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Collection Inventory +/-

box 1: Adam-God Theory (1852-1978)

folder 1: Adam-God

folder 2: Adam-God Doctrine and LDS Edowment

folder 3: Fred C. Collier, "The Adam-God Doctrine and the Scriptures"

folder 4: Dennis Doddridge, "The Adam-God Revelation Journal of Reference"

folder 5: Mark E. Peterson, Adam: Who is He? (1976)

folder 6: Adam-God Doctrine

folder 7: Elwood G. Norris, Be Not Decieved , refutation of the Adam-God theory (1978)

folders 8-16: Brigham Young (1852-1877)

box 2: Adam-God Theory (1953-1976)

folder 1: Bruce R. McConkie

folder 2: George Q. Cannon on Adam-God

folder 3: Fred C. Collier, "Gospel of the Father"

folder 4: James R. Clark on Adam

folder 5: Joseph F. Smith

folder 6: Joseph Fielding Smith

folder 7: Millennial Star (1853)

folder 8: Fred C. Collier, "The Mormon God"

folder 9: Adam-God Doctrine

folder 10: Rodney Turner, "The Position of Adam in Latter-day Saint Scripture" (1953)

folder 11: Chris Vlachos, "Brigham Young's False Teaching: Adam is God" (1979)

folder 12: Adam-God and Plurality of Gods

folder 13: Spencer W. Kimball on Adam-God (1976)

folder 14: Wilford Woodruff's Journal on Adam-God

box 3: Baptism for the Dead (1877)

folder 1: Articles on Baptism for the Dead

folder 2: Ariel L. Crowley, "Baptism for the Dead: An Examination of Its History"

folder 3: Hugh Nibley, "Baptism for the Dead in Ancient Times"

folder 4: Baptism for the Dead, Saint George Temple (1877)

folder 5: History of Baptism for the Dead

folder 6: Interpretation of 1 Cor. 15:29, Luke 23:43, and Heb. 11:39-40

box 4: Baptism for the Dead (1950)

folders 1-3: Nauvoo Baptisms for the Dead

folder 4: Restoration Churches on Baptism for the Dead

folder 5: Otis Gatewood, "Some of the Doctrines of Mormonism" (1950)

folder 6: James D. Bales, "The Spirits in Prison"

folder 7: A Survey and Analysis of the Interpretation of 1 Cor. 15:29

folder 8: Bernald M. Feschini, "Those who are Baptized for the Dead"

box 5: Blacks and the Priesthood (1972-1978)

folders 1-7: Blacks (1972-1978)

folder 8: Abel's Seed

folder 9: Background of 1978 Letter

folder 10: Blacks to Recieve Priesthood (1978)

folder 11: Brazil

folder 12: Brigham Young (1852)

folder 13: Byron Marchant

folder 14: Lawrence J. Nielsen, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil"

folder 15: Council Meetings of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles-Negroes in the Church

folder 16: Douglas A. Wallace, Brian M. Barnard

box 6: Blacks and the Priesthood (1963-1981)

folder 1: Elijah Abel

folder 2: Newell G. Bringhurst, "Elijah Abel and the Changing Status of Blacks" (1979)

folder 3: Genisis Group

folder 4: Interview with LeGrand Richards (1978)

folder 5: Letter to the Editor- Salt Lake Tribune

folder 6: Newell G. Bringhurst, "A Mormon Odyssey" (1981)

folder 7: African-Americans and the Priesthood

folder 8: African-American Problem Facing LDS Church (1963-1964)

folder 9: Nigeria Problem

folder 10: Patriarchal Blessings and the African-American

folder 11: RLDS Church and the Nigerian Mission

folder 12: Newell G. Bringhurst, Saints, Slaves and Blacks (1981)

box 7: Book of Mormon

folder 1: Chiasmus in the Book of Mormon

folder 2: David Persuitte

folder 3: Robert Hullinger, "In Defense of God: Why Joseph Smith Wrote the BOM"

folder 4: John A. Tvedtnes, John Welch

folder 5: David Persuitte, "Joseph Smith and Mormon Origins"

folder 6: Vernal Holley, "A Study of the Similarities between the Works of Flavius Josephus and the Book of Mormon"

folder 7: Vernal Holley

folder 8: Robert Patterson, "Who Wrote the Book of Mormon?"

volume 1-5: Robert N. Hullinger, "In Defense of God"

box 8: Churches and Sects

folder 1: Christ's Church Inc.

folders 2-4: Church of Christ

folders 5-6: Church of Jesus Christ, Booklets

folders 7-8: The Church of the First Born of the Fullness of Times, Pamphlets

file: Henry W. Richards, A Reply to "The Church of the Firstborn of the Fulness of Times"

box 9: Church of Christ, Pauline Hancock (1951-1966)

folder 1: Pauline Hancock

folder 2: Church of Christ

folders 3-11: Church of Christ News Clippings (1951-1966)

box 10: Church of Christ, Pauline Hancock (1967-1982)

folders 1-16: News Clippings (1967-1982)

folder 17: Pamphlets

box 11: Church of Christ, Temple Lot

folder 1: Clarence L. Wheaten Sr. and the Church of Christ (Temple Lot)

folder 2-3: Church of Christ (Temple Lot)

folder 4: Church of Christ (with the English Message) The Voice of Peace

box 12: Churches and Sects

folders 1-4: Daniel Aaron Rogers

folder 5: Fundamentalists

folder 6: George T. Harrison

box 13: Churches and Sects (1968)

folder 1: Thomas J. Liddiard, "Government of the Church of God" (1968)

folder 2: Bruce R. McConkie, "How to Start a Cult"

folder 3: Ogden Kraut

folder 4: The Restored Church of Christ, Restorationists United

folder 5: James J. Strang

folder 6: Ross W. LeBaron

box 14: Churches and Sects-Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

folder 1: Charles Wandell- The Australian Mission (RLDS Church)

folder 2: Foundation for Research on Ancient America (RLDS Church)

folder 3: Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

box 15: Churches and Sects-Reorganied Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

folder 1: Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

folder 2: RLDS Church and Temples

folder 3: RLDS Curriculum Consultation Committee

folder 4: The RLDS Independence Temple; Revelation of 1968

folder 5: Society for the Archaeological Research Reports, RLDS Church

box 16: Churches and Sects- Reorganized Church of Latter-day Saints

folder 1: David Hyrum Smith

folder 2: Frederick M. Smith

folder 3: Israel A. Smith

folder 4: Robert D. Hutchins, "Joseph Smith III: Moderate Mormon"

folder 5: "The Memoirs of President Joseph Smith III 1832-1914"

folder 6: W. Wallace Smith

box 17: Churches and Sects, Publications (1860-1986)

folder 1: The Inner Circle (1984-1986)

folder 2: Liahona, The Director (1981-1984)

folder 3: Restoration Reporter (1972-1975)

folder 4: The True Latter Day Saint's Herald (1860)

box 18: Churches and Sects, Publications (1973-1986)

folder 1-4: The Utah Evangel (1973-1986)

folder 5-7: Zion's Warning

box 19: Howard Hughes (1976)

folder 1: Howard Hughes

folder 2: The "Mormon Will" (1976)

folder 3: Melvin Dummar, "Mormon Will"

folder 4: Project Jennifer

box 20: John Whitmer Historical Association (1974-1983)

box 21: John D. Lee Diaries (1844-1876)

box 22: Miscellaneous (1968)

folder 1: Articles from Saints Herald

folder 2: Benjamin F. Johnson Letter and the White Horse Prophecy

folder 3: The Danites

folder 4: Edward Tullidge

folder 5: Eliza R. Snow and Edward Tullidge

folder 6: Grant H. Palmer, "The Godbeite Movement" (1968)

box 23: Miscellaneous

folders 1-5: David Persuitte, "Joseph Smith and Mormon Origins"

folder 6: Kinderhook Plates

box 24: Miscellaneous

folder 1: Mark E. Petersen on the Great White God

folder 2-3: Grant N. Mildenhall

folder 4: Mormon Underground Press

folder 5: Stephen C. LeSuer, The Mormon War

folder 6: David J. Whittaker, "Mormons and Native Americans: An Historical and Bibliographical Introduction"

box 25: Miscellaneous (1873-1979)

folders 1-2: Gary Bergera, "Orson Pratt and Brigham Young"

folder 3: Peter H. Burnett

folder 4: Irene S. Leland, "Prophecy and the Constitution"

folder 5: Joseph E. Taylor, "The Resurrection"

folder 6: T. B. H. Stenhouse, The Rocky Mountain Saints (1873)

folder 7: Society for Early Historic Archaeology, Brigham Young University

folder 8: John L. Smith Utah Missions, Inc.

folder 9: Reed C. Durham Jr. "Various Accounts of the Election-Day Battle"

folder 10: Robert N. Hullinger, "Why Not Joseph Smith and Thomas Paine?"

folder 11: Leonard J. Arrington and Hope HiltonWilliam A. ("Bill") Hickman (1979)

volume 1: Complaint against Ogden Kraut

volume 2: Louis Harris Public Attitudes toward the Criminal Justice System in Utah

volume 3: Lyman S. Wood

box 26: Mormon History Association (1974-1984)

box 27: Mormon Spies (1974)

folder 1: Articles on CIA and Spies

folder 2: H. Michael Marquardt, Notes on Mormons, Watergate, and Bugging (1974)

folder 3: Robert F. Bennett and the Mullen Company

folder 4: Robert F. Smith on the CIA

folder 5-6: Steven Mayfield

box 28: Polygamy (1870-1914)

folder 1: Frank Thomas Benton, Jr., "An Analysis of Orson Pratt's Invention in the Pratt-Newman Debate," Thesis

folder 2: Anthony W. Ivins Record Book of Marriages

folder 3: The Bible and Polygamy Orson Pratt and John P. Newman Debate

folder 4: The Manifesto (1890)

folder 5-6: Plural Marriage

folder 7: H. Grant Ivins, "Polygamy in Mexico" (1895-1905)

folder 8: Plural Marriage

folder 9: Plural Marriage after 1890

folder 10: RLDS and Marriage; Also Polygamy in India and Nigeria

volume 1: Charles A. Shook, The Origin of Mormon Polygamy (1914)

volume 2: Orson Pratt, Sermon by Rev. Dr. Newman... On Plural Marriage (1870)

box 29: Solomon Spaulding (1843-1978)

folder 1: Spaulding Controversy and Manuscript Pages of BOM (1977-1978)

folder 2: Articles Which Mention Spaulding Origin of Book of Mormon

folder 3: Dale R. Broadhurst, "The Book and the Manuscript"

folder 4: Vernal Holley, "A Closer Look at the Book of Mormon Spaulding Theory"

folder 5: "Coming Forth of the BOM in Relation to Solomon Spaulding's Manuscript Story"

folder 6: "Similarities Between Solomon Spaulding's Manuscript and BOM"

folder 7: Dale R. Broadhurst, "Index to Names in the Spaulding Manuscript"

folder 8: Dale R. Broadhurst, "Index to Selected Words in the Spaulding Manuscript"

folder 9: Dale R. Broadhurst, "Textual Affinities between the BOM and Manuscript Story"

folder 10: M. Wilford Poulson on Spaulding Manuscript

folder 11: Spaulding Manuscript

folder 12: Dale R. Broadhurst, "A New Basis for the Spaulding Theory..."

folder 13: Theodore Albert Schroeder, The Origin of the Book of Mormon (1901)

folder 14: "Textual Affinities between the Spaulding Manuscript and the BOM" (1979)

folder 15: Dale R. Broadhurst, "Reconstruction of the Missing Pages in Spaulding"

folder 16: John E. Page, The Spaulding Story (1843-1866)

box 30: Solomon Spaulding (1833-1842)

folder 1: Statements on Spaulding Theory for the Origin of BOM (1833-1842)

folder 2: Dale R. Broadhurst, A Structural Outline to the Spaulding Manuscript

folder 3: Transcript of Solomon Spaulding's Manuscript

folder 4: Dale R. Broadhurst, Typescript of Spaulding Manuscript Transcript

file: A Study of the Book of Mormon Spaulding Theory

file: Dale R. Broadhurst, Book of Mormon Research Grant Proposal

box 31: Jerald and Sandra Tanner

box 32: Tanner Materials Modern Microfilm Co. (1982)

folder 1: Modern Microfilm Company

folders 2-3: Scott H. Faulring, "Oral History of Modern Microfilm Company" (1982)

box 33: Tanner Publications (1977-1982)

volume 1: Jerald and Sandra TannerThe Changing World of Mormonism (1980)

volume 2: Confession of John D. Lee

volume 3: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Did Spaulding Write the Book of Mormon? (1977)

volume 4: LDS Apostle Confesses Brigham Young Taught Adam-God Doctrine (1982)

volume 5: Solomon Spaulding, The Manuscript Found

volume 6: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Manuscript on Mormonism (1977)

volume 7: William Swartzell, Mormonism Exposed

box 34: Tanner Publications (1964-1972)

volume 1: Mormonism

volume 2-3: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Mormonism- Shadow or Reality? (1964-1972)

box 35: Tanner Publications (1963-1986)

volume 1: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Mormonism Shadow or Reality? (1982)

volume 2: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Mormon Spies: Hughes and the C.I.A. (1976)

volume 3: Jerald Tanner, The Negro in Mormon Theology

volume 4: Mark E. Petersen, Race Problems as They Affect the Church (1963)

volume 5: The Reed Peck Manuscript

volume 6: Salt Lake City Messenger (1964-1986)

volume 7: Senate Document 189 (1965)

volume 8: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, The Tanners on Trial (1984)

box 36: Tanner Subject Files (1982)

folders 1 & 2: Additions to Mormonism- Shadow or Reality? (1982)

folder 3: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, The Changing World of Mormonism

folder 4: Writings of Jerald and Sandra Tanner

folder 5: Former Mormons Testify

box 37: Tanner Subject Files (1977-1978)

folder 1: A Look at Christianity (1978)

folder 2: Jerald and Sandra Tanner Mormonism- Shadow or Reality?

folder 3: Mormonism Like Watergate

folder 4: Notes on a Response to Mormonism- Shadow or Reality? (1977)

box 38: Tanner Subject Files (1980-1985)

folder 1: "Will Benson Be King?" Salt Lake Messenger (1980)

folders 2-5: Salt Lake City Messenger (1980-1985)

folder 6: Utah Lighthouse Ministry (1983)

folder 7: Ian Barber, "What Mormonism Isn't" (1981)

box 39: Tanner Trial Materials (1983-1984)

folder 1: Andrew F. Ehat, Answers to Interrogations (1983)

folder 2: Court's Ruling (1984)

folder 3: Defendents Trial Brief (1984)

folder 4: Defendents' Motion for Summary Judgement (1984)

folder 5: Deposition of Andrew F. Ehat (1983)

folder 6: Deposition of Dean C. Jessee (1984)

folder 7: Deposition of Donald Schmidt (1984)

folder 8: Deposition of James B. Allen (1984)

folder 9: Deposition of Lyndon W. Cook (1984)

folder 10: Ehat/Tanner Trial Material

folder 11: FBI File on Jerald Tanner

folder 12: Hearing to Question Subpoena (1983)

box 40: Tanner Trial Materials (1983-1984)

folder 1: Salt Lake Messenger (1983)

folder 2: Statement of Robert Black (1983)

folder 3: Suit against Jerald and Sandra Tanner by Andrew F. Ehat; Summons

folders 4-5: Trial (1984)

box 41: Temples (1985)

folders 1-2: The Independence Temple of Zion MHA (1985)

folder 3: Jordan River Temple

folder 4: Gary Bergera, "Max Florence"

folder 5: New Temples, Ogden and Provo, Utah

folder 6: The Independence Temple and Area

box 42: Temples (1946-1971)

folder 1: Oakland Temple

folder 2: Prophecy on Temples

folder 3: Temple Lot Case

folder 4: Julius Ceasar Billeter, The Temple of Promise (1946)

folder 5: Temples

folder 6: Steven C. Kellogg, "Temples of the Restoration," Saints Hearld (1971)

folder 7: Temple Plans/Telephone Conversation Notes

box 43: Temple Ordinances (1877-1974)

folder 1: Accounts of the Temple Ceremony

folder 2: Calling and Election - From the teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith

folder 3: Wilson K. Anderson, An Endowment for the Faithful (1962)

folder 4: Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Diaries

folder 5: Garments of the Holy Priesthood

folder 6: Historical Department of Confidential Research Files (1950-1974)

This folder contains photocopies of documents from the restricted vault in the LDS Church Archives.

folder 7: Temple Related Material

folder 8: Ordinance Work - Logan, St. George, Manti Temples (1877-ca. 1900)

Also revelation of John Taylor, 1882.

folder 9: Record of Norton Jacob

folder 10: Sealing of Men to Men, Law of Adoption

box 44: Temples, Ordinances, and Second Anointing

folder 1: Accounts of Persons Receiving Second Anointing

folder 2: Second Anointing

folder 3: Heber C. Kimball Journal

folder 4: Letter of Lisle G. Brown

folder 5: Nauvoo Temple Record, Second Anointings Heber C. Kimball, Brigham Young

folder 6: Second Anointing

folder 7: Robert R. Black, "The Second Anointing Ceremony"

folder 8: Second Anointing Compliation

folder 9: Second Anointing, Washing of the Feet

folder 10: Second Anointing, Wording of Ceremony

box 45: Watergate

folder 1: The Baker Report

folder 2: Robert R. Bennett Watergate and Domestic Spying

folder 3: E. Howard Hunt and Gordon Libby

folder 4: Mae Brussell - Articles in The Realist (1972-1974)

folder 5: Pres. Rechard M. Nixon (1972-1974)

folder 6: The White House Tapes

This folder contains information of Howard Hunt lies before he read the transcripts and information on John W. Dean III vs. Pres. Richard Nixon.

box 46: Zion

folder 1: John P. Greene, Facts Relative to the Expulsion of the Mormons (1839)

folder 2: The Land of Zion - Missouri

folder 3: Pearl Wilcox, The Latter-day Saints on the Missouri Frontier

folder 4: The LDS Independence Visitors Center

folder 5: Mormon Lands in Jackson County, Missouri

folder 6: The Plat of the City of Zion

box 47: Anthon Transcripts (1806)

folder 1: Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters Explained (1806)

folders 2-3: Anthon Transcipts

folder 4: Robert N. Hullinger, "The Harris-Anthon Consultation and Mormon Origins"

folder 5: A. C. Lambert

folder 6: David J. Buerger, "Linguistic Aspects of the Anthon Transcript"

folder 7: John A. Tvedtnes, "A Preliminary Survey of the Anthon Transcript"

folder 8: A. C. Lambert, "The Source of the 'Characters' ...," a Private Notebook

box 48: Book of Mormon (1980s)

folder 1: Archaeology of the Book of Mormon

folder 2: Book of Mormon Cities

folder 3: Roy E. Weldon, "Book of Mormon Deeps"

folder 4: Brigham H. Roberts, "Book of Mormon Difficulties"

folder 5: Dan Vogel, "BOM Geography: Mormon Efforts to Relocate Nephite Lands"

folder 6: Book of Mormon Pictures

folder 7: John A. Price, "The Book of Mormon vs. Anthropological Prehistory"

folder 8: Hugh Nibley, "The Challenge of the Book of Mormon"

folder 9: Paul R. Cheesman, BOM Project

folder 10: Cleveland: Plain Dealer . Ethan Smith/Spalding (1980s)

box 49: Book of Mormon

folder 1: George T. Harrison, "Help Moroni, Help"

folder 2: Dan Vogel, "Historical Basis for the Book of Mormon"

folder 3: Horses in America

folder 4: Hugh Nibley and the Book of Mormon

folder 5: Dr. Hugh Nibley Improvement Era Articles

folder 6: Robert N. Hullinger, "In Defense of God"

folder 7: Dan Vogel, "Is the Book of Mormon History?"

folder 8: The Liahona and Ancient America

folder 9: House of Israel and Ancient America

box 50: Book of Mormon (1910)

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