Florida Residency How you know you have it, and what you may want to do if another state says you don’t

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Other Factors - (1) the employer maintains a separate telephone line and listing for the home office; (2) the employee’s home office address and phone number is listed on the business letterhead and/or business cards of the employer; (3) the employee uses a specific area of the home exclusively to conduct the business of the employer (and has a separate living area); (4) the employer’s business is selling products at wholesale or retail and the employee keeps an inventory of the products or samples in the home office; (5) business records of the employer are stored at the home office of the employee; (6) the home office location has a sign indicating a place of business of the employer; (7) advertising for the employer shows the employee’s home office as one of the employer’s places of business; (8) the home office is covered by a business insurance policy or by a business rider to the employee’s homeowner insurance policy; (9) the employee is entitled to and actually claims a deduction for home office expenses for federal income tax purposes; (10) the employee is not an officer of the company.

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