First They Killed My Father Vocabulary capitalists

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First They Killed My Father Vocabulary

  1. capitalists – people who practice capitalism, a system in which individuals--- own most the money and property

  2. revolution – the overthrow or replacement of a government by force

  3. abolished – done away with; put to an end; ended

  4. regulations – laws, rules, or orders

  5. comprises - includes; consists of

  6. allegiance – loyalty to a country or leader

  7. execution – murder; putting to death as punishment

  8. forced labor – work ---often harsh, brutal work---that people are made to do against their will

  9. memoir – a text about the author’s own experiences. A memoir is similar to an autobiography, in that they both tell about the author’s life. However, a memoir focuses on a single event or experience or a shorter period of time in the author’s life.

10.arrivals – people or things that have recently arrived somewhere


12.Angkar – the government of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge

13.contaminated – dirty or toxic

14.angular – lean and bony

15.slung – placed;hung

16.remnants – leftovers; remaining pieces or parts

17.measurements – height, waist size, etc.

18.temples – the flat areas on either side of the forehead

19.expelled – kicked out

20.traitor – someone who betrays, or is disloyal to, someone else

21.rationed – given in fixed, limited amounts

22.unison – the same time

23.clutteredmade messy or disorganized; filled with junk

24.considered – thought to be

25.instill – to put an idea slowly into people’s mind or feelings, until it becomes their own

26.symbolism – is the use of symbols or anything concrete that is meant to be taken both literally and as a representation of a higher and more complex or abstract significance

27. mood – overall atmosphere the author creates. It is the feeling a reader gets from reading. Authors create a mood through word choices, descriptive details, dialogue, and sensory language.

28. lurches – moves suddenly

29. salivates fills with spit, in preparation for eating

30. productive – producing a lot; getting a lot of work done

31. detergent – soap for washing laundry or dishes

32. heinous extremely bad or shocking

33. agrarian – dependent on farming

34. corridors – hallways or passageways

35. mutilated – damaged severely

36. flashback – a scene that takes place before the present time in the story. Authors often use a flashback to either provide background information for the present-time scene or as a way to comment on the present-time scene.

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