Fire Triangle Lesson Plan (2 of 6)

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Fire Ecology Lesson Plans

Fire Triangle Lesson Plan (2 of 6)

Author: Brittany Ciancarelli; Modified from “Investigating Fire Ecology in Ponderosa Pine Forests: A Field Guide for Sixth Grade Teachers” Published by the NPS Parks as Classrooms program.
Subject/Class: Science

Grade Level: 7th Grade
Standards: Aligned to Arizona State Science Standards (Grade 7)

-Grade 7, Strand 3, Concept 1, and Strand4, Concept 3: How can we interact better with our environment?

-C4PO5: Predict how environmental factors affect survival rates in living organisms.
Goals: SWBAT create a model describing the 3 essential elements of the flame, wildfire, and fire regime triangles.
Learning Objectives:

1. SWBAT recall familiar burnable fuels.

2. SWBAT write down my observations of the candle demonstration concerning fuel, oxygen, and heat.

3. SWBAT list the sources of heat and fuels for flames/wildfires.

4. SWBAT create a model describing the 3 essential elements of the flame, wildfire, and fire regime triangles.

-Powerpoint (Fire_Ecology_Slideshow_Workshop2013.ppt, slides 16-41)

-Student Handout 1: Notetaker

-Student Handout 2: Fire Triangle Graph Image

-Student Handout 3: Ponderosa Pine Fire Ecology Article

-Student Handout 4: KWL sheet

-Candle, matches, glass to fit over candle, markers/crayons/colored pencils (pick one), rulers, popsicle sticks or 3 different size sheets of paper (so one will fit inside the other when shaped like a triangle.

* Powerpoint can be found on the website referenced in upper-right hand corner of this lesson.


  1. Make enough copies for all students of the Pre/Post Fire Survey, Student Handout 1, 2, 3, and 4.

  2. Set-up computer and projector to display powerpoint presentation.

  3. Prepare space to do fire triangle candle demonstration that is visible to all students, but safe for a few brief moments of open flame.


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