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folder 23: Mother Goose's Melodies (1833) box 372

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folder 23: Mother Goose's Melodies (1833)

box 372: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1836-2008)

folder 1: Mountain Meadows Massacre (2007)

folder 2: Jon M. Duncan, Thesis, "Multiple Discourses in Early Mormon Religion" (1998)

folder 3: Tad Walch, "New Edition of Scriptures was Unifier" (2005)

folder 4: "News from the Library," Community of Christ (2006)

folder 5: Owen A. Allred

folder 6: Palmyra, New York Cemeteries

folder 7: Pope Benedict XVI

folder 8: Johnnie Glad, "Proclaiming the Message: A Comparison of the Mormon Missionary Strategy with Other Mainstream Christian Missions"

folder 9: Newsletters and Magazines (2005-2008)

Includes , , , , , and .

folder 10: Report and Petition of the Mormons (1840)

folder 11: Richard Dutcher

folder 12: Steve Benson, "Spencer W. Kimball, the LDS Church and Organic Evolution: Personal Correspondence with Mormonism's Prophet of Fraud"

folder 13: Statement of Latter-day Saint Beliefs, Joseph Smith (1836)

folder 14: Sunstone Symposium (2005-2007)

folder 15: Articles (2001-2007)

Includes articles by Dick Bauman entitled "The Book of Mormon is True," Grant H. Palmer entitled "The 'Born Again' Saint," and by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson entitled, "The Bridge or the Beehive? Mormon Apologetics in a Postmodern Age."

folder 16: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Great Britian) Financial Statements (2004-2005)

folder 17: James L. Bradley, "The Eternal Perspective of Zion's Camp" (2004)

folder 18: David Padfield, "The Truth About Mormonism" (2005)

folder 19: "United States Constitution on the Brink of Destruction"

box 373: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1830-2006)

folder 1: Book of Mormon Copyright, Library of Congress

folder 2: Mitt Romeny for President

folder 3: Bradish, Lapham, Ramsdell and Robinson Family Material

folder 4: Articles (2005)

Includes articles by Richard L. Anderson entitled "Attempts to Redefine the Experience of the Eight Witnesses," and Dean C. Jessee and John W. Welch entitled, "Revelations in Context: Joseph Smith's Letter from Liberty Jail, March 20, 1839."

folder 5: Richard L .Bushman, On the Road with Joseph Smith: An Author's Diary (2006)

folder 6: William P. MacKinnon, "'Lovely Bones': Leadership and Utah War Violence"

folder 7: Matthew B. Brown, "Revised or Unaltered?: Joseph Smith's Foundational Stories"

folder 8: Map, "RLDS Branches in Southwestern Iowa 1859-1870" (1999)

folder 9: R. Jean Addams, "Reclaiming the 'Temple Lot' in the 'Center Place' of Zion" (2006)

folder 10: Fred E. Woods, "'What Greater Witness can you have from God?' A Look at the Undeviating Testimony of Oliver Cowdery including his Rebirth, Reconciliation and Return to Mormonism" (2006)

folder 11: Church Organized (1830)

Includes information about church organization in Manchester, New York.

folder 12: Steve Bright, "The Semantic Divide: An Evolution of Mormon Semantics"

folder 13: Iowa High Council Record

folders 14-15: A. Chris Eccel, "Eighteen Chapters of Isaiah in Six Versions"

Includes verses from Isaiah 2-14, 29, and 48-53 in the Old Testament as well as verses from Micah and Malachi. Also includes verses from Matthew 3-5 from the New Testament as well as other New Testament texts and bibliographies of biblical textual criticism sources.

box 374: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (2006)

folder 1: A. Chris Eccel, "An Analysis of the Distribution of the BM Variants"

folder 2: A. Chris Eccel, Sembase Project, "The Role of the Mormon Apologist in the Reduction of Cognitive Dissonance"

folder 3: D. Michael Quinn, "Joseph Smith's Experience of a Methodist 'Camp Meeting' in 1820" (2006)

Appeared in .

folder 4: Rich Troll, "Samuel Tyler Lawrence: A Significant Figure in Joseph Smith's Palmyra Past"

folder 5: John Curl, "History of Work Cooperation in America"

folders 6-7: Cornelius C. Blatchly

folder 8: Publications and Letters of C. C. Blatchly

box 375: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1826-2008)

folder 1: New York Newspapers

folder 2: Hank's N.Y. Investigator

folder 3: Disposition of Court Cases, Russell Stoddard vs. Joseph Smith Sr. (1826)

folder 4: Paul Benyola, Apostle, The Church of Jesus Christ

folder 5: JWHA and MHA (2007)

folder 6: Theodemocracy

Also includes notes on Nauvoo Masonic Rituals.

folder 7: Kathleen Flake, "'Not to be Riten': The Mormon Temple Rite as Oral Canon" (1995)

folder 8: Papers, Newell G. Bringhurst

folder 9: Jane Elizabeth Manning James

folder 10: Items by Bill Shepard

folder 11: RLDS Doctrine and Covenants 150

folder 12: Mountain Meadows Massacre

folder 13: Newsletters (2005-2008)

Includes and .

box 376: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (2004-2008)

folder 1: Articles (2007)

Includes Richard Lyman Gushman's "What's New in Mormon History: A Response to Jan Shipps," Monte Wolverton's "When Beliefs Collapse," and Robert N. Hullinger's "'You Don't See What I See': Response to...Gary F. Novak's Review of Joseph Smith's Response to Skepticism."

folder 2: Luke Wilson, Tribute

folder 3: Newsletter, Zion's Advocate (2004-2008)

folder 4: Newsletter, Vision #46-#58 (2004-2008)

folders 5-7: H. Michael Marquardt, Draft, "The Rise of Mormonism: 1816-1844"

box 377: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1978)

folders 1-2: H. Michael Marquardt, Draft, "The Four Gospels According to Joseph Smith"

folder 3: H. Michael Marquardt, "Judge Astin A. King's Preliminary Hearing: Joseph Smith and the Mormons on Trial"

folder 4: Notes, Austin A. King's Preliminary Hearing

Also includes notes on Austin A. King's Preliminary Hearing Manuscript.

folder 5: H. Michael Marquardt, "A Look at Joseph Smith Jr." (1978)

box 378: Research on Utah Lighthouse Ministry (1986-2005)

folder 1: Jerald Tanner

folder 2: Utah Lighthouse Ministry, Inc. vs. Discovery Computing Inc. (2005)

folder 3: Suit Against Utah Lighthouse Ministry

folders 4-5: Utah Lighthouse Ministry Material

folder 6: Newsletter, Salt Lake City Messenger , no. 59-72 (1986-1989)

box 379: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1880-2007)

folders 1-3: Newsletter, Salt Lake City Messenger , no. 73-109 (1989-2007)

folder 4: Presbyterian Church, Palmyra, New York

Includes information on Western Presbyterian Church and Presbyterian Church of East in Palmyra, New York.

folder 5: William W. Gates, Phelps, New York

folder 6: E. Latimer, The Three Brothers: Sketches of the Lives of Rev. Aurora Seager, Rev. Micah Seager, Rev. Schuyler Seager, D. D. (1880)

folder 7: Joseph Smith's Bible Revision

folder 8: The Bernhisel Manuscript

Also includes an article by Robert J. Matthews entitled, "An Analysis: The Bernhisel Manuscript of Joseph Smith's Inspired Version of the Bible."

folder 9: Thomas A. Wayment and Tyson J. Yost, "The Joseph Smith Translation and Italicized Words in the King James Version"

folder 10: Donald Joseph Miles, Thesis, "Preservation of the Writing Approaches of the Four Gospel Writers in the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible" (1991)

box 380: Research on Religious Texts and Mormon Theology (1995-2007)

folder 1: Notes, Joseph Smith's New Translation of the Bible: Original Manuscripts (2004)

folder 2: Royal Skousen, "The Earliest Textual Sources for Joseph Smith's 'New Translation' of the King James Bible"

folder 3: Phillip P. Barlow, "Joseph Smith's Revisions of the Bible: Fradulent, Pathologic or Prophetic?"

folder 4: "Joseph Smith's Translation of the Bible: A Symposium" (1995)

folder 5: Philip Wesley comfort, The Quest for the Original Text of the New Testament

folder 6: Various New Testament Readings and Gospel Accounts

folder 7: Manuscript, Greek New Testament

folder 8: Review, The Complete Text of the Earliest New Testament Manuscripts , Philip W. Comfort and David P. Barrett, eds.

folder 9: Leland M. Haines, "Translations and the Greek Text"

folder 10: Catalogue of New Testament Papyri and Codices, 2nd-10th Centuries

folder 11: Excerpts, Anchor Bible Dictionary

folder 12: Christian Tindall, "Contributions of the Statistical Study of the Codex Sinaiticus"

folder 13: Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus

folder 14: Codex Sinaiticus, Articles (2007)

Articles include T. C. Skeat's "The Codex Sinaiticus, The Codex Vaticanus and Constantine," and Hershel Shanks's, "Who Owns the Sinaiticus?"

folder 15: Articles on the Bible

folder 16: Papyri and Manuscripts of the New Testament

folder 17: Dewey M. Beegle, Notes, Scripture, Tradition and Infallibility

box 381: Research on Religious Texts and Mormon Theology (1962-2004)

folder 1: Early Christian Church

folder 2: W. D. Davis, Christian Origins and Judaism (1962)

Includes a chapter entitled, "A Normative Pattern of Church Life in the New Testament."

folder 3: Arthur G. Patzia, Excerpts, The Making of the New Testament: Origin, Collection, Text and Cannon (1995)

folder 4: The Lord's Prayer

folder 5: Matthew

folder 6: Thomas Paine, "Age of Reason, Part II, The New Testament"

folder 7: Comments on the Joseph Smith Translation

folder 8: The Greek Text Adopted by the Translators of the Authorized Version of the New Testament

folder 9: Sandra L. Wilson, "Geneses of the 'New Testament': A Critical Study"

folder 10: Joel B. Groat, "Joseph Smith's 'Inspired' Revisions to the King James Bible"

folder 11: Ronald V. Huggins, "Joseph Smith and the Text of Genesis" (2002)

Given at the Sunstone Symposium.

folder 12: Kent P. jackson and Scott H. Faulring, "Old Testament Manuscript 3: An Early Transcript of the Book of Moses" (2004)

folder 13: The Gospel of Judas

folder 14: Various Notes

box 382: Research on Religious Texts and Mormon Theology (1833-1838)

folder 1: Various Notes

folder 2: Various Articles, New Testament

folder 3: Additional Notes

folder 4: Mark, Chapter 13

folder 5: Bibliography of Textual Criticism: Consolidated Chronological Index

folder 6: Preliminary Typescript, Original Manuscript of the Old Testament

Includes pages 1-22.

folder 7: Corrections to Transcription, Genesis

folder 8: Joseph Smith III and The New Testament

folder 9: Copy Prints, RLDS Archives

folder 10: Index Notes

folder 11: Names, Index of Patriarchal Blessingsin Kirtland, Ohio, Vols. 1-2 (1833-1838)

folder 12: Endnotes, Lost Legacy

folder 13: A Compilation of Patriarchal Blessings

box 383: Research on Patriarchal Blessings (1835-1968)

folder 1: Richard P. Howard, "A Brief History of Patriarchal Ministry..."

Also includes an article by Gomer Condit and Genie Pergio entitled "Abraham's Seed."

folder 2: J. Max Anderson, "Succession in the Patriarchal Office" (1968)

folder 3: Office of Patriarch

folder 4: Patriarchal Blessing, Joseph Smith Jr.

folder 5: Patriarch, Joseph Smith Sr.

folder 6: Patriarch, Hyrum Smith

folder 7: Patriarch, William Smith

folder 8: Patriarch, Uncle John Smith

folder 9: Patriarch, John Smith

folder 10: Patriarch, Eldred G. Smith

folder 11: Notes, Patriarchal Blessing, Book 1

Also includes Notes on "Promises to Live Until the Savior Comes" and "Patriarchal Blessings and Different Texts when Copied into Patriarchal Blessing Book 1."

folder 12: Patriarchial Blessings of Joseph Smith Sr.

folder 13: Patriarchal Blessings Given (1835-1840)

box 384: Research on Patriarchal Blessings (1845)

folder 1: Table of Contents, Patriarchal and Other Blessings

folder 2: Patriarchal Blessing Book 1

folder 3: Additional Patriarchal Blessings of Joseph Smith Sr.

folder 4: Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Minutes

Also includes Patriarchal Blessing Book Vol. 2.

folder 5: Patriarchal Blessings of Hyrum Smith

folder 6: Patriarchal Blessings of William Smith, Book (1845)

folder 7: Patriarchal Blessing of William Smith, Book, By Blessing Number (1845)

folder 8: William Smith Blessing Book, Typed, Community of Christ Library-Archives

box 385: Research on Patriarchal Blessings (1845-1846)

folder 1: Patriarchial Blessings of William Smith (1845-1846)

Also Includes "William Smith Patriarchal Blessing Book" organized by Blessing Number.

folder 2: Copy, William Smith Patriarchal Blessing Book, State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1845-1846)

folders 3-4: Draft, "Early Patriarchal Blessings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"

folder 5: Other Patriarchal Blessings

box 386: Research on Patriarchal Blessings (1844-1854)

folder 1: Notes, Patriarchal and Other Blessings

folder 2: Patriarchal Blessing of Isaac Morley

folder 3: Patriarchal Blessings of Uncle John Smith (1844-1854)

folder 4: Patriarchal Blessings of John Smith

folder 5: Patriarchal Blessings given by Other Patriarchs

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The H. Michael Marquardt Papers (1960-2008) contain correspondence, newsletters, brouchures, books, maps, documents, news clippings, and other materials relating to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The LDS Church).

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Twenty-four hours advance notice encouraged. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.

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Boxes 1-167 were donated in 1986.

Boxes 168-200 were donated in 1998.

Boxes 201-241 were donated in 2001.

Boxes 242-288 were donated in 2004.

Boxes 289-386 were donated in 2008.

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Mark Evans, Christie Pugh, Kate Kimball and Sawaiba Khan 1989-2008


H. Michael Marquardt




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