foa reflection Form—Part 1—Language & Literature-sl submit to: Examiner

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FOA Reflection Form—Part 1—Language & Literature-SL

Submit to: Examiner

Arrival date: Session: May 2014






School number: 2090
School name: American International School of Guangzhou

  • Type or write legibly using black ink and retain a copy of this form.

  • Complete one copy of this form for each task.

  • Complete this form in the target language.

  • To complete this form, refer to the Further Oral Activity assessment details in the Language & Literature guide.

Subject: English A: Language & Literature Level: SL

Candidate name: Riley Gauci







Candidate Session Number:

Area to which the task is linked. Please include the topic (e.g. language and identity) and sub-topic (e.g. how a person’s language influences his identity) to which it is linked.

My topic & sub-topic: Topic: Ebonics, sub-topic: Is Ebonics a language or a dialect?

Activity type: Keynote presentation

In the table below, candidates must list the source of all support materials that relate to the presentation.

Title of Work/Text


Text Type

Ebonics in White Discourse

Alena Konečná

Bachelor Diploma Thesis

American culture and Ebonics in Hip Hop music

Yumika Mitiomo


What is Ebonics?

John R. Rickford


Suite for Ebony and Phonics

John R. Rickford



Further Oral Activity reflection (reverse)
School name: Riley Gauci American International School Of Guangzhou

Aims for the task—In a well-developed paragraph, state your goal(s) and what you want the class to learn from your oral activity.

My aim for this FOA was to help the class understand why Ebonics is a language and not a dialect. I hopefully did this by first confusing the audience by showing them a song that was sung in Ebonics and then clarifying why they where confused or could not understand what he was singing about.


In the space below, write a well-developed essay that integrates the elements below. Be sure to include specific examples from your FOA to support your points. Your reflection (this document) is DUE within one week of delivering your FOA.

  1. Briefly summarize your oral activity.

  2. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of your performance.

  3. Comment on how successful you were in achieving your goal(s) (i.e. learning outcomes) in your FOA.

  4. If you had to give your FOA again, would you do anything differently in terms of how you would prepare for it, how you would structure or organize the oral activity, or how you would perform or deliver it?


A Keynote presentation about Ebonics and arguing that it is a language and not a dialect. Some strengths of my presentation where; having a loud voice, not looking nervous, engaging the audience, personal antidote, good use of points that I have, good use of my language in trying to convey my message. Some weaknesses are, not enough information to have a convincing argument/ some points are weak, transitions are not very evident, apologized for mistake, not a every good job at answering the questions, I was not prepared as well as I could have been. I think I did a okay job at achieving my goal because I showed how Ebonics is used but then used that to show how its a language. I would definitely change how I prepared for my FOA because I really only practiced it once, once I finalized what I was going to talk about also have more sources from different people because three out of the four main ones that I had where from John Rickford (more research).

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