Folder 1: Adam-God folder 2: Adam-God Doctrine and lds edowment folder 3

folder 2: Lyndon W. Cook, Joseph C. Kingsbury: A Biography (1985) Also includes excerpts of Joseph C. Kingsbury's Journal. folder 3

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folder 2: Lyndon W. Cook, Joseph C. Kingsbury: A Biography (1985)

Also includes excerpts of Joseph C. Kingsbury's Journal.

folder 3: Joseph Smith, August 18, 1842, Letter

folder 4: Lucy Walker

folder 5: Nancy Maria Winchester

folder 6: Flora Woodworth

folder 7: H. Michael Marquardt, "Report of Possible Children Born to Joseph Smith" (2003)

folder 8: Marriage in the Restoration

folder 9: Joseph Smith Diary and Teachings

folder 10: Sangamo Journal (1842)

folder 11: Andrew F. Ehat, "An Overview of the Introduction of Eternal Marriage in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: 1840-1843" (1980)

folder 12: Epistle (1842)

folder 13: "Voice of Innocence from Nauvoo"

box 345: Research on Mormon Figures, Marriage, and Polygamy (1842-1993)

folder 1: Udney Hay Jacob, The Peacemaker (1842)

folder 2: RLDS Articles on Polygamy

folder 3: Marrying Sisters, Mothers, and Daughters

folder 4: Richard L. Hone, The History and Theology of Mormon Polygamy , Volume 1

folder 5: John E. Thompson, "A History of Plural Marriage in the Mormon Church" (1974)

folder 6: Tom Forehand, "Mormon Harem on the Mississippi" (1993)

folder 7: Danel W. Bachman, "New Light on an Old Hyposthesis: The Ohio Origins of the Revelation on Eternal Marriage"

folder 8: Articles, Historical Development of Plural Marriages

Includes articles written by Max H. Parkin and Kenneth W. Godfrey.

folder 9: Adams, Brannan, Hardy, Lyle, Smith-Branches in the East, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia

folder 10: Parley P. Pratt on Spiritual Wife

box 346: Research on Mormon Figures, Marriage, and Polygamy (1835-1996)

folder 1: Maps of Nauvoo

folder 2: Richard and Jeni Holzapfel, Women of Nauvoo (1992)

folder 3: Background (1835)

folder 4: Steven F. Christensen, "David and Perdition"

folder 5: Eli Johnson

folder 6: Melodie Moench, "Joseph Smith: Prophet, Priest, and King" (1978)

folder 7: Susan Staker, "'The Lord Said, Thy Wife is a Very Fair Woman to Look Upon': The Book of Abraham, Secrets, and Lying for the Lord" (1996)

Includes comments by Marshall Hamilton.

folder 8: Plural Marriage and Joseph Smith

folder 9: Notes on Plural Marriage

folder 10: Joseph Smith's Polygamous Wives/ Polygamy Doctrine

box 347: Research on Mormon Figures, Marriage, and Polygamy (1842-2008)

folder 1: Richard and Pamela Price, "Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy" (1994-2008)

Articles from Magazine.

folder 2: Nauvoo Expositor (1844)

folder 3: Conferences and Various Items (1843-1846)

folder 4: Hyrum Smith Discourse (1844)

folder 5: Bill Shepard, "Stealing at Mormon Nauvoo"

folder 6: H. Michael Marquardt, "Joseph Smith and Plural Marriage" (1977)

folder 7: Book of Sealings-Wives to Husbands (Proxy) (1846)

folder 8: Grant H. Palmer, "Sexual Allegations against Joseph Smith, 1829-1835" (2003)

folder 9: Nauvoo State Ward Census (1842)

folder 10: Change in Initiatory Ordinances (2005)

folder 11: James E. Lancaster, "The Seer Stone Article Reprised"

folder 12: Miscellaneous on Joseph Smith

box 348: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and Polygamy (1835-2006)

folders 1-2: Minutes, School of the Prophets, Salt Lake City (1870-1871)

folder 3: MHA Conference (2006)

folder 4: Papers by Randall Larsen

folder 5: Richard Packman, "A Linguist Looks at Mormonism"

folder 6: Don Bradley, "'The Grand Fundamental Principles of Mormonism': Joseph Smith's Unfinished Reformation"

folder 7: "Supposed" List of Items in First Presidency Vault

folder 8: Articles, Mormon Polygamy (1851)

Includes articles from the , Kathryn Daynes, Lawrence Foster, O. Kendall White, Jr. and Daryl White.

folder 9: Gregory L. Smith, "Polygamy, Prophets, and Prevarication"

folder 10: Jerold A. Hilton, Thesis, "Polygamy in Utah and Surrounding Area since the Manifesto of 1890" (1965)

folder 11: Nauvoo High Council (1839-1840)

folder 12: Sealings and Adoptions (1846-1857)

folder 13: Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, Record (1853)

box 349: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (2002-2008)

folder 1: The Evangel (2004)

folder 2: "Mormons in D.C.," The Salt Lake Tribune (2005)

folder 3: Proxy Baptisms of Jews

folder 4: Helen Radkey, "Report on the Mormon-Jewish Controversy" (2008)

folder 5: Crandall Historical Printing Museum

folder 6: Newell G. Bringhurst, "Four American Prophets Confront Slavery: Joseph Smith,William Miller, Ellen G.White, and Mary Baker Eddy"

folder 7: Cameron J. Packer, Thesis, "A Study of the Hill Cumorah: A Significant Latter-day Saint Landmark in Western New York" (2002)

folder 8: Robert T. Beckstead, "Reincarnation and Restoration"

folder 9: Earl M. Wunderli, "The Two Jesus's in Third Nephi" (2005)

folder 10: Robin Scott Jensen, Thesis, "Gleaning the Harvest: Strangite Missionary Work, 1846-1850" (2005)

folder 11: Newell G. Bringhurst, Draft, "Blacks and Race amongst Fundamentalist Mormons" (2005)

box 350: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1877-2006)

folder 1: George Shamlin, Notes

folder 2: LaMar Petersen, Obituary (2005)

folder 3: John Whitmer Historical Association (JWHA), Trip and Articles (2005)

Includes a paper by Michael Karpowicz entitled "Diverging Trends in the Hierarchies of the LDS Church and the community of Christ."

folder 4: Michael Homer, "Children in New Religious Movements: The Mormon Experience"

folder 5: Rodney Stark, Review, The Rise of Mormonism

folder 6: Stephen C. LeSueur, "Missouri's Failed Compromise: The Creation of Caldwell County for the Mormons"

folder 7: Noel B. Reynolds, "The Case for Sidney Rigdon as Author of the Lectures on Faith"

folder 8: Joseph Smith's Changing Doctrine of Deity

folder 9: Ronald E. Roming, Mormon History Tour Guide (1994-1999)

Includes Tours in Early Independence, Early Jackson County, and Far West, Missouri.

folder 10: Excerpts, Letters (1877-1918)

folder 11: Matthew Roper, "Limited Geography and the Book of Mormon: Historical Antecedents and Early Interpretations" (2004)

folder 12: Lucy Mack Smith at Buffalo, New York

folder 13: Dale R. Broadhurst

folder 14: Jeffery Ogden Johnson, "Was Being a Probate Judge in Pioneer Utah a Church Calling?" (2006)

folder 15: Don Bradley, "The Second Coming of John the Baptist: The Book of Mormon as Contemporaneous Evidence of Priesthood Restoration" (2006)

Paper for the Sunstone Symposium.

box 351: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (2005-2006)

folder 1: "'As if from Mine own Mouth': Discerning Revelation in Early Mormonism"

folder 2: Ron Priddis, Draft, "Blake Ostler's Errors: It Takes a Lot of Wishful Thinking to Make DNA Lineages Go Away"

folder 3: Steven C. Davis

folder 4: Richard D. K. Johnson

folder 5: Gene Needham (2005)

folder 6: JWHA and Sunstone Symposium (2006)

folder 7: Newell G. Bringhurst, "Gender, Race, and Ethnicity as Dynamics for Schism within Mormonism following Joseph Smith's Death" (2006)

folder 8: O. Kendall White Jr., Curriculum Vitae (2005)

folder 9: Finding the Bible in the Book of Mormon

folder 10: Evidence from the Book of Mormon Manuscript

folder 11: "The Primer: Helping Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Polygamous Communities" (2005)

folders 12-13: H. Michael Marquardt, "General Authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints"

folder 14: Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony

box 352: Correspondence (2001-2002)

box 353: Correspondence (2002-2003)

box 354: Correspondence (2004-2005)

box 355: Correspondence (2006-2007)

box 356: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1973-2008)

folder 1: Correspondence (2008)

folder 2: Important Articles

folder 3: "Early Latter-day Saint Priesthood Restoration: A Review Essay"

folder 4: H. Michael Marquardt, "Early Documents and Latter-day Saint Historic Sites: A Slide Presentation" (1996)

folder 5: Listing of Edyth J. Romney Typescripts (1973-1983)

folder 6: Michael W. Homer, Chapter DraftsOn the Way to Somewhere Else: European Sojourners in the Mormon West, 1834-1930

folder 7: Draft, "'Why then Introduce Them into Our Inner Temple?': The Masonic Influence on Mormon Denial of Priesthood Ordination to African American Men," Michael W. Homer

box 357: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1805-1830)

folder 1: Changes in Joseph Smith's History

folder 2: Notes, Manuscript, "History of the Church"

Also includes Notes on the Addenda.

folder 3: B. H. Roberts and DHC

Includes notes on DHC Volume 1-History of Joseph Smith.

folder 4: "Changes in Printed 'History of the Church'," Stanley Ivins and H.H. Smith

Also includes a typed Manuscript of "History of the Church," Book A-1, pp. 1-4.

folder 5: Articles, Dean C. Jessee

Includes "The Writings of Joseph Smith's History" and "The Reliability of Joseph Smith's History."

folder 6: Paul H. Peterson, "Understanding Joseph: A Review of Published Documentary Sources"

folder 7: History of Joseph Smith , Documentary History of the Church

folder 8: History of Joseph Smith, Times and Seasons (1805-1830)

folder 9: Notes on Manuscript History, Zelph History

folder 10: Kenneth W. Godfrey, "What is the Significance of Zelph in the Study of Book of Mormon Geography?"

box 358: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1838-1979)

folder 1: Draft and Manuscript, "History of the Church" (1838-1839)

folder 2: Howard Searle

folders 3-5: Howard C. Searle, Thesis, "Early Mormon Historiography: Writng the History of the Mormons 1830-1858" (1979)

folder 6: Microfilm, Mormons in Illinois, Yale University

folder 7: Donald Q. Cannon and Larry E. Dahl, "The Prophet Joseph Smith's King Follett Discourse: A Six Column Comparison of Orignial Notes and Amalgamations"

box 359: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (2003)

folder 1: Delaware Tribe of Indians

folder 2: Missionary Work in Ohio, First Baptisms

folder 3: Ohio, High Priesthood

folder 4: "Establishing Zion: 1830-1831," Notes

folder 5: Mormon Mission to the Native Americans

folder 6: Devery S. Anderson and Gary James Bergera, Draft, "'A Season in Prayer': Meetings of Joseph Smith's Quorum of the Anointed, 1842-1845" (2003)

folders 7-8: Devery S. Anderson, Draft, "The Nauvoo Endowment Companies, 1845-1846: A Documentary History"

box 360: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1953-2003)

folder 1: Notes, Adam-God Doctrine

folder 2: Adam-God Material

folder 3: Rodney Turner, Thesis, "The Position of Adam in Latter-day Saints Scripture and Theology" (1953)

folder 4: A Compilation of Quotations on the Council of Fifty

folder 5: Janet Lisonbee, "In Memory Of..." (2003)

folder 6: Nicholas S. Leterski, Mormonism and Freemasonry

folder 7: Bill Shepard, "'To Set in Order the House of God': The Search for the Elusive One Mighty and Strong"

folder 8: Michael W. Homer, On the Way to Somewhere Else: European Sojourners in the Mormon West, 1834-1930

folder 9: Senate Document 189

folder 10: Don Enders

box 361: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1999-2004)

folder 1: Manchester Log Cabin, etc.

folder 2: Scott Faulring

folder 3: Grant H. Palmer, Reviews, An Insider's View of Mormon Origins

folder 4: Problems with Stones owned by the Church of Christ (Temple Lot)

folder 5: Kyle R. Walker, Thesis, "The Joseph Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith Family: A Family Process Analysis of a Nineteenth Century Household" (2001)

folder 6: Hugh W. Nibley

folder 7: DNA Research and the Book of Mormon

folder 8: Evangelicals and LDS (2004)

folder 9: Wally Tope

folder 10: Brian Hales

folder 11: Francis M. Gibbons, "Perspectives in Writing Biography" (1999)

Also includes a response from Lawrence Coates in .

box 362: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1835-2005)

folder 1: Mini-Conference, "The Gentle Madness of Book Collecting" (2003)

folder 2: A. Dean Larsen Book Collecting Conference (2004-2005)

folder 3: Community of Christ, Doctrine and Covenants (2004)

folder 4: "Reinventing Lamanite Identity," Brent Lee Metcalfe (2004)

folder 5: LDS and Dead Sea Scrolls

folder 6: Twelve Apostles (1835-1844)

folder 7: MHA Trip (2005)

folder 8: James A. Everett, "Joseph Smith, Jr.-A Fallen Prophet?"

folder 9: Endnotes, Region Studies in Latter-day Saint Church History (2002)

box 363: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1946-2007)

folder 1: Russell Anderson, "The 1826 Trial of Joseph Smith"

folder 2: Revelations of Frederick N. Larsen

folder 3: C. Jess Groesbeck, "The Book of Mormon as Symbolic History II from the Natural World to the Spiritual World" (2004)

folder 4: Letter and Paper, George Boyd

folder 5: Articles (2003-2004)

Includes an article by Ron Roming and Mike Riggs entitled, "Far West Stewardship and Cooperative Firms, Caldwell County, Missouri, 1838" and Van Hale entitled, "Questioning Book of Mormon Wordprint Studies."

folder 6: "Fundamentalists, Blacks and the Priesthood"

folder 7: Articles, The Salt Lake Tribune (2004)

Includes "Purported Remarks of L. Tom Perry" and "Living the Principle."

folder 8: Nathanial Fish Moore, Diary: A Trip from New York to the Falls of St. Anthony in 1845 (1946)

folder 9: MHA (2004)

folder 10: JWHA Election Committee (2003-2004)

folders 11-12: Member JWHA Board (2005-2007)

folder 13: Sunstone Symposium (2004)

box 364: Research on the Book of Abraham and the Papyri (2004)

folder 1: Klaus Baer, etc.

folder 2: Mummies and Papyri shown by Lucy Mack Smith

folder 3: Notes, Mummies and Papyri

folder 4: Book of Abraham, Research and Articles

folder 5: Book of Abraham, Notes (2004)

folder 6: Papers by S. J. (Su) Wolfe

box 365: Research on The Book of Abraham and the Papyri (1987)

folder 1: Papers, Ed Snow

folders 2-3: Edward H. Ashment

folder 4: Articles, Edward H. Ashment (1987)

Includes articles entitled, "'Indeed One in Our Hands': What Happened in the New Editions," "The Use of Egyptian Magical Papyri to Authenticate the Book of Abraham," and "'A Record in the Language of My Fathers': The Question of Evidence of Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew in the Book of Abraham."

folder 5: Responses on Ed Ashment, David Ellis and Anthony Hutchinson

box 366: Research on The Book of Abraham and the Papyri (1990-2006)

folder 1: The Book of Abraham

folder 2: Egyptian Manuscripts

Includes handwriting comparisons from Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and William W. Phelps.

folder 3: Translation Manuscripts, Book of Abraham Manuscripts 1-3

folder 4: Egyptian Manuscripts and the Egyptian Alphabet

folder 5: H. Michael Marquardt, "Egyptian Alphabet and Grammer: A Project of Joseph Smith, Jr's Dicatation" (1990-2006)

folder 6: Book of Abraham, Egyptian Alphabet

folder 7: Robert K. Ritner, "The 'Breathing Permit of Hor' Thirty-three Years Later"

folder 8: Michael D. Rhodes, The Hor Book of Breathings: A Translation and Commentary (2002)

box 367: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (2000-2006)

folder 1: Articles, Robert Ritner and Others (2005)

Includes an article by Larry E. Morris entitled "The Book of Abraham: Ask the Right Questions and Keep on Looking."

folder 2: The Book of Abraham (2000)

folder 3: Jonathan Moyer, "The Jewish Origin of the Book of Abraham" (2003)

folder 4: Kevin Mathie, Draft, "Examining the Book of Abraham" (2005)

folder 5: Dan Vogel

folder 6: Articles, Dan Vogel (2005-2006)

Includes articles entitled "The Structure of an Apologetic," "Can Ostler Save Book of Mormon Historicity?," "Resisting Paradigm Shift," and "'Academic Discourse'? Response to D. Michael Quinn."

folder 7: Dan Vogel, Three Lectures, "Book of Mormon As Joseph Smith's Prophetic Crucible" (2005)

box 368: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1983-2008)

folder 1: Joseph Smith Papers Project (2008)

folder 2: Articles, Joseph Smith's Bicentennial (2005)

folder 3: H. Michael Marquardt, "Historical Roots of Mormon Polygamy" (2005)

folder 4: Joseph Coe, Ruben McBride, and Joseph Smith

folder 5: Juan Jose Castillos, "The Mormons and Egyptology"

folder 6: Phillip C. Ellsworth, "Accounting for the Joseph Smith Papyri" (2006)

folder 7: Grant S. Heward, "The Book of Abraham Papyrus Found"

folder 8: Stephen E. Thompson, Dialogue , "Egyptology and the Book of Abraham" (1995)

folder 9: Michael D. Rhodes

Also includes an article entitled "Teaching the Book of Abraham Facsimiles."

folder 10: John Gee

folder 11: Michael Lyon

folder 12: Hugh W. Nibley, "Abraham's Creation Drama"

folder 13: John A. Tvedtness

folder 14: Stanley B. Kimball, Dialogue , "New Light on Old Egyptiana: Mormon Mummies 1848-1871" (1983)

folder 15: Aziz S. Atiya

folder 16: V. W. Smith

box 369: Newspaper Articles (1828-1846)

box 370: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1825-2007)

folders 1-2: Excerpts from Publications (1835-1955)

folder 3: Miscellaneous Newspaper Articles (1825-1911)

folder 4: Notes, The Western Bugle

folder 5: "The Mormons in England," New York Observer (1844)

Also includes an article entitled, "Death of Robert Turner of Sheffield."

folder 6: Gilbert and Whitney Store, Independence, Missouri

folder 7: Daniel Hadley, "Accounting for One Enoch in Religious Literature: Beowulf, the Book of Moses and LDS Apologetics" (2006)

folder 8: "An Act Concerning Religious Societies Incorporate" (1835)

folder 9: Articles, Salt Lake Tabernacle (2005)

folder 10: Book of Mormon and DNA Debate

folder 11: Blacks in LDS Church

folder 12: Chronology of Michael Hull Barton

folder 13: Community of Christ Historic Sites Foundation

folder 14: LDS Newsroom, "Core Beliefs: Why and How are Mormons Different?" (2007)

folder 15: Courageous Christians United

box 371: Research on Mormon Figures, Theology, and History (1833-2008)

folder 1: D. Michael Quinn, Wall Street Journal (2006)

folder 2: Stephen J. Fleming, "Discord in the City of Brotherly Love: The Story of Early Mormonism in Philadelphia" (2004)

folder 3: Endowment (Mormonism)

folder 4: Family Resource Catalog (2002-2008)

folder 5: Freemasons in Nauvoo Meeting Minutes

folder 6: Gordon B. Hinckley

folder 7: George W. Romney

folder 8: Article, "Growth Lacking Among Mormon Splinter Groups" (2007)

folder 9: Van Hale, "I Am Liberal in My Sentiments towards All Men" (2006)

folder 10: Individuals with James J. Strang

folder 11: Interview, Michael Coe (2006)

folder 12: Jesus Christ/ Joseph Smith DVD

folder 13: Grant H. Palmer, Draft, "Jesus' Judgment of Humanity"

folder 14: Ronald V. Huggins, "Joseph Smith and the First Verse of the Bible" (2003)

folder 15: Kinderhook Plates

folder 16: Kirtland Ohio: Smith House References and Descriptions

folder 17: Articles, LDS Church Growth (2005)

folder 18: Letters (1853-2007)

Includes correspondence from Stephen M. Veazey, George Albert Smith to Stanley McAllister, Orson Pratt, and Parley P. Pratt to Willard Richards.

folder 19: Connell O-Donovan, Draft, "'Let This be a Warning to All Niggers': The Life and Murder of Thomas Coleman in Theocratic Utah" (2007)

folder 20: Ronald V. Huggins, "Lorenzo Snow's Couplet: 'As Man Now is, God once was; As God now is Man May be..." (2006)

folder 21: Newsletters (2005-2008)

Includes , , , and .

folder 22: Thomas Johnson, Modern Revelation: The Book of Mormon Concisely Translated into Plain English

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