclamation of Brigham Young (1857)

folder 6: The Hodges Hanging

folder 7: Davis Bitton, Heber C. Kimball's Authoritarian Imagery

folder 8: John Taylor

folder 9: John Taylor Anointed King

folder 10: Council of Fifty

folder 11: Meetings of Council of Fifty

folder 12: The Mormon Kingdom

box 94: Mormon Presidents (1880-1890)

folder 1: Revelations (1880-1890)

folder 2: Lorenzo Snow

folder 3: Joseph F. Smith

folder 4: Heber J. Grant

folders 5-6: George Albert Smith

folder 7: David O. McKay

folder 8: Joseph Fielding Smith

folder 9: Harold B. Lee

folder 10: Spencer W. Kimball

folder 11: Ezra Taft Benson

box 95: Mormon Leaders and Related Materials (1985)

folder 1: Gordon B. Hinckley

folder 2: Boyd K. Packer

folder 3: October LDS World Conference (1985)

folder 4: Russell M. Nelson

folder 5: Eugene Eliason

folder 6: Homosexuality

folder 7: Truman G. Madsen

folder 8: Robert F. Smith

folder 9: Robert F. Smith, Chiasmus: The Hebraic Tradition

folder 10: Ernest L. Wilkinson Diary, Comprehensive Index

folder 11: Church Financial Interests and Mormons in Government

folder 12: Nauvoo Visitors Center, Dedication

box 96: Periodicals and Larry Foster (1971-1975)

folder 1: Times and Seasons (1971)

folder 2: Utah History Research Bulletin (1972-1975)

folders 3-6: William Lawrence Foster, "Between Two Worlds" (1976)

box 97: Mark Hofmann (1980-1986)

folder 1: Mark W. Hofmann

folder 2: Photocopy of Marquardt's Hofmann Notes

folder 3: Mark Hofmann, Original Notes (1980-1985)

folder 4: Interview of H. Michael Marquardt by Det. Sgt. Syd Elliot, 1985

folder 5: Steven F. Christensen

folder 6: Robert F. Smith, "Oracles and Talismans..."

box 98: Mark Hofmann

volume 1: Hofmann Interviews

volume 2: Hofmann Documents and Clippings

box 99: Mark Hofmann (1986)

folder 1: James D. Wardle, Research on Succession

folders 2-3: Jerald Tanner, Draft of Tracking the White Salamander (1986)

folder 4: Jerald Tanner, Tracking the White Salamander

folder 5: Jerald Tanner, Confessions of a White Salamander

volume 1: Articles and Documents on Hofmann

box 100: Mark Hofmann (1985)

folders 1-6: Newspaper Articles (1985)

box 101: Mark Hofmann (1986)

folders 1-6: Newspaper Articles, Court Papers, and Published Matericals (1986)

box 102: Mark Hofmann (1986-1988)

folders 1-5: Newspaper Articles, Published Material (1986-1987)

folder 6: Forged Documents and the L.D.S. Church

folder 7: Newspaper Articles, Published Material (1987-1988)

box 103: Mark Hofmann (1830-1985)

folder 1: Hofmann Documents

folder 2: Mark Hofmann Preliminary Hearing, Copy of Notes of Sandra Tanner

folder 3: "Oliver Cowdery History"

folder 4: Letter of John Webster (through Mark Hofmann) (1831)

folder 5: D. R. Atchison (1838)

folder 6: "Fragment of Book of Mormon Manuscript- Helaman"

folder 7: More Discoveries; McLellin Collection

folder 8: Articles on "Joseph Smith III Blessing" (1844)

folder 9: "Blessing of Joseph Smith III Document"

box 104: Mark Hofmann (1830-1985)

folder 1: Notes on Succession and "Joseph Smith III Blessing of Appointment" (1844)

folder 2: Other Blessings of Joseph Smith III

folder 3: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Joseph Smith's Successor (1981)

folders 4-7: "Letter of Martin Harris, October 23, 1830" (1830)

folder 8: Rhett James Report (1985)

folder 9: Glenn Clark, "My Son, The Salamander"

folder 10: Parallels of the Martin Harris Letter

box 105: Mark Hofmann (1825-1980)

folder 1: "Letter of Martin Harris (1873)

folder 2: "Letter of Lucy Mack Smith (1829)

folder 3: "Letter of Joseph Smith Jr. (1825)

folder 4: Letters (1825-1830)

folder 5: Copies of "Joseph Smith Transcript"

folder 6: Barry Fell's "Translation" of the Joseph Smith Transcript

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