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Standard 3-1: The student will demonstrate an understanding of places and regions in South Carolina and the role of human systems in the state.
Enduring Understanding: People utilize, adapt to, and modify the physical environment to meet their needs. They also identify regions based on geographic and human characteristics to help them interpret Earth’s complexity. To understand how people interact with the physical environment, the student will utilize the knowledge and skills set forth in the following indicators:

Focus standard

3-1.1 Categorize the six landform regions of SC—the Blue Ridge, the Piedmont, the Sand Hills, the Inner Coastal Plain, the Outer Coastal Plain, and the Coastal Zone--according to their climate, physical features, and natural resources.

Read Alouds

Tiger’s Journey Through The Palmetto State by Aimee Aryal (Gamecock version too)

Lowcountry A to Z

Me on a Map

My Place in Space



  • Students label/color outline map showing regions

  • SC Landforms Power point

  • Powerpoint-SC regions

  • Powerpoint-Six Land regions

  • Textbook pages on each region-fill in graphic organizer

  • Matching game-provide description of region, have students identify

  • Show students photos and see if they can identify region

  • Relief map (Blue Ridge-gum drops, Piedmont-cotton, Sandhills-sprinkles, Coastal Zone-goldfish)

  • Regions song (also have power point with the words)

  • Compare regions (Venn diagram, charts, etc.)

  • Create a chart (flipbook) listing region and land/climate, cities, features, etc.

  • Students write a letter persuading someone why a certain region is the best

  • Tourism brochure-could create for region or state (similar to ones you pick up in restaurants, etc.)

Map Skills:

  • Use any of the maps in the atlas. Have students identify the title and discuss how this shows what the map is. Review directions with students (Never Eat Sour Watermelons, etc.) and give some practice questions. Ex. What is north of _____?

  • Legend-show students some examples in atlas. Teacher could draw a map of classroom and have students help create legend (what should be desks, shelves, etc.)

  • Orientation-use atlas to practice right, left, etc. Teacher could have students try to draw her directions (draw a square in the top corner. In the middle of your paper, write the number 7. To the left of the number, make a heart, etc).

  • Scale-this is the first time students are introduced to this. Look at sample map scales and explain that some maps are larger/smaller. Show students how to use a scale (use ruler, paper, other measure) and have students practice.


Websites awesome-click on region, brings back info (in search box-type a region) (visit exhibits) resources-daily geography questions; access map folio with lots of SC maps links to SC agriculture info-includes charts and maps great series of lessons on general map skills


20 minute segments on each region-search South Carolina Geography

Detective Bonz and the SC History Mystery Part 5: South Carolina’s 6 Regions (21:52)

United Streaming-(song) Teacher and the Rockbots Landforms (4:05)

Focus Standard

3-1.2 Describe the location and characteristics of significant features of South Carolina, including landforms; river systems such as the Pee Dee River Basin, the Santee River Basin, the Edisto River Basin, and the Savannah River Basin; major cities; and climate regions.

Read Alouds

P is for Palmetto by Carol Crane


  • Create a relief map of SC (using candy, Play-Do, etc.)

  • Create a map with landforms, including a map key

  • Landform matching game-create game showing picture and definition of various landforms

  • Textbook pages 9-15 (landforms)

  • Examine climate map of SC

  • Visit each city’s official website

  • Provide students blank map with rivers. Students should label/color code the four major river systems, create map key

  • Textbook


Websites awesome-click on region, brings back info maps resources-daily geography questions; access map folio with lots of SC maps provides lots of info about SC statistics-can also search by city*


on-line Textbook pages about rivers-great photos

Click on region, video of water features there, excellent photos

Focus Standard

3-1.3 Explain interactions between the people and the physical landscape of South Carolina over time, including the effects on population distribution, patterns of migration, access to natural resources, and economic development.

Read Alouds


  • lesson about migration/why people move

  • Compare various maps, have students discuss (search sciway)


Websites provides lots of info about SC statistics-can also search by city*

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