Fixes the Incident Case Status Report

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7.0.7 Revision 612 Release Notes

  • Limits the SMT section of SIR to two printed lines for suspects.

  • Fixes printing blank DOB's in the SIR.

  • Update to the look-up relationships for a victim.

  • Fixes the Incident Case Status Report

  • Fixes the employer sections EXT field in person master.

  • Prevents editing the incident administrative section prior to incident number creation, which caused the deletion of the incident number.

  • Fixes the narrative order on the SIR to descending order.

  • Adds the Agency ORI to the IBR DAT file.

  • Prevents a non-calculated age on the arrest view from breaking Livescan.

  • Fixes age range in arrest person package.

  • Fixes incident property report.

  • Fixes searching by incident property.

  • Fixes the printing of multiple defendants in a deposition.

  • Fixes the number sequence for AI's.

  • Fixes the age of a juvenile.

  • Fixes refreshing the incident view after making an arrest so that the green check mark appears immediately and links correctly.

  • Fixes the narrative order on the SIR to descending order.

  • Fixes the ability to nullify a charge count.

  • Prevents an incident person of type suspect from being added to an incident without a person master name/business.

  • Corrects allowable upload size of mug shot to 100 KB.

  • Corrects the secretary boss tree to remove inactive officers and admins.

  • Prevents editing a grade in use.

  • Prevents saving a future date against an existing mugshots in the person master view.

  • Fix narrative search functionality.

  • Alias fix that reduces incident retrieval time.

  • Re-assign unassigned arrests from previous SJS release; the upgrade to 7.0 locked these records. Please see the patch log output for reassigned arrest numbers.

  • Fixes the secretary boss tree to remove inactive officers and administrators. Applies the correct style sheet to the user's index page for the bosses drop down box.

  • Disables the warrant assignment button for users without assignment or boss tree edit rights.

  • Prevents removing the occurred on/from date from an incident, which would break the Arrest view.

  • Limit charge counts to 999 for incidents, arrests, and AI’s.

Pending release:

  • Sealing deposition fix

  • Improve the XML API for merging data/agencies.

  • Interface with the Prosecutor Case Management System (PCMS) produced by the New York Prosecutors Training Institute (NYPTI)

  • Fix the deposition numbering sequence.

  • Log file clean up utility – until then, manually delete the Apache Tomcat logs as needed, the bulk of which are zero megabytes, located at \apache-tomcat-5.5.28\logs\ on your SJS server.

Download 5.37 Kb.

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