Fiona O’Flynn November 19, 2015 8SS5 Social Studies

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Fiona O’Flynn November 19, 2015

8SS5 Social Studies

Invasion of the Turks

Towards the end of the Byzantine Empire, a strong civilization in ancient times, the city was being threatened by the Turks. After the Holy War, a war due to religious differences, massive amounts of citizens in the Byzantine Empire became nervous about the possibility of other stronger and more powerful civilizations invading. Increasing amounts of societies were beginning to attack the helpless and weak Byzantines. The people didn’t know what to do in order to handle the huge armies. The Byzantine Empire then created additional weapons in order to defeat all of the other empires that were trying to take over. Over time, they conquered numerous lands, came up with strategies to defend their empire, and became an overall stronger empire. According to Jake Bumgardner, the author of “The Fall of Constantinople”, giant groups of armed Turks stormed into the Byzantine, and decided that they were the new leaders of the Empire (par. 2).

Battles between the Byzantines and the Turks broke out; in the end, a group called the Ottoman Turks conquered the land. They killed thousands of innocent citizens and demolished places of worship, homes, buildings, and most of the city. They not only killed many of the Byzantines, but they killed the strict ruler of the empire and capital. Furthermore, thousands were captured and enslaved by the Turks. According to Heidi Jacobs and Michael LeVasseur, Constantinople was a very strong empire that had an exceptional military. In the end, they were attacked by the Ottoman Turks, and the empire collapsed (289). The Ottoman Turks took over the city changing the language, the capital, and renaming the city. Some Byzantines decided to stay with the Turks, and others were forced out. The Byzantine Empire soon ran into troubles with other countries, and eventually collapsed.

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This website was very informative. It gave me very helpful information about Constantine and his empire. In addition, it gave me information about when Constantinople was conquered by the Turks and when the empire fell. I used this to explain the fall of the empire and who and what were destroyed.
Jacobs, Heidi and LeVasseur, Michael L. History of our World. Upper Saddle

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The textbook was a very useful source. It gave me tons of information on when the Turks invaded Constantinople, and eventually when the city fell. Furthermore, it had a lot of information about when the empire was battling the Turks. I used this to explain when the Turks invaded.

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