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Gustav Adolph von BENNER probaby arrived by ship first in Galveston then second in Indianola, TX, in 1844. Adolph was one of the original founders of New Braunfels. The colonization of New Braunfels, Comal Co, TX, began when Prince Carl of Solms Braunfels was appointed to settle 285 families. Prince Carl selected a stretch of beach near Indianola, TX, as the landing place for German immigrants bound for western Texas. The German landing area was briefly referred to as Karlshafen. Ships, Ferdinand and Johann Lethard came first landing in November 1844 and were joined by the Brig Hershel in December 1844. Prince Carl had the town of New Braunfels laid out and Adolph drew lot #95 in the township.

Adolph was born 1811 Bergheim, Waldeck, Germany. He married Louise MITTENDORF 9 Oct 1848 in Comal Co, TX. Louise was the daughter of Ludwig and Johanna MITTENDORF. The Mittendorfs arrived in Texas from Germany on the ship SOPHIA in 1846.

Adolph was elected Alderman of New Braunfels resigning 25 Aug 1854 to become postmaster of New Braunfels. Adolph held this position until his death in 1857. Louise retained his office, making her one of the first female US postmasters.

1850 Census of Comal Co, TX
BENNER, Adolph 39 m assessor-collector $3000 Germany
Louise 28 f "
Tone 1 f TX

MITTENDORF, Ludwig 59 m Farmer $600 Germany
Johanan 50 f "
Ludwig 34 m Farmer "
Gustaff 32 m " "
Herman 27 m " "
Echart 25 m " "
Emile 16 f "
SPEICKER, Christiana 51 f "

In 1855 Adolph's younger brother, Heinrich BENNER and family arrived in Indianola, TX, their final destination being New Braunfels. Henry married Wilhelmine Leihener about 1830 in Germany. Henry was born 22 Nov 1817 and Wilhelmine 16 Nov 1818 both in Nassau, Germany. In January 1860 Heinrich purchased 10 acres of land in Hortontown, Comal Co, TX.

1860 Census of Comal Co, TX
BENNER, Heinrich m 42 Ferryman Nassau (Germany)
Wilhehmine f 41 "
George m 17 "
Carl m 12 "
Franz m 8 "
August m 5 "
Heinrich m 2 Texas
Wilhehmine f 11mo " (Maria Freidericke Franzesca)

BENNER, Louise f 39 Postmistress Brunswick (Widow of Adolph)

Tone f 11 Texas
Adolph m 6 "

By 1870 Henry BENNER and family relocated to Caldwell Co, TX.

1870 Census of Caldwell Co, TX
BENNER, Henry m 52 PRU
Wilhelimina f 51 PRU
George m 26 PRU
Charles m 22 PRU
Franks f 17 PRU
August m 14 PRU
Henry m 12 TX
Mena f 10 TX
Louisa f 6 TX

Henry BENNER froze to death on a cattle drive 12 May 1880 and is buried at Honey Creek, Comal Co, TX. Wilhelmine died 29 May 1890 and is buried at the Ebenezger Lutheran Church Cemetery in Maxwell, Caldwell Co, TX.

c. 1900
August Martin BENNER
(Photo provided by
Thomas Calhoun GREENWOOD III
of California)

August Martin BENNER was born 17 Oct 1854 in Dillenburg, Nassau, Germany. He married Caroline "Carrie" Franks GREENWOOD, daughter of Thomas Calhoun GREENWOOD and Juliet CROCKER, 3 Dec 1885 in Stonewall, Gillespie Co, TX. Carrie was born 17 Sep 1855 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX. August and Carrie had three children:

Herbert; b.14 Mar 1887 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX

Clara Eugenia; b.12 Jun 1888 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX; d.25 March 1987

Lillian Rozella; b.14 Aug 1891 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX; d.17 Oct 1966

Caroline Franks GREENWOOD
(Photo provided by
Thomas Calhoun GREENWOOD III
of California)

Clara and brother Herbert both married a MATTHEWS who were also brother and sister. Clara BENNER married Cincinnatus Winchester MATTHEWS, son of John William MATTHEWS and Susan Henrietta SMITH, 29 Dec 1907 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX. Herbert BENNER married Maggie Derina MATTHEWS, daughter of John William MATTHEWS and Susan Henrietta SMITH, 24 Dec 1910 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX. Susan Henrietta Smith was the grand daughter of "Old 300" colonist, Cornelius SMITH.

Clara Eugenia BENNER
(Photo provided by
Thomas Calhoun GREENWOOD III
of California)

c.1940 (from left to right)
August Martin BENNER age 86,
g-grandaughter, Virginia Pearl BENNER, age 1,
son, Herbert BENNER, age 47,
& grandson, August William BENNER, age 25

August Martin BENNER died 26 May 1947 and is buried just north of Luling, Caldwell Co, at the McNeil Cemetery. He is buried next to his daughter, Lillie Benner McLain. Carrie died 21 Apr 1909 and is buried at the Albert Lutheran Church Cemetery in Stonewall, Gillespie Co, TX. The follow is a transcribed copy of the obit of A.M. BENNER.

A. M. Benner passed away
at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Lillies McLain in Luling,
Monday, May 26th, at 9 p. m.
1947. He had reached the age
of 92 years, 7 months and 0
He was born in Dillenberg,
Nassau, Germany, October 17,
1854, and when he was almost
two years olds, his parents came
to America and settled in New
Braunfels where he spent his
boyhood. Later he became a re-
sident of Fredericksburg where
he served as Justice of Peace
for twenty five years.
In 1885 he was united in
marriage to Miss Caroline
Greenwood of Luling, who pre-
ceded him in death April 21,
1909. To this union, three chil-
dren were born who survive
him: Herbert Benner, Mrs.
Clara Matthews and Mrs. Lillie
McLain all of Luling. He is
Also survived by 13 grand chil-
dren and 16 great grandchil-
Funeral services were con-
ducted at the Peirce Chapel in
Luling at 3 p. m. Wednesday,
May 28, 1947 with Rev. W. L.
Crumpler, pastor of the First
Baptist church officiating. The
body was laid to rest in the
McNeil cemetery and his last
resting place was made beau-
tiful by many floral tributes
from friends. Active pall bear-
ers were: E. L. Schumann, Lu-
ling; Richard Schumann, Al-
bert ; four grandsons, Herbert
Benner Jr., San Antonio; Ray-
mond Matthews, and Tom
Matthews, Luling and August
Benner, Dallas.
Mr. Benner was well known
in this section, as he spent the
past twenty years in Luling.
He was a good father, a loyal
and kind friend and neighbor.
He lived and exemplary chris-
tian life and was loved by
scores of friends. He will be
missed by many acquaintances,
relatives and friends.
Those who attended the ser-
vices from out of town were:
Mr. And Mrs. C. C. Michell,
Percy Benner and Chester
Matthews, San Marcos; Henry
Lawler, Kile; Mr. and Mrs.
Gus Benner, Mrs. Frank Ben-
ner, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Wil-
liams, Mrs. Emma Leyendeck-
er, Austin; August Benner and
son, Virgil, Houston; Miss Mar-
guerite and August Benner,
Dallas; Herbert Benner Jr,
San Antonio; Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Benner, Albert Benner
and George Lawler, Lockhart;
Richard Schumann Sr., of Al-
bert; Mrs. C. C. Mitchell Jr.,
Edinburgh; and Mrs. A. L. Ellis
of Kingsville.

Herbert BENNER, son of August and Carrie BENNER, has the distinction of taking the first ever photo of Lyndon Baines JOHNSON, future president of the United States. Click on the "thumbnail," below left, for a 1965 newspaper article about this event

Hebert and Maggie BENNER lived in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX, at 723 Lamar St from 1910 to 1969. All the BENNER children were born in this house. Four of the BENNER boys served in the military service during World War II. In 1942 Leslie BENNER was a Staff Sergeant, Bob BENNER was a U.S.
Army Corporal, Herbert Jr. was a Air Force Warrant Officer and Percy was a Air Force Private

Maggie & Herbert, 1970
Herbert died 23 December 1975, one day before his 65th wedding anniversary. Maggie died 16 March 1977. Both are buried in the McNeil Cemetery just north of Luling, TX

Robert "Bob" BENNER, last of seven children, was born 17 Dec 1923 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX. In 1941, three days after Bob's 18th birthday, he enlisted in the US Army. The Army asked Bob for his middle name. He reflected he did not have a middle name or initial. The Army again insisted on a middle name so Bob used the name of the street he lived on and became Robert "Lamar" BENNER. Corporal R.L. BENNER served in combat during World War II and was honorably discharged 8 December 1945.

1944 Alaska
Robert Lamar BENNER,age 21,
U.S. Army

Bob BENNER married Dorothy "Dot" Mae MAULDING, daughter of Charlie White MAULDING and Rita Jane KIRCHMAN, 9 Mar 1947 in Lockhart, Caldwell Co, TX. Dot was born 17 Mar 1930 in Edith, Coke Co, TX, but grew up in the Luling area. Bob and Dot had two children:

Cheryl Ann; b.16 Jul 1948 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX.

Linda Jean; b.22 Oct 1949 in Luling, Caldwell Co, TX.

Newlyweds 1947 San Antonio, TX
Bob BENNER, age 23, and Dot BENNER, age 17

In 1951 Bob BENNER with wife Dorothy “Dot” Mae Maulding Benner and two daughters, Cheryl Ann and Linda Jean, moved from Luling to East Columbia, Brazoria Co, TX. In March 1953, Bob and Dot moved to their newly built home in Freeport, Brazoria Co, TX, which was about 20 miles south of East Columbia.

Robert Lamar BENNER died 13 Oct 1994 at his home in Freeport and is buried in the Restwood Memorial Cemetery in Clute, Brazoria Co, TX.

The following is Linda Benner’s link to Heinrich BENNER:

1Heinrich BENNER
+Wilhelmine Leihener
2 August Martin BENNER
+Caroline Greenwood
3 Herbert BENNER
+Maggie Derina Matthews
4 Robert Lamar BENNER
+Dorothy Mae Maulding
Linda Jean BENNER

March 11, 1971
(taken a few hours
before their wedding)
David G. Roberts, age 24 &
Linda Jean BENNER, age 21

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