Focus: Place the following events in the correct chronological order from first to last: Father Hidalgo executed, grito de Dolores, Plan de Iguala, Agustìn de Iturbide becomes emperor of Mexico, José Morelos is executed, Vicente Guerrero leads the

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Student Objectives:

1. I will analyze the Mexican-American War from the Mexican perspective.


1. Current Events due Monday 9/30

2. Independence/Post-Independence/French Intervention/Juarez/Porfiriato Test Friday 10/4

1. The News-Gazette (Champaign, Illinois) March 30, 1998 Santa Anna's leg took a long walk

I. Annexation of Texas

II. Border dispute

  1. Nueces River or Rio Grande?

III. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

IV. Impact of War on Mexico

Key terms/ideas/ people/places:

Santa Anna James K. Polk Zachary Taylor Nueces River

Rio Grande Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Niños Héroes Chapultepec Castle

Juan Escutia
By the end of class today, I will be able to answer the following:

What happened at Chapultepec Castle?

What two rivers were disputed as the border between the U.S. and Texas?

What was the impact of the war on Mexico?

The News-Gazette (Champaign, Illinois)

March 30, 1998

Santa Anna's leg took a long walk

 CERRO GORDO – Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna could be lucky in war, notably at the Alamo, but he had a problem with food He lost his leg in the so-called French Pastry War, fought between France and Mexico in 1838. Then in 1847, facing the United States at the Battle of Cerro Gordo in Mexico, he stopped paying attention to the
 war long enough to linger over a roast chicken His lunch was interrupted by an uninvited regiment of Illinoisans, who ate the general's chicken and carried off his cork leg. Santa Anna hobbled away to fight another day.
It was a huge victory for the 4th Regiment Illinois Volunteers, who also discovered a hoard of gold used to pay Mexican soldiers. Some of the soldiers returned to Piatt County, where the town of Griswold was renamed Cerro Gordo in commemoration of the battle. The Volunteers regiment would eventually become the Illinois National Guard, and its trophy of war, Santa Anna's cork leg, now resides in the Guard's museum, Camp Lincoln in Springfield. Over the years, the Mexican government has asked for Santa Anna's leg back. Not that it would do the general any good, though it might show a little sensitivity. Artificial legs aren't as funny as they were in the 1850s, when veterans charged a nickel or a dime for curiosity-seekers to handle the leg in hotel bars. Mark Whitlock of Camp Lincoln's Illinois State Military Museum says the leg is going nowhere, ever. "It's an important part of Illinois history," he said.
 Cerro Gordo's place in history is marked by an inscription on the shin of the leg: "General Santa Anna's cork leg, captured at the Battle of Cerro Gordo, Mexico, by Private A. Waldron First Sergeant Sam Rhoades, Second Sergeant John M. Gill April 18, 1847, all of the Fourth Regiment, Illinois Volunteers of the Mexican War."


Class 23—Mexico-American War

September 26, 2013

James K. Polk (1844-1848)

  • Believes in and achieves Manifest Destiny-America should control from coast to coast

  • Tries to purchase land from Mexico; Mexico says no

Texas border dispute

  • Mexico-border is the Nueces River

  • U.S.-border is the Rio Grande

  • Polk sends General Zachary Taylor to the Rio Grande-skirmish=16 Americans killed

  • Polk asks Congress for war

Chapultepec Castle

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo-ends war

  • Mexico lost half its territory

  • Mexico received $15 million

Impact of the war on Mexico

  • Mexico lost half its land

  • Gold found in CA-now U.S. territory

  • Hostility between the two nations

  • Stereotypes and prejudices

  • Yankeephobia

  • Asymmetrical relationship

  • National Humiliation


7th Grade Social Studies

Mexico & U.S. History from the Revolution to Reconstruction Class 24—The Reform

September 27, 2013
Focus: Turn to page 45 in your textbooks. Read the biography about Benito Juárez and answer the question.

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