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folders 4-6: Joseph Lee Robinson, Journal (1848-1892)

box 320: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1807-1881)

folder 1: Orin Rockwell Family

folder 2: Albert P. Rockwood, Letterbook

folder 3: Albert Perry Rockwood, Letter to "Sister Rose" (1838)

folder 4: James Henry Rollins

folder 5: Shadrack Roundy Biography

folder 6: Symonds Ryder

folder 7: Salisbury Family

folder 8: Warren L. Van Dine, "Catherine Smith Salisbury"

folder 9: Perrigrine Sessions

folder 10: Sarah and Isaac Scott Letters

folder 11: Lumon Andros Shirtliff History (1807-1881)

folder 12: Diary of Janne Mattson Sjodahl, Excerpts

folder 13: James Sloan

folder 14: Cyrus Smalling

folder 15: Alexander Hale Smith

folder 16: Alvin Smith

folder 17: Richard L. Anderson, "Alvin Smith"

folder 18: David H. Smith

folder 19: Don Carlos Smith

folder 20: Eden Smith, Journal

folder 21: Elias Smith

folder 22: Elias Smith, Kirtland Camp Journal

folder 23: Elias Smith, Journal

box 321: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1831-1993)

folder 1: George A. Smith

folder 2: George A. Smith, "My Journal"

Taken from .

folder 3: George Albert Smith, Journals

folder 4: Hyrum Smith Diary

folder 5: John Smith Diary (1838-1839)

folder 6: John Smith, Journal

folder 7: Mark L. McConkie, The Father of the Prophet: Stories and Insights from the Life of the Joseph Smith Sr. (1993)

folder 8: Roger D. Launius, EndnotesJoseph Smith III: Pragmatic Prophet

folder 9: Joseph F. Smith

folder 10: Samuel H. Smith, Journal (1831-1833)

folder 11: Bill Shepard, "Samuel Smith, Hosea Stout and the Nauvoo Society"

box 322: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1844-2001)

folder 1: William Smith

folder 2: Letters, William Smith, Lucy Smith, and Family

folder 3: Defense of Elder Smith Against the Slanders of Abraham Burtis and Others (1844)

folder 4: To the Public: Slander Refuted!

folder 5: William Smith Families

folder 6: William Smith

folder 7: Bill Shepard, "'The Twelve Have to Bear It,' William Smith's Return to Nauvoo in May 1845" (2001)

folder 8: William Shepard, JWHA Paper, "Mormon Banditti: The Hodge Brothers of Nauvoo" (2001)

folder 9: Bill Shepard, "The Tragedy of the Hodge Brothers at Nauvoo"

folder 10: Bill Shepard, "Trial for Murder Compilation, Hodge Brothers"

box 323: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1832-1973)

folder 1: Melchisedic and Aaronic Herald (1849-1850)

folder 2: "Remonstrance of William Smith et. al." (1849)

folder 3: "A Revelation given to William Smith in 1847"

folder 4: Manuscript, "Startling Developments, Saints Take Warning"

folder 5: "Minutes of a Conference..." (1846)

folder 6: "William Smith, Patriarch and Prophet of the Most High God"

folder 7: Zion's Standard , "A Voice from the Smith Family" (1848)

folder 8: Letters to Sam Brannon and Emma Smith (1848)

folder 9: William Smith's Papers (1850)

folder 10: William Smith, A Proclamation (1845)

folder 11: A Synopsis of the First Chapter of the Gospel of St. William

folder 12: Joseph Wood, Epistle of the Twelve (1851)

folder 13: Calvin P. Rudd, Thesis, "William Smith, Brother of the Prophet Joseph Smith" (1973)

folder 14: Abram O. Smoot, Journal

folder 15: Eliza R. Snow, Nauvoo Journal

folder 16: William Snow (1832-1833)

folder 17: William Carter Staines

folder 18: Testimony before High Council at Voree (1846)

folders 19-21: James Jesse Strang, Papers

box 324: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1837-1880)

folder 1: Sylvester B. Stodddard

folder 2: Allen Joseph Stout

folder 3: George Washington Taggart

folder 4: James E. Talmage Journal, Extracts

folder 5: David Dan Tanner

folder 6: Elizabeth Beswick Tanner

folder 7: John Tanner, "Sketch of An Elder's Life"

folder 8: Joseph S. Tanner

folder 9: Mary Jane Mount Tanner

folder 10: Myron Tanner

folder 11: Nathan Tanner

folder 12: Hawkins Taylor Memoirs

folder 13: John Taylor

folder 14: John Taylor, Nauvoo Journal (1844-1845)

folder 15: Pleasant Green Taylor

folder 16: N. Jimison Tharpe

folder 17: Moses Thatcher, Journal (1880)

folder 18: Stanley S. Ivins, The Moses Thatcher Case

folder 19: Ezra Thayre

folder 20: Charles Blancher Thompson

folder 21: Nancy Towle

folder 22: Enoch Bartlet Tripp

folder 23: Mary Turner Carriel, The Life of Jonathan Baldwin Turner

folder 24: Journal of Samuel D. Tyler

folder 25: Increase Van Dusen

folder 26: Clara M. Wasson and Elizabeth Hale Wasson

folder 27: Jens Christian Anderson Weibye, Daybooks ("Dogbogs")

folder 28: Daniel H. Wells, Docket Book (1837-1842)

folder 29: Wm. S. West, "A Few Interesting Facts...of the Mormons" (1837)

folder 30: John M. Whitaker Diary, Extracts

box 325: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1885-2003)

folder 1: Ellen Gould White

folder 2: James Whitehead (1885-2003)

folder 3: Harvey Whitlock

folder 4: Whitmer Family; Fayette, N.Y.

folder 5: Christian Whitmer

folders 6-7: David Whitmer

folder 8: David Whitmer, "An Address to All Believers in Christ"

folder 9: Article, David Whitmer

Includes an article by Scott H. Faurling entitled, "Letter from David Whitmer to Nathan West Concerning Caldwell County, Missouri, Property Once Owned by King Follett."

folder 10: Statements of David Whitmer, Extracts

box 326: Research on David Whitmer (1861-1991)

folder 1: Lyndon W. Cook, "David Whitmer Interviews: A Restoration Witness" (1991)

folders 2-4: David Whitmer (1861-1888)

folder 5: Zenas H. Gurley Jr., "Interview of David Whitmer, 14 January 1885"

folder 6: David Whitmer, The Saint's Herald (1869-1887)

box 327: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1999)

folder 1: Helen Van Cleave Blankmeyer, David Whitmer; The Blankmeyers; The Van Cleave Family

folder 2: Lorene E. Pollard and Rebecca Woods, Whitmer Memoirs 1793-2003

folder 3: Harold D. Barchers, The Descendants and History of the Peter Whitmer Family (1999)

folder 4: Notes on David Whitmer

folder 5: Sources on David Whitmer

folder 6: Church of Christ (Whitmerite)

folder 7: William P. Brown

box 328: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1830-1995)

folder 1: Reuben Miller, "A Defence of the Claims of James J. Strang"

folder 2: The Return (1892-1898)

folder 3: John J. Snyder

folders 4-5: John Whitmer

folder 6: The Book of John Whitmer (1830-1832)

folder 7: John Whitmer History/Sources, Marked up copy

folder 8: John Whitmer History, Sources Compared

folder 9: Bruce N. Westergren, From Historian to Dissident: The Book of John Whitmer (1995)

box 329: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1807-1966)

folder 1: Peter Whitmer Jr.

folder 2: Newel Kimball Whitney Papers (1966)

Includes a thesis by Larry N. Poulsen entitled, "The Life and Contributions of Newel Kimball Whitney."

folder 3: Extracts from the Journal of Lyman Wight

folder 4: Orange Wight Autobiography

folder 5: Frederick G. Williams

folder 6: Rebecca Williams (1834)

folder 7: Thomas S. Williams

folders 8-9: Wilford Woodruff (1807-1898)

box 330: Research on Wilford Woodruff (1833-1991)

folder 1: Index, Wilford Woodruff's Journal 1833-1898 (1991)

folder 2: Scott Faurling, "A Historical 'Address' from Wilford Woodruff to Heber C. Kimball and George A. Smith on the Opening of the City of London to Missionary Work, September 1840"

folder 3: Wilford Woodruff, Diary (1836-1837)

folders 4-10: Wilford Woodruff Journal (1833-1898)

Includes material during the periods of Presidents Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor, and Wilford Woodruff.

box 331: Wilford Woodruff Journal (1841-1856)

box 332: Wilford Woodruff Journal (1857-1880)

box 333: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1881-1898)

folders 1-4: Wilford Woodruff Journal (1881-1898)

folder 5: James W. Woods

folder 6: Wilhelm Ritter Von Wymetal (Wilhelm Wyl)

folder 7: Brigham Young

box 334: Research on Brigham Young and the Twelve Apostles (1845-2000)

folder 1: Larry Porter, "Brigham Young and the Twelve in Quincy"

folder 2: Brigham Young Papers, "Minutes of Councils, Meetings, and Journeys" (1847)

folder 3: Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and R. Q. Shupe, My Servant Brigham: Portrait of a Prophet (1997)

folder 4: Discourse by President Brigham Young (1857)

folder 5: Articles, Brigham Young

Includes an article by Reid L. Harper entitled, "The Mantle of Joseph" and an article by Richard S. Van Wagoner entitled, "The 1844 Transfiguration of Brigham Young."

folder 6: Lynne Watkins Jorgenson, "The Mantle of Joseph Passes to Brigham Young: A Collective Spiritual Witness"

folder 7: Office Journals of Brigham Young, Excerpts (1853-1862)

folder 8: Meeting of the Twelve Apostles and Others (1845)

folder 9: Tim Rathbone, "Brigham Young, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church of the Firstborn and Kingdom of God" (2000)

folder 10: Tim Rathbone, Brigham Young

folder 11: The Teachings of Brigham Young

folder 12: Ronald K. Esplin, Thesis, "The Emergence of Brigham Young and the Twelve to Mormon Leadership 1830-1841" (1981)

folder 13: L. Todd Dudley, Honors Thesis, "All but Two: The Disaffection of Ten of the Original Twelve Modern Apostles" (1994)

box 335: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1841-2004)

folder 1: Diary of Brigham Young Jr.

folder 2: John Young

folder 3: Todd Compton, Chapter References, In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph Smith(1997)

folders 4-5: Todd Compton, Other (1994-2004)

folder 6: "New Manual Sanitizes LDS History"

folder 7: After Manifesto

folder 8: George D. Smith, "A Preliminary Story of the Incidence of Plural Marriage in Nauvoo, Illinois from 1841 to 1846" (1993)

folder 9: List of Wives (1841-1844)

box 336: Research on Mormon Figures, Marriage, and Polygamy (1842-1995)

folder 1: Dates of Sealings

folder 2: Plural Marriage?

folder 3: H. Michael Marquardt, Update on Plural Marriage at Nauvoo During the Lifetime of Joseph Smith (1995)

folder 4: Andrew Jenson

folder 5: Plural Marriage at Nauvoo

folder 6: Marriages Performed in Kirtland

folder 7: Endnotes, Four Zinas: A Story of Mothers and Daughters on the Mormon Frontier

folder 8: The Wasp

folder 9: Nauvoo Neighbor

folder 10: Affidavits and Certificates (1842)

folder 11: Emily D. P. Young, Journal of Mormon History

folder 12: Emily D. P. Young, Summary

folder 13: James E. Elliott, "Editing of the Temple Lot Case Transcript" (1978)

folder 14: Statements, Deseret Evening News , 1879

folder 15: Individuals Received Endowments before the Nauvoo Temple

box 337: Research on Mormon Figures, Marriage, and Polygamy (1842-2002)

folder 1: Burn Letters/ Keep a Secret

folder 2: Nauvoo City Council Matters

folder 3: Hancock Circuit Court (1844)

folder 4: Civil Marriages by Joseph Smith in Nauvoo and Area

folder 5: Sealing Powers (Partners)

folder 6: Denials of Plurality of Wives

folder 7: D. Michael Quinn, "The Practice of Rebaptism at Nauvoo"

folder 8: Illinois Law, Bigamy

folder 9: Church Court, 1842 Chauncey Higbee

folder 10: Notes on Polygamy (1998-1999)

folder 11: Larry Foster, Religion and Sexuality

folder 12: Rex Cooper, Extracts, "Promises Made to the Fathers"

folder 13: Angel with a Drawn Sword

folder 14: Estate of Edward Lawrence

folder 15: Todd M. Compton, "Truth, Honesty and Moderation in Mormon History: A Response to Anderson, Faulring and bachman's Reviews of In Sacred Loneliness " (2001)

folders 16-17: Plural Marriage

folder 18: Gary James Bergera, Draft, "Buckeye's Laments: Two Earlier Insider Exposes of Mormon Plural Marriage"

folder 19: Gary James Bergera, "Counting Polygamist: A Review of George D. Smith's Identification of the Earliest Mormon Polygamists" (2002)

folder 20: Gary James Bergera, Draft, "Notes on Early Eternal Sealings for Civilly Married Couples Living and Dead" (2002)

folder 21: Scott H. Faulring, "Early Marriages Performed by the Latter-day Saint Elders in Jackson County, Missouri, 1832-1834" (2001)

folder 22: Gary James Bergera, Draft, "John C. Bennett, Joseph Smith, and the Beginnings of Plural Marriage in Nauvoo"

folder 23: Gary James Bergera, Draft, "'Illicit Intercourse,' Plural Marriage, and the Nauvoo Stake High Council, 1840-1844"

folder 24: Joseph F. Smith Affidavit Books

box 338: Research on Polygamy and City Council Proceedings (1841-1994)

folder 1: Gary James Bergera, Draft, "The Earliest Mormon Polygamists, 1841-1844"

folder 2: Various Articles on the Mormons, Illinois

folder 3: Nauvoo City Council (1841-1844)

folder 4: Nauvoo City Council Proceedings (1844-1845)

folder 5: Tom Forehand Jr., Draft, "Mormon Polygamy on the Mississippi: The 1840s" (1993)

folder 6: Tom Forehand Jr., Draft, "A Quaking in Israel: Joseph Smith, Jr. and Mormon Polygamy" (1994)

folder 7: Tom Forehand Jr., "The Map"

folder 8: Notes on Plural Marriage in Nauvoo

box 339: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1842-1997)

folder 1: James Allred

folder 2: William Arrowsmith

Includes an article written by John Bowes.

folder 3: John Benbow

folder 4: John C. Bennett, History of the Saints (1842)

folder 5: John C. Bennett, Nauvoo (1842-1843)

folder 6: Ezra T. Benson

folder 7: William Clayton

folder 8: Howard Coray

folder 9: Austin Cowles

folder 10: Amos Fielding

folder 11: David Fullmer

folder 12: Thomas Grover

folder 13: Chauncey L. Higbee

folder 14: Francis M. Higbee

folder 15: Dimick B. Huntington

folder 16: Orson Hyde

folder 17: Aaron Johnson

folder 18: Benjamin F. Johnson

folder 19: Johnson Family

folder 20: Joseph A. Kelting

folder 21: Heber C. Kimball

folder 22: H. C. Kimball, Nauvoo, "A Time of Testing"

folder 23: Joseph C. Kingsbury

folders 24-25: William Law and Jane Law

folder 26: Lyman O. Littlefield

folder 27: John E. Thompson and Michael S. Riggs, "Thomas Guymon's Horse Mill and 'The Notorious Case of Aaron Lyon'" (1997)

folder 28: William Marks

folder 29: Justus Morse

folder 30: Joseph Bates Noble

folder 31: John F. Olney

box 340: Mormon Figures and Related Material (1869)

folder 1: Oliver H. Olney

folder 2: John Pack (1869)

folder 3: Jacob Peart

folder 4: Orson Pratt

folder 5: Parley P. Pratt

folder 6: Charles C. Rich

folder 7: Willard Richards

folder 8: John W. Rigdon

folder 9: Sidney Rigdon

folder 10: Ebenezer Robinson

folder 11: Harrison Sagers

folder 12: Jacob Scott

folder 13: David Hyrum Smith

folder 14: George A. Smith

folder 15: Hyrum Smith

folder 16: Jesse Nathaniel Smith

folder 17: John Smith

folder 18: Joseph Smith III

folder 19: William Smith

folder 20: Erastus Snow

folder 21: Lorenzo Snow

folder 22: Leonard Soby

folder 23: Nathan Tanner

folder 24: John Taylor's Wives

folder 25: Theodore Turley

folder 26: James Whitehead

folder 27: Orange L. Wight

folder 28: Edwin D. Woolley

folder 29: S. A. Woolley

folder 30: Brigham Young's Wives

folder 31: Mary Ellen Able (Kimball)

folder 32: Augusta Adams

folder 33: Roxsena Rachel Adams

folder 34: Fanny Alger

folder 35: Adeline Brooks Andrus

folder 36: Emily Coburn Austin

folder 37: Louisa Beaman

folder 38: Luana Hart Beebe md. O. P. Rockwell

folder 39: Pamelia Andrus Benson

folder 40: Elizabeth Brotherton

box 341: Mormon Women and Related Material (1994)

folder 1: Martha H. Brotherton

folder 2: Harriet Cook

folder 3: Hannah Ells

folder 4: Mary Ann Frost

folder 5: Olive Grey Frost

folder 6: Sarah Ann Fuller

folder 7: Desdemona Wadsworth Fullmer

folder 8: Lucinda Pendleton Morgan Harris

folder 9: Elvina Cowles Holmes

folder 10: Nancy Marinda Hyde (Johnson)

folder 11: Zina, Presenda Huntington and Family

folder 12: Almira W. Johnson

folder 13: Charles M. Hatch, A Widow's Tale: The Mormon Diary of Helen Mar Kimball Whitney (1994)

folder 14: Helen Mar Kimball

Includes articles from the .

folder 15: Sarah Kimball

folder 16: Jane Law

folder 17: Maria and Sarah Lawrence

folder 18: Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner

folder 19: Melissa Lott Willes

Includes information on the Temple Lot Case.

folder 20: Martha McBride

box 342: Research on Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young (1846-2001)

folder 1: Fanny Young Murray

folder 2: Eliza M. Partridge

folder 3: Emily Dow Partridge (2001)

Includes a paper by H. Michael Marquardt which was presented at the 36th Annual Mormon History Association entitled, "Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young on the Witness Stand: Recollections of a Plural Wife."

folder 4: Diary, Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young (1874-1899)

folder 5: Temple Lot, Deeds, etc.

folder 6: Temple Lot Case, Emily D. P. Young

folder 7: Emily Dow Partridge Young, Brigham Young, Affidavits (1846-1869)

folder 8: Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young

Includes research on Incidents, Testimony that Cannot be Refuted, and What I Remember.

folder 9: "Autobiography of Emily D. P. Young," Women's Exponent (1884-1885)

folder 10: Emily D. P. Young Account, Historical Record (1887)

box 343: Research on Mormon Women and Polygamy (1843-1984)

folder 1: Sarah Perry Peak

folder 2: Catherine Phillips

folder 3: The Sarah Pratt Affair

folder 4: Rhoda Richards

folder 5: Nancy Rigdon

folder 6: Ruth Vose (Sayers)

folder 7: Melissa Schindle

folder 8: Sarah Scott

folder 9: Patty and Sylvia Sessions

folder 10: Agnes and Bathsheba W. Smith

folder 11: Linda King Newell and Valeen Tippetts Avery, Mormon Enigma: Emma Hale Smith (1984)

folder 12: Emma Smith's 1846-1847 Recollections of Polygamy

folder 13: Mary Ettie Coray Smith

folder 14: Eliza R. Snow

folder 15: Mercy Rachael Thompson

Includes research on the Temple Lot Case.

folder 16: Lovina Smith Walker

folder 17: Letters, Clara and Elizabeth Wasson (1843)

folder 18: Elizabeth Ann Whitney and Sarah Ann Whitney

folder 19: H. Michael Marquardt, "The Strange Marriages of Sarah Ann Whitney"

box 344: Research on Mormon Figures and Polygamy (1842-2003)

folder 1: The History of Joseph C. Kingsbury Written by his Own Hands (1846-1848)

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