Fit and Strong Video Needs: Weights, Chair, Towel, Water Good posture

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Jane Fonda Fit and Strong Video
Needs: Weights, Chair, Towel, Water

Good posture
1. Standing stretches - Swing arms up and down, inhale up, exhale down 5
2. Reach up left, right 6
3. Standing pelvic tilts – hip tilt forward, abs tight, squeeze gluts 6
4. Ankle circles – hold chair or not, rotate ankle clockwise 10 and reverse 10, switch
5. Bend forward w/ back flat, knees relaxed, up and squeeze gluts 10
6. Chair squats – feet aligned with knees, stand, shoulders back, drive heels into the floor 10

7. Dumbbells (DB) – Both arms overhead, bring elbow to opposite knee 20

8. Hamstrings – kick heel to butt, switch legs 28
9. DB – bicep curls w/one leg forward, knees slightly bent 12
10. DB – bent forward, back flat, lift arms up use back, up twice then rollup to stand, squeeze gluts 5 sets
11. DB Alternate shoulder raises – lift 1 arm straight from side up to shoulder, switch15
12. Squat hold – feet out, knees over the feet, squat to parallel, one minute or less
13. DB - Triceps extensions Weights overhead, drop both hands down, straighten 12
14. DB - Shoulder raises to the side, standing butterflies 10
15. DB - Bent over rows, exhale up, inhale down 15
16. DB -Weights overhead, bring one elbow down, knee up to same side 20
17. Alternating side leg lifts – no chair if possible, hips stable, abs engaged, lift straight leg to side, alternate 20
18. Chair squats – 2nd set, sit, stand, hands on hips 12
19 1 DB – Lift one weight in both hands, low right to high left, then switch sides 12 ea
Stretches – hold for at least 20 seconds
20. Quads - hold ankle, lift toward butt hold, switch, hips forward, stand tall
21. Calf stretch – one leg at a time then lower calf stretch, bring back foot closer, stretch
22. Hamstring stretch – foot forward, toes up, sit, switch
23. Hips and gluts- sit, cross leg at ankle, press knee down until parallel to the floor
24. Towel behind, lift arms up, keep arms straight, sit tall
25. Shoulder stretch cross arm over chest, hold shoulder w/opposite hand, pull toward chest

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