Flm 2009-630: The Art of Film Fall 2010 Instructor: Mark Brown Office Hours: See attachment Contact

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FLM 2009-630: The Art of Film
Fall 2010

Instructor: Mark Brown
Office Hours: See attachment
Contact: Main Campus A-312, mark_brown@ivcc.edu, 815-224-0282

Understanding Movies, Louis Giannetti
Various handouts

Participation 10%
Attendance 10%
Viewing Responses 20%
Presentation 20%
Midterm 20%
Final 20%

Catalogue Description:
Background viewing, critiquing, lectures, discussions on history and appreciation of cinema as

an art form and its influence on and reflection of society.

Attendance Policy
You can miss one class period without a drop in grade. From the second absence forward, your final grade will begin to drop considerably. If you miss three classes, you may be dropped from the class.

Plagiarism Policy Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work, words, or ideas as your own. It is the worst kind of academic dishonesty and will result in an “F” for this course.

Financial Aid Statement Withdrawal from a course can affect financial aid. Prior to withdrawing from a course, students should consult an advisor in the Financial Aid Office.

Students with Disabilities
If you are a student with a documented cognitive, physical or psychiatric disability (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, AD/HD, post-traumatic stress, and others) you may be eligible for academic support services such as extended test time, texts on disc, note taking services, etc... If you are interested in learning if you can receive these academic support services, please contact either Tina Hardy (tina_hardy@ivcc.edu, or 224-0284) or Judy Mika Judy_Mika@ivcc.edu or 224-0350), or stop by the Disability Services Office in B-204.

Aug 24 Welcome, Lone Star

Aug. 31 Chap. 1 Photography – Days of Heaven, Apocalypse Now, Tucker: A Man and His Dream, The Natural, The Mission, Empire of the Sun, Unforgiven, The Godfather

Sept. 7 Chap. 2 Mis En Scene – Notorious, Dames, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Lawrence of Arabia, Vertigo

Sept. 14 Chap. 3 Movement – The Untouchables, Sling Blade, The Player, Touch of Evil

Sept. 21 Chap. 4 Editing – The Age of Innocence, Mission Impossible 3, Always, Chinatown, All the President’s Men, The Manchurian Candidate

Sept. 28 Chap. 5 Sound – The Conversation, The Jazz Singer, On the Waterfront, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Meet Me In St. Louis, Jaws

Oct. 5 Chap. 6 Acting – A Face in the Crowd, A Room With A View, Last of the Mohicans, There Will Be Blood, Mildred Pierce, The Hours, Sunset Boulevard

Oct.12 Midterm Chap. 7 – White Heat, A Star is Born, Stella Dallas (1937), The Sweet Smell of Success, Pinky

Oct. 19 Chap. 8 Story – The Killing

Oct. 26 Chap. 9 Writing – Stranger Than Fiction

Nov. 2 Chap. 10 Ideology – Battle for Algiers, Fahrenheit 911,

Nov. 9 Last Day to Withdraw Chap. 11 Critique ????

Nov. 16 Imitation of Life (melodrama), Written on the Wind, Magnificent Obsession, Stella Dallas (1937)

Nov. 23 The Searchers (western), 3:10 to Yuma (1957), My Darling Clementine, Red River

Nov. 23 Kiss Me Deadly (noir). Double Indemnity, The Big Heat, Pickup on South Street, Murder My Sweet, The Woman in the Window, Gun Crazy, Detour

Nov. 30 Forbidden Planet (science fiction), Blade Runner, Metropolis (1927), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Dec. 7 Final DueForgotten Silver

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