First, check there isn’t already a similar Society on our current Society page of the ucsu website

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First, check there isn’t already a similar Society on our current Society page of the UCSU website.

Starting a New Society

Do you and your friends want to start up a Society? Great! Getting started up is really simple.

Provided there are 10 students who share the same interest in getting your new society started, all you need to do is download the Society start up pack, follow this guide and complete the relevant sections in the pack and return it to the Students’ Union in person or via email to and/or

Start-Up Pack
The Start-up pack is here for you to explain what your society is all about. This is the opportunity for you to explain the aims and objectives of your Society and to set membership targets. You will also state the names of the Students interested in forming the Society and it is a requirement to get 10 student signatories in support of your proposal, these signatures do not equal a binding commitment to fully join the Society, but can be a great place to start when recruiting members.

In order to become a fully-fledged Society, you’ll need to be ratified/approved by the Societies Federation. This will happen once you have completed your start-up pack at the next scheduled meeting of the Societies Federation.

Don’t worry too much about this – as long as the Society is well-prepared, has student support and is not replicating the aims and objectives of another society, then it’s highly likely that the Society will be successfully ratified.

Once this has occurred you are then an official Society. However, there are a few more organisational steps to take first. It’s the responsibility of the VACO or the Societies Federation President (Socfed Pres) to confirm your ratification with UCSU, and you should be contacted soon after the ratification to have training.

Electing a Committee
Each Society is required to operate with at least 3 Committee members -

  • President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

For a comprehensive list of role descriptions, refer to ‘Society Membership and Committee Details’ within the Societies Guidebook.

The elections for this Committee should be held as laid out in the Societies Guidebook – see ‘Elections’ page for more information. Once the Committee are elected, this information should be sent to the VACO and the Socfed.

Committee Training
UCSU provides training to help your Committee understand and fulfil their role. These are held at the beginning of the academic year, and subsequently throughout the year. One you have been approved as a Society you will be contacted to arrange this.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessments are a written document that explains the various dangers or hazards that you and your Society members may reasonably be exposed to and how the Society has taken reasonable steps to prevent any injury.

Risk Assessment is mandatory documentation for the Society to cover all the regular activities the Society will be undertaking.

A risk assessment template can be downloaded from Societies Resources, and should be returned to the VACO or the Socfed Pres.

Please contact the VACO or the Socfed Pres for advice and assistance on completing these.

The address for all correspondence for your Society should be:

University of Chichester Students’ Union
College Lane
West Sussex

Each Society will be allocated a pigeonhole in the Activities Office – this is where you will find all correspondence addressed to the Society.

Society email correspondence should go through your email account which will be created for you and access allocated to your desired Officer.

New Society Checklist

Fill out Society Registration Pack (including 10 signatures) including election of Committee

Submit pack to VACO or the Socfed Pres

Await Ratification approval

Arrange Budget Meeting with the VACO or the Socfed Pres

Arrange Committee Training

Fill out Risk Assessment

Contact prospective members

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