Flesch-Herman Genealogy

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Flesch-Herman Genealogy
I couldn't wait to get out my old funeral documents and look up the information about the connection between our families in the Flesch and Herman lines. We are also related through the Zimmermans. I think I mentioned that your grandmother Flesch and my grandmother Herman were first cousins.
I have attached a copy of my Great-grandmother Herman's death certificate. The name is the same as my grandmother’s so it is confusing. There is also a copy of some information that my mother typed/wrote. This is important because some of the information on the death certificate is wrong. According to my father, the physician or undertaker (I forget which) was often drunk and got some things mixed up. Anyway, here is what I know:
On page 1 of the chart you sent me, we have Adam Flesch married to Eva Herman. Eva had a sister, Theresa (Teresia) who was my great-grandmother. Herman was both her maiden name and her married name. I don't know if she and her husband were related in any way although it is possible they may have been distant cousins.
Teresia's parents were Nicholas Herman and Theresa Baker (I suspect this is an Americanized spelling of her real name, as it doesn't sound German to me.) The date of birth on the death certificate is incorrect. Her actual date of birth was March 17, 1849 so she was 92 years, nine months and 27 days old when she died.
Teresia Herman married Jacob Herman. Jacob died at a young age as a result of falling out of a tree (so I was told). He was not alive at the time of Teresia's death and never got anywhere close to age 92 as the death certificate states! Teresia was a widow for many years before coming to the US in 1920 or 1921 at age 72.
She lived with her son, my grandfather Sebastian Herman. She also had another son, Joseph Herrmann (different spelling but same family), who lived in New York. Eva Flesch Rein, Adam and Joseph Flesch were my grandfather's first cousins. Joseph and Apalonya (Klein) Flesch were my mother's godparents. (I think we are related to the Kleins through my father's side of the family). I have a picture of the christening that I will send later. There are also a few other pictures that I sent to Sister Mary-Jane Veldof several years ago when she was teaching at Georgian Court College in Lakewood, NJ.

Karl can probably get in touch with her.

Sebastian Herman married Teresia Zimmerman and had one daughter, Theresa

Theresa Herman married Joseph Loidl and had one daughter, Rosalie (me).

Rosalie married Craig Hall and had 2 children

Erik married Julie Johnson 8/7/1995 divorced 12/2003

Married Gina Calicura 12/10/2004

Stephanie married Patrick Kaestner 9/23/1995 – 2 children

Grant Stephen born 10/27/1996

Joseph Patrick born 5/11/1999

To fill in a little more - Eva and Andrew Rein had 3 sons all now deceased.

Andrew - married Rose (? last name) and had 2 children

James – married Chris (?)

Rosemary – married John Osvai (divorced)

Joseph - married Catherine (?) and had one son

Joseph – married Vicki (?) and had 2 children (divorced)

Married Bridgett and had (?) children

Frank – married Delores (?) and had twin daughters


Carol – married John Strong

My family spent a lot of time with the Flesch-Wolski-Veldof clan when I was young. Karl and Mary lived right down the road from each other. We always went to their homes, especially in spring and summer. Apolonia had the most beautiful flowers, gladiola and others, that we used to get to put at the cemetery. Eva and Andy Rein were often there, too. I also remember they still had a functional outhouse when I was little.
Elaine Wolski's father, Ed, used to take home movies. The last time I saw Elaine was at Eva Rein’s funeral. She told me that she had found some movies of me as a child. I remember seeing some of me wandering through the flowers with my rather long blond hair blowing all over the place. I also remember that Mary and Ed had a player piano that I loved to play whenever I was there.
I believe I mentioned that Karl's parents, Karl and Betty, worked with my father at the General Electric plant in Trenton.
I assume Karl is in touch with his cousin Elaine since they were close as children, although Elaine is a little older than I am and I am older than Karl. Elaine married David Weatherholtz and they have 4 children, 2 older boys and 2 younger girls. I believe they are still in the Yardville/Trenton area.
One last note - I notice a reference to a web site for Feldenzer. I went to school with Carol Feldenzer, K-12, and I know that my grandparents knew the family.

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