Finding Inspiration in the Writings of St. Francis

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A. Rule for Hermitages [for friars] (Omn.p.71-73; FA1,p.61-62; FC,p.146-8)

Francis here acknowledges the need for some structure and organization for times of prayer, patterns of life, including private and group prayer.

The Rule given for Hermitages

Those who wish in their religious life to live in hermitages should consist of three or four brothers at most; two of them may be the mothers and they would have two sons or at least one. Those two who are the mothers should attend to the life of Martha and the two sons should attend to the life of Mary. (cf. Luke 10,38-42)

And they may have one enclosure, in which each one of them may has his own cell in which he might pray and sleep.

And right after sunset they should always say the Compline for the day;

and they should take care to keep silence;

and they should pray the Hours, and for Matins they should rise at night and seek first the reign of God and his justice (Mt.6:33).

And they should pray Prime [6am] at the proper hour.

And after Terse [9am] they may set silence aside, and they may speak and go to their mothers.

And, when it seems fitting, they can beg alms from them just as small children for the love of the Lord God.

And afterwards they should pray Sext [noonday office] and None [3-pm office]; and they should pray the Evening Prayers at the accustomed time.

And into the enclosure where they sleep they are not to permit any other person to enter, and neither are they to eat there.

These friars who are the

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