Finding Inspiration in the Writings of St. Francis

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D. Legal Efforts - Rules

A Necessary Introduction to

Finding Inspiration in the Writings of St. Francis”

A word of advice: The recommended procedure for using the following materials is ideally to have the printed lesson given to each individual a month or at least a week before the sharing time so the individual has time to read it and to reflect and pray about the sharing questions, and jot down any notes they wish to use as reminders during their time of sharing at the meeting.

In this way Francis’ writings become a blessing for the individual during the preparation time as well as at the sharing session of their ongoing formation.
Finding INSPIRATION in the WRITINGS of St. Francis –

a Sharing Guide

(a study compilation by Fr. John Sullivan, ofm – 2004)

We have so much to learn about St. Francis and his spirit. For us Franciscans, this is a perennial challenge. Reading about Francis’ life is an important ongoing inspiration for each one of us; but there’s more. Our SFO General Constitutions tell us about the foundation of our faithful lives as Secular Franciscans in article 12 where it says: “Gaining inspiration from the example and the writings of Francis….” Article 40-2 also reminds us that Francis’ writings are supposed to be a part of the initial formation program.
Are there ways to tackle Francis’ writings in a productive way? Of course, just taking the texts of his writings given to us and reading them can be a starter. The following materials are offered as a way to guide us through the riches of his writings. In this process we will also find a few texts frequently attributed to Francis as historically not his.
His writings for the purposes of this study-reflection guide are divided into 4 categories, namely:

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