Focus: Place the following events in the correct chronological order from first to last: Father Hidalgo executed, grito de Dolores, Plan de Iguala, Agustìn de Iturbide becomes emperor of Mexico, José Morelos is executed, Vicente Guerrero leads the

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Student Objectives:

1. I will analyze the War of the Reform.


1. Current Events due Monday 9/30

2. Independence/Post-Independence/French Intervention/Juarez/Porfiriato Test Friday 10/4

1. None
I. The Reform

A. Ley Juárez

B. Ley Lerdo

C. Ley Iglesias

D. Constitution of 1857

II. Benito Juárez

III. War of the Reform
Key terms/ideas/ people/places:

Ley Juárez Ley Lerdo Ley Iglesias Constitution of 1857 Pope Pius IX

War of the Reform Felix Zuloaga Benito Juárez

By the end of class today, I will be able to answer the following:

What is the difference between the Constitution of 1824 and the Constitution of 1857?

What groups were getting upset at the reforms?

Why was Benito Juárez so important to Mexican history?


Class 24—The Reform

September 27, 2013
Revolution of Ayutla-Santa Anna out of power
Benito Juárez:

The Reform

Reform Laws

  • Ley Juárez-made the military and church stand trial in civil court-equality before the law

  • Ley Lerdo-cut back on the amount of land the church could own

  • Ley Iglesias-church couldn’t charge high fees for giving sacraments-poor get for free

Constitution of 1857

  • Like Constitution of 1824 except one house legislative branch

  • Ley Juárez

  • Ley Iglesias

  • Ley Lerdo

  • Freedom of speech, press, and education

Church and military upset at new laws

  • Mexicans were in a pickle…if they didn’t follow the constitution they were considered traitors, if they did they were considered heretics in the eyes of the church. Civil servants that didn’t take their oath lost their jobs, soldiers couldn’t be treated in Catholic hospitals, which meant they couldn’t receive last rights. The Reform laws and the constitution divided the Mexican people into two camps and once again there is a war. The War of the Reform (1858-1861) was the most horrific civil war to date.

    • There were two governments in Mexico with Juárez at the head of one and Felix Zuloaga at the head of another. Juárez will emerge victorious and will win the presidential election of 1861.

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