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Table 1.  This is the caption for the table. If the caption is less than one line then it is centered. Long captions are justified to the table width manually.




Business plan

Financial planning


Production planning

Resource requirement plan (RRP)

Final assembly schedule

Capacity control

Master production schedule (MPS)

Rough cut capacity plan (RCCP)

Stock picking schedule

Inventory control

Order priorities

Factory order control



Machine (work-centre) control

Operation sequencing

Tool control

aSample footnote A.

Tables should be inserted in the text as close to the point of reference as possible. Note that tables only have horizontal thin lines. Some space should be left above and below the table.
Tables should be numbered sequentially in the text in Arabic numerals. Captions are to be centralized above the tables. Typeset tables and captions in 10 pt Times Roman with single line spacing. If tables need to extend over to a second page, the continuation of the table should be preceded by a caption, e.g., “Table 1 (Continued)”.


This section should come before the References and be be single-spaced in 10 pt Times New Roman including the header.

  1. This is the Appendix

Appendices should be used sparingly and only when additional detail is crucial to the paper.


Referencing should follow the Chicago Referencing Style.

In-text Citations

Single author (Smith 2012)

Two authors (Smith and Miller 2012)

Different works by same Author in same year (Smith 2012a,b)

Author including page number (Smith 2012 113)

Four or more authors (Smith et al. 2012)

Undated works (Smith nd)

Government publications (Environment Australia 2012)

Secondary sources (Jones 1999 cited in Smith 2012)
The references section should be labeled “References” and appear at the end of the paper. References are to be listed alphabetically with single spacing in 12 pt Times New Roman as shown below.


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Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. 2003. Quarantine Requirements for the Importation of Live Laboratory Rats and Mice and Their Reproductive Material.

Hanna, K. 2007. "Adsorption of Aromatic Carboxylate Compounds on the Surface of Synthesized Iron Oxide-coated Sands." Applied Geochemistry 22: 2045-2053

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