First Continental Congress Information Sheet

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Grade 8

Social Studies

Unit: 03 Lesson: 02

First Continental Congress

Information Sheet

On September 5, 1774, 56 delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies met in Philadelphia’s Carpenter Hall, later named Independence Hall, for the 1st Continental Congress. Some of the most prominent figures of that time were present included John Adams, his cousin Sam Adams, John Dickinson, Patrick Henry, and George Washington. Their meeting was a response to the Intolerable Acts. The Congress hoped that uniting would give them a more powerful voice in England.

Although colonists ranged from Patriots to Loyalists, delegates to the Congress demanded fair treatment and peace from England—not independence just yet. They asked King George III to stop taxing the colonies without their consent and they gathered a list of grievances and rights addressed to King George III. They recommended that colonists continue to boycott and stop trade with Britain and also warned colonial militias to be prepared to fight. They also set up a time to meet again which they called the 2nd Continental Congress.

The British Parliament saw the Congress as treasonous and rebellious and more soldiers were sent to the Colonies. The requests of the Congress were ignored.

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